The best apps for augmented reality

Prospects for the development of the technology of augmented reality in 2021 are such that the need for AR applications for smartphones is only growing. After all, these are not only games, but also the mass of useful and practical assistant programs for everyday life and learning. What is augmented reality, and which applications today are the most sought-after? This question will be answered by this selection.

Many have long used Ar, and some have heard, but it all did not have time to upload the application to the smartphone and try. Before sharing with you the most interesting programs, let's figure it out what AR is, and what advantages can this technology bring?

What is augmented reality and how Is it used?

The concept of AR deciphers itself, that is, the reality surrounding us is complemented by virtual objects through the smartphone screen or tablet, Thanks to the chamber and other sensors of these devices.

To date, technology is used not only in entertainment purposes, but applied in medicine, design and recently becomes popular in advertising business. For example, in Japan there are already interactive screens with cameras, going to which you can estimate one or another style of clothing.

Today, without leaving the house, you can pick up a new sofa for the living room using the supplemented reality application. It is possible to "try" it and see how it will look specifically in your interior.

AR is also beginning to be widely used for educational purposes. These are not only books where illustrations are complemented by virtual objects through the screen of a smartphone, but also entire encyclopedias, maps, translators and even the names of constellations in the sky in real time.

Best augmented reality apps

Google Translate

Many people use Google Translate, but few use the instant translation function through the smartphone camera. A very useful feature that allows you to translate any inscriptions in real time. That is, by pointing the camera at an unfamiliar text, you can immediately see its meaning in the language you need.


  • Free.
  • Translates text from any language.
  • Operates offline.


  • The quality sometimes leaves much to be desired.
  • Not all functions work offline.

Find my car

A very handy AR app for finding your car. It will come in handy in an unfamiliar city, it will easily and quickly help you find a car left in the parking lot. The map will lay the best path that will help you get to the parking lot faster.


  • Free.
  • Shows the direction where to go.
  • Map.


  • There is no Russian language.

means of creating 3D models

The program will allow using the camera to scan any object and create its 3D model. A very interesting application for creativity, there are several modes for scanning people, food or animals. The saved result can be printed on a 3D printer or share with friends in the social network.

Advantages: ​​

  • Free.
  • Integration of third-party 3D-modeling applications.
  • Selfless, with time scans become better.


  • Available only for Sony smartphones.
  • Not always accurate scanning.

Office Lens

One of the best applications of a kind. It is a pocket scanner that saves any information from the photo to popular formats. It can automatically trim the photos of documents, checks, ads and edit information in PDF, Word or PowerPoint. It can also save files to OneNote and OneDrive.


  • is free.
  • The best replacement of the scanner.
  • Works with ONEDRIVE file storage.
  • No advertising.


  • Not found.


Entertainment application, which adds various 3D objects in photo or video. You can place virtual characters and even create animated scenes. Many ready-made topics that allow you to add lever dinosaurs, to produce fairies to walk on the desk or wear masks to your friends.


  • Free.
  • Regular update.
  • Creation of its scenes augmented reality.
  • Good mood is provided.


  • Updates occupy a lot of space.


An application can be called a personal zoo in his pocket. Finish your reality with virtual animals and find out about them a lot of interesting things. It is suitable as a tutor for children and enjoy adults. Complicated algorithms are used, so animals are obtained very realistic. You can even take a picture of the animal with your child and share the photo.


  • Free.
  • Many animals.
  • Realistic.
  • Additional rain type filters and so on.
  • Child learning.


  • It takes a lot of space.
  • You need a smartphone that pulls the complex 3D graphics.
  • There is no Russian language.
  • Only paid version is available for Android.


One of the functions of this catalog of the famous furniture IKEA is "fitting" furniture under its interior. Run the 3D function, select the sofa you like or something else, install in your room, and find out the thing or not. The application is regularly updated with novelties and enjoys a certain popularity of the fans of this manufacturer.


  • Free.
  • Great directory of interesting.
  • 3D function.


  • No search.
  • Pure commercial orientation.

Sun Locator Lite

A very useful application of augmented reality to determine the position of the Sun in your area at any time. Perfect for photographers to know the best angles in advance. It will show not only a lot of useful information, but also will clearly demonstrate the movement of the Sun in AR-mode or on the map. It is also useful for those who want to set up solar panels for maximum efficiency.


  • free.
  • Indispensable to photographers, tourists, to adjust solar panels.
  • GPS support.
  • Determination of the position of the Sun and the Moon at any time of the year and anywhere.


  • The AR function without a compass does not work.


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In this program, the technology of augmented reality allows you to visualize virtual items in real space. Thus, you can create interesting advertising prints and a lot of other. This AR application can be used to develop your business. For example, to demonstrate to the client, the prospect of this or that product, which is currently not here here, but there is a virtual model.


  • is free.
  • Planning the interior room or even a plot.
  • requires a unrest smartphone.


  • Little models, but you can download.


Excellent supplemented reality application, which will help practicing in drawing. The user looks at the smartphone screen, where the drawing is depicted and circuits the contours on paper. I will like novice artists and children. Follow the developer's recommendations to configure the program to work correctly.


  • Free.
  • Training drawing.


  • Requires fixation of a smartphone.
  • Additional expertise, follow the recommendations of the developer.


