The best apps for downloading games on Android

Google Play Market is not the only place where you can download games. Assemble for you a list of official and informal stores to download games on Android.

under applications for downloading games for Android We meant special programs that allow you to install other applications in one click. An example of this is the same Google Play Market, built into any phone on the mentioned operating system.

Did you guess that there are other similar applications with their advantages and disadvantages before the same giant as the playing market? About them and will be discussed in the current article.

Official Applications for Downloading Games

In this subsection, we will consider official applications for installing games. We are talking about Google Play Market and similar programs that can be downloaded from there. Their main advantage is safety, as they undergo a strict verification by Google by employees.

Google Play Market

No matter how Banally, but we begin with the most obvious option of the application for games and other programs on Android - this is Google Play Market. The virtual store is already embedded in any device on the operating system under consideration and everything that remains the user is to find the right game and install it in a couple of clicks. Dating with Play Market You simply do not avoid.

Some dry statistics: 3 million applications to choose from, of which 2.9 million can be downloaded for free. A total of ~ 390 thousand games, of which are the most - arcade, puzzles and casual. In Google Play, the market you will find not only games, but also various other applications in the categories "Education", "Transport", " Business", "dating", "Health and fitness" and so on.

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Games Store App MARKET

If Play Market covers almost all categories of applications that can only be submitted, then Games Store App Market is aimed exclusively on the game. This is a simple program that boasts your own rating system, a variety of filters (top free, "in trends" and so on), careful sorting of all games by genres (adventure, arcade, action, musical, simulators, and so on) and an understandable interface.

It also has consists - the lack of Russian language and the availability of paid games. On the other hand, the Games Store App Market is available for downloading to the phone in Google Play Market, which means the program is precisely safe. In addition, the developers do not impose any paid services.

PSP Games Downloader

The name of this application for games involuntarily hints that it is not like that. Indeed, there are no arcade, puzzles familiar to us, puzzles and other products of the mobile gaming industry - attention is paid to games from the old woman PSP. You can download such masterpieces such as Assassins Creed Bloodlines, Tekken 6, Spider Man 3 and others and enjoy their passing on your smartphone.

The benefits of PSP Games Downloader include a minimalist interface, the presence of a built-in emulator to start games with the PSP and a good library of the games themselves. Unfortunately, there is no division by genres, and projects are not so much, but do not forget that we are talking about the portable console, which rarely came out everyone, sorry for rudeness, "slag."


Another software on the spaces of Play Market. Although it does not have a Russian-speaking interface, but the user will understand without any problems. The main difference is that on the main page of the game are not displayed as a list, but already with a brief description. That is, the user may not look for a cat in the bag, but immediately understand what it expects. Another question - will this be a person who does not know English.

In addition to games, there are various applications, as in the same Google Play. They are also neatly sorted into different categories. The minus of APK Download is the presence of intrusive advertising, which is located in the interface and often appears when switching between sections. is not really an application. This is a mobile version of the most popular smartphone forum in Russia, where you can find threads on various topics, including games. APK files of various games and applications are hosted here, including those that are no longer available in the Google store or are there, but for a fee.

Each forum post comes with detailed installation instructions - even if you don't know what "cache", "root-rights" and other terrifying terms from the mobile world are, you can still easily download any game presented. The resource is popular with millions of Runet users, so there is no doubt about its credibility.

Third Party Applications for Downloading Games

The following applications on Android are unofficial: they are downloaded from the developer's site. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the safety of such software, however, the list was not taken from the ceiling and was guided by user reviews. However, we recommend that you proceed with caution.

Advantages of such programs:

  • In them you can find hacked and modified versions of paid games and download them for free.
  • No need to log in with a Google account. Moreover, no registration is required in general.
  • There are projects in the library of games that for some reason did not get into the Google Play Store.


C This store is like taking a trip to an Asian country as it only hosts games from anime, JRPGs, visual novels and other genres popular in the east. This implies a minus - not all projects have been translated into at least English. Therefore, you will have to be content with the Chinese, Korean or Japanese interface.

QooApp contains games from such anime series as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto and others. The interface is pleasant and not overloaded, and resembles the same Play Store. Sorting features and a rating system will help you better navigate applications, even if these hieroglyphs do not tell you anything.


MoboPlay App Store

MoboPlay App Store is an analogue of Google Play with a similar interface and categories. Here, in addition to games, you can download both paid and free applications, evaluate them, and so on. The page of any program contains detailed information about the "product": size, version updates, and much more. Detailed settings will allow you to remove spam and unnecessary applications in one click.

There is nothing more to say about the MoboPlay App Store - this store almost completely copies Google Play, but does not force registration. And by the way, when compared with the previous candidate, there are no regional restrictions, although there is still no Russian language.



Aptiode is another analogue of the Play Store, which also hosts an abundance of games without regional restrictions. Moreover, applications are available here that the main competitor could have disappeared a long time ago.

Here you will find all the same functions - categorization of games, rating system, search engine and detailed settings. The interface is made in the style of YouTube - those who used the mobile version of the video hosting will surely notice the similarities.

Where Aptiode definitely outperforms the other stores described is the presence of the Russian language.



The alternative app market TutuApp has collected popular games, official and unofficial. This means that content cut for some reason on Google Play can be found here. Also in TutuApp you will find other programs such as console emulators, screen recorders, jailbreak apps and tweaks.

As for the interface, everything is already familiar to you - there are sections at the bottom, on the main screen you will see a lot of games sorted by user rating, and at the top there is a search bar that will help you quickly navigate the virtual store.



F-Droid will also save you if the application you need is blocked in the Play Store for some reason (for example, there is an analogue of YouTube NewPipe, ad blocker AdAway and so on). The main advantage of this directory is an open source code. That is, any user will be able to look into the "root" of the application, and the sensible programmer and at all understand how it works. That is, the F-Droid can be trusted.

Of course, there was a place and games. The design of the store is much easier than in previous candidates, and it is also easy to understand. Applications are divided into different categories, and if necessary, they can be easily updated in the section allocated for this.



With ACMARKET, you can again feel like a modern pirate - after all, this is another alternative to Google Play, in which you can find a different forbidden and modified content.

The features of the ACMARKET include a friendly interface design, the speed of work, the security of the store itself (no matter how it sounds), as well as the abundance of settings that will help the user to customize the store under themselves. Content is divided into an abundance of categories, and in addition to games you will also find music, video and other programs. You can guess about the minus - this is the lack of Russian.


Blackmart Alpha

Complete our selection by another "black market" - the Blackmart Alpha store. The user is offered free of charge to download thousands of applications, which in Play market are paid, or there are no longer there for various reasons. The functionality of the program is not much different from the "main competitor" - only the interface here is much simpler, but also more understandable.

The key feature of the Blackmart Alpha is that the entire content is available for free. Another plus is a Russian-speaking interface. There is only a question in confidence in such a store, but we warned you at the beginning of the section.



In the article, we led 12 applications for downloading games On Android - 5 of them are official and are under the wing of Google itself, and 7 of them contain much more interesting games, but are unofficial. We hope that you helped you find a program for downloading the games you need, and if you have suggestions for the addition of this list - write them in the comments, we will gladly add!