The best apps for changing voice on Android

How to play a friend by changing your voice? It is quite simple to make it, only a smartphone and a special application are needed.

in the Play Store full-fully entertainment. There are programs there, with the help of which you can apply filters to your voice by changing it to be unrecognizable or making the speech of the cartoon character. There are few such programs, most of them have a premium version, which contains the most interesting tools. However, here are the best options from this category.

voice editor

The first tool for changing the voice on Android will be an application from the developer Soulapends Studio. There are a large number of effects that can be applied to the sound track, completely changing the voice. You only need to write anything to the built-in voice recorder or open the internal storage and select any audio file from the device's memory. All modified audio records can be saved in a separate folder.

In addition, the program can extract sound from voice messages in your social networks or messengers (need to provide permission) so that you can change the original voices of your own Friends. The only explicit deficiencies of the application are a large number of annoying advertising and in some places a corey translation into Russian.

Program Features:

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Able to listen to messages directly.
  • Several dozen effects (presets) for changing the voice.
  • manual editing audio tracks.
  • Trimming any fragments audio.
  • Built-in Equalizer and "REVERB".


Voice Changer from the developer is the ability to record your voice in high quality, changing its speed and height, as well as several dozen different effects. Among their analogues, the application is standing out by what is able to not just change the voice, but also to translate the text into speech. To do this, just go to the appropriate tab, enter any text, select a language and voice from 17 available. If the result is arranged, the record can be saved on the device.

In the "My Studio" section, you can give the will of fantasy and experiment with many entries, changing them by all the tools available in the arsenal. And to assess the available preset effects, you can go to the "Effect Catalog" tab. 14 presets are available here, which change the sound of the entry. Also, in the settings you have the ability to change the file format (MP3, M4A, OGG) and adjust the recording quality (bitrate): from 32 to 320 kbps.

As in the case of the previous utility for changing the voice, there is a large number of advertising, which is disabled only in Premium version (also unlocks additional functions).

Features of the application:

  • Saving edited entries in HQ quality.
  • Own Studio "Recording".
  • Text translation function to speech.
  • Many audio effects.


Voicer from is not just primitive A voice recorded with a multitude of pre-installed effects to change the audio, and a much more fun application that allows you to record funny videos and replace the voice. Speak by other celebrities and various famous characters (Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Severus Snape from Harry Potter, etc.), write down the funny " Storsith" and play friends.

After launch, you only need to select one of 10 celebrities and record a small video. It is worth noting that the sound varies really qualitatively. If the previous programs changed the audio track completely, overlapping the effects of the Monster type, "Alien" and others, then the voice is replaced here. Recording can be saved on the device, as well as share it on social networks or messengers: Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and others.

And to record video without restrictions, you need to purchase a paid subscription Voicer (there is a free trial period for 3 days).

Features of the application:

  • say that you want the actor's voice, a political figure and not only.
  • Planning friends and discharge the result directly in the social network.
  • There are 10 votes of famous personalities.


The application has seven funny characters available - the Sentimental Robot Bruce, forever hungry and evil monster Patrick, wisely by the Bear of Julius, and others. Each characteristic voice and intonation. Before recording, heroes can be heard.

When decide on the character, write down your message (no duration restrictions), and the application will impose a filter on it. The quality of the processed record is high. How much time will need to be processed, depends on the length of the file.

The result can be saved in the memory of the smartphone or immediately send to the messenger. The free version has advertising and accessible to the entire pair of filters. To enjoy the rest, you will have to go to the premium version.


Voice Converter (Voice Changer with Effects)

If the possibilities of the previous application seemed too modest, then the Voice Converter from the Baviux developer will surely enjoy more.

Audio effects in it are several dozen - zombies, helium, robot, drunkard, Batman (in translation, as a deep voice), the villain and much more. The result can be exported to the device's memory or share it in social networks. The application makes it possible to publish audio recording with a picture on Facebook, as well as set the file as a ringtone call or messages.

The converter has a tab where you can view your past records. All filters are provided free of charge. The premium version of the application does not contain advertising.

Baviux has another job called Voicetooner: It's almost the same as the voice converter, but with another set of filters and animated characters.

Voice Change (Voice Changer)

This tool is largely identical to the previous one, but it has several noticeable differences. First of all, you would like to mention a clear friendly interface and a variety of effects.

Processing process is simple: recording audio messages, choose and apply the effect. The application allows you to create your own filters by changing the height of the sound and the tempo of speech.

There is a tool for trimming a file. The finished record can be installed as a ringtone. Paid version has no application. It grows a little, as there is no opportunity to get rid of advertising.

Narrator's VOICE

Main purpose Narrator's Voice - Text transformation in speech. To do this, import a text document to the application or dial the message in the input field. Finished voice acting can be shared or saved in memory.

The program has a built-in translator and a whole set of various votes, including known personalities like Barca Obama, animated bugs, etc. These features will be useful to create entertainment video, presentations and more practical cases When you need to speak quickly and voice it in another language.

Integration with Facebook allows you to post recording on your wall. Most features are available for free. The main advantage of the paid version is that it does not contain advertising.


In addition to tricks with VoiceFX audio effects offers several unique features. The application is able to convert a voice in real time: during the dictation process you will hear how it sounds with an applied filter.

The streaming option allows you to broadcast in the browser or media player. To do this, you can use pre-prepared audio files. Effects are applicable not only to the records made in VoiceFX, but also to imported files.

Handy Tools Studio Voice Changer

in addition to the set of audio filters and Opportunities to save MP3 In this application there is a couple of interesting options.

The most Voice Changer will appreciate those who know how to sing and are ready to experiment. The program offers a package of effects for the transformation of the vocal party - several types of curbraration, chorus, phonographic effects, etc. Of course, these are not professional, but the entertainment tools, and you should not wait a lot from them.

In the set of filters there are voices of well-known fictional characters. Of the shortcomings - an abundance of advertising. It is impossible to disable it, the premium version does not have.