Before making a tattoo, it would be nice first to take a look at it, how it will look on the hand, leg or other part torso. This application will help, which imposes templates on the body using AR mode. You can use as drawing for friends, sending them a photo with a "freshly" tattoo.


  • Free.
  • "Outboard" Tattoo, if you doubt or not.
  • Easy control.
  • Photo of the result obtained.


  • There is no Russian language.


The best guide to constellations and astronomy on Play Market. There is an AR mode, just hover the smartphone camera to the sky and the program will immediately show the Star Systems Card today. In addition, this is an excellent tutorial for children, where each planet of the solar system is described in detail and describes the mass of additional information.


  • Free.
  • Modes "Time Machine" and "Night".
  • View Starry Sky in real time.
  • Extensive Astronomy Atlas.


  • requires precise calibration Smartphone sensors so that the application worked as correct as possible.


interesting Appendix an appropriate reality that works on the principle of recognition of images. Move the camera to any object: a person, equipment products in the supermarket and other, activate the search for the search for images and get interesting results. The algorithm is self-learning and over time the program works better.


  • for free.
  • "Valid" all around and recognize a lot of new things.
  • Intuitive control.


  • There is no Russian language.

Find out Moscow

Gathered to visit the capital of Russia, immediately download this application. This is the best guide in the city, created with the support of the city's office directly. All facts, historical references are collected here and marked interesting places on the map. When using AR mode in a certain place of the city, reality is complemented by historical heroes and other 3D objects.


  • Free.
  • Fascinating description of Moscow's attractions.
  • Audio excursions.
  • Biographies of famous city leaders.
  • Maps, navigation.
  • public services, transport, parking and much more.


  • Not found.


Augmented reality is an excellent solution for education. First, they are interested in students, and secondly, they open the way to AR-oriented future.

The BBC Civilisations AR application is the ability to touch, albeit through the screen of the mobile device, to various historical artifacts, admire them, carefully consider them from different sides.

The program allows you to get acquainted with a large number of historical relics. They can be rotated to consider from all sides, shone through the X-ray function and even take a picture of memory. You can look inside the Egyptian sarcophagus with mummy, admire the ancient Roman statue or paint a warrior warrior from Corinth.

The program is complemented by text and audio information.

The application of augmented reality BBC Civilisations AR will be useful and interesting not only to schoolchildren, but also those who are interested in the history of human civilization.


  • More than 30 historical artifacts with the possibility of their detailed study from all sides.
  • Creating pictures of relics from different angles.


  • Additional materials (text and audio) are available only in English.

Google lens

Google lens application (initially it was called Google Lens) recently noted a kind of anniversary - it was downloaded more than 500 million times. The reason for the high popularity is that Google lens is a universal tool that helps to quickly recognize everything around you. It combines the functions of the translator, a guide, search engine, scanner, personal assistant and many others.

Here is a brief list of what the program can:

  • recognize the object, find it in Google and provide additional information on it.
  • Search for goods on the Internet in the image.
  • Plant recognition and animals.
  • Translate text in books, banners, ads, signs.
  • Recognize handwritten text and translate its printed format.
  • Scan barcodes and provide product information.
  • Save phone numbers.
  • Recognize attractions and paintings, finding historical facts about them and other useful information.

Google lens recognizes literally all that surrounds the user. It is enough to activate the program and send the device to the device to the desired object. It may be subject to the interior, animal, indoor plant, picture in the book, architectural structure or text.


  • Universal program with a large number of functions.
  • Quick search for items and objects in the image.
  • translation of foreign text.
  • Recognition of handwriting text.
  • Plant recognition, animal, paintings and attractions.


  • No missing.

Learn languages ​​in augmented reality: Mondly AR

The language learning app uses augmented reality technology to help users memorize new words and whole phrases better. When AR mode is activated, the program projects a virtual teacher onto any flat surface. It will lead the lesson by introducing the user to new words and showing three-dimensional objects called objects.

The program supports 33 languages ​​and allows you to play different language situations, such as visiting a restaurant, buying goods in a store. In addition, the program can recognize speech and point out errors in the pronunciation of words and phrases.


  • Support for many languages.
  • Pleasant and convenient design of the interface.
  • Possibility of speaking practice.
  • Availability of a virtual teaching assistant.


  • Only a 7-day trial period is available for free.

Holo – Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality

The application allows you to take funny pictures by adding animated characters to the frame. If you are tired of the usual selfies and want to be creative, you can take an unusual picture with a hologram of a wild animal, zombie, Spider-Man or another popular hero. The collection in Holo is impressive: there are superheroes, famous actors, mad scientists, and just plain funny characters.

To take a photo or video, select a character and drag them into your environment, with each character performing certain movements or making sounds. Figures, if necessary, can be increased and decreased, in accordance with the real environment.


  • Many funny holograms of animals, celebrities, film characters, cartoons and comics.
  • Changing the size of the holograms.
  • The ability to save the pictures created in the program and video to the gallery.


  • The application sometimes works with errors.
  • Content is practically not updated.


All submitted appropriate reality applications are fully relevant in 2021 and updated regularly. We tried to find the most interesting among them. When installing each of the above programs, do not rush to delete them if the functionality is not clear or difficult to navigate. Sometimes it is enough to turn off the gyroscope or calibrate the compass and other sensors to get the correct operation.