The best apps for Apple Watch

purchased new clock from Apple, but do not know how to use them to the maximum? We selected the 12 most necessary applications for Watchos.

Even operating systems for wristwatch today are becoming more popular and regularly develop. In many everyday situations, this is very convenient, as now it is not necessary to look for a phone to call yourself a taxi anywhere, write a fast message or make a note, until the idea has flown out of the head.

Smart watch, like fitness bracelets, for many are indispensable assistants in sports, so applications of this category also hit our list. We chose only those programs that can really be useful and will be used regularly, and not just useless to hang in memory.

Communication and Communication

Facebook Messenger

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, given what great popularity in the world Social network Facebook, It would be foolish not to include Messenger of the same developer in a selection. And although other services (VKontakte, Twitter, etc.) are enjoyed on the territory of the CIS countries (Vkontakte, Twitter, etc.), Messengers with Watchos support in the official App Store store today is not so much.

As in any modern application for communication and exchange of information, here you can make group video calls with your friends and colleagues. Right during the call, you can use various masks and effects, which makes a conversation even more fun. It is also possible to view videos simultaneously with other participants.

Chats are easy to customize to give them individuality and allocate among others. In general, the Facebook Messenger has everything that this messenger can fit both for simple communication with friends and relatives and for work and communication with colleagues.

Features of the application:

  • Group calls, masks, effects.
  • Sending disappearing with messages.
  • Pleasant design and simple interface.
  • Viewing one video with friends using "Watch Together".
  • Correspondence protection due to privacy functions.


Another of the most popular messengers - Telegram. It is more versatile and allows you to create protected chats with improved encryption. In group and personal messages you can exchange documents, audio, video and files of another type, and there are no restrictions on the volume.

both in mobile and in the WatchOS version, the interface is designed in such a way that it does not cause problems during use. You can even answer new messages even on the clock in a couple of clicks. Telegram servers are located worldwide in such a way as to provide the greatest speed of messaging, in comparison with similar applications.

Features of the program:

  • Unlimited correspondence: All files are stored in the cloud.
  • Instant receipt and delivery of messages.
  • A simple and convenient interface.
  • a large number of features and settings.
  • Built-in photo editor and video.


Health and Sport

Adidas Running

When it comes to a workout or jogging in the fresh air, it is important to track your results and keep a diary. And if earlier it had to use a notepad and handle for this, now you can do without a phone. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and the presence of all basic functions in Adidas Running for Watchos, you can not even be distracted on your smartphone.

While running, tracking can be enabled by pressing one START button. At any time, the tracking can be stopped at all or pause for a while by pressing "STOP" or "PAUSE", respectively. All necessary information when jogging will also be displayed on the screen: the time has passed and distance, the speed of the run, the pulse rate.

In addition, you can enable your favorite music at a comfortable volume level and listen to it during training. More features will be available in Adidas Running for iPhone and iPad, but the regular clock can be copper with the basic tracking.

Program Features:

  • GPS Tracking and accurate data display.
  • Detailed statistics for each run.
  • Setting goals and forming a trajectory to improve the results.
  • The ability to train with friends.
  • Synchronization with Apple Health and other services.

My water

during exercise is important Follow not only the regularity of workouts and nutrition, but also for maintaining water balance. You can help this application "My Water", which allows you to add new drinks in a couple of clicks and will remind you of the achievement of the daily rate.

On the smartphone, you can set all the settings and set a daily goal in the amount of water drilled for yourself, and you can "march" at any time with the help of hours. When adding a new liquid, you can choose almost any drink: water, coffee, milk, tea, juice, carbonated water, energy or even something alcoholic. In the last step, simply select the volume and the new record will be instantly added.

Each drink has its own coefficient, which makes it possible to more accurate the "water diary". And for greater motivation, the application will constantly encourage you with a multitude of achievements.

Features of the program:

  • Smart reminders.
  • Calculation of the individual need of water.
  • System of achievements and tips.
  • Maintaining detailed statistics.
  • Accounting for any type of beverage.


If the previous application allows you to monitor only the amount of water in the body, then Lifesum is to maintain water balance and power control 2 in 1. This is a huge base of products and recipes that are suitable for any purpose: weight loss, Maintaining a form or a set of mass.

Lifesum differs from a variety of alternative applications in that it is more oriented individually for each user. For example, there is a Lifescore system, which analyzes the products consumed by a person every week and forms recommendations (which is in excess, and which, on the contrary, is not enough for the norm). After checking, you will see your score showing the quality of nutrition and health as a whole.

On the clock screen, it is possible to instantly add records of drilled water or view your daily rate of software calories and BJ. For convenience, you can manually specify the volume for each glass of water so that the data is the most accurate.

Program Features:

  • Synchronization with Apple Health, Google Fit and other services.
  • Wide selection of diets: Interval fasting, high-finished, etc.
  • Fast trekking of water and power supplies.
  • maintaining weight and physical exertion.

for every day

Google Keep

Google Keep is a convenient utility to create notes. At any time, you can give your idea to real traits by creating a new sheet. You can add notes in any convenient way: text or via voice input. In addition, here you can save pictures, but it is unlikely to be conveniently on a small screen Apple Watch.

To highlight special ideas among the sets of others, they can be fixed from above in a separate section. Each note can be attached to an individual view, painting it in this or that color. It is possible to create lists, for example, for shopping in stores, than it is especially convenient to use on smart clock.

Features of the application:

  • Pleasant night mode.
  • Color selection and adding shortcuts.
  • Sharing access to notes.
  • Bright and visual interface.
  • Setting reminders.
  • Synchronization on all devices: Smartphone, clock, laptop, tablet.



Among the plurality of popular taxi order applications are only a few in the App Store are available for users. Watchos. In Uber, you can order a car anywhere in the city. For more comfortable travel, the developers have found an updated security standard.

Now order a taxi to go home or in any other place you can even with the help of wristwatches. The application will independently determine your location using the geolocation sensor built into the Apple Watch, you will only remain pressing one or two buttons.

After someone from the drivers accept your order, a small information about the driver will appear on the device screen (name, picture and ranking in the Uber system), car data (brand, color, number) and arrival time. Payment will be made with attached payment methods, which can be done during the initial configuration on your iPhone or iPad.

Program Features:

  • Machines of any class for different trips.
  • One of the most popular services: works more than 10 thousand cities in the world.
  • The ability to order in advance.
  • You can share information about your trip with others.
  • Driver evaluation system and selection of the best candidates.


TODOIST is an advanced organizer and a list of cases, thanks to which you can plan each day. Add tasks and receive notifications, track goals and become even more productive with a large number of tools. In addition to the primitive list, you can work here with other users and participate in projects.

When planning tasks for a certain time, they will be displayed directly on the dial of your watches, constantly reminding the meeting or any other obligation. If you often forget something to do, then Todoist will be an excellent assistant and, kinda, personal interactive manager for you in this regard.

In addition to tracking task execution, the application can help you follow the formation of habits. Set targets per day or week in TODOIST for iPhone or iPad and reach them, increasing the level of karma (productivity assessment) and getting achievements.

Program Features:

  • Filter projects, single cases and lists by marks and other features.
  • Work with other people over a single project.
  • Create problems with reminders.
  • Plan for the future: The next day, week, month or weekend.
  • Leave comments and communicate directly to the TODOIST.


In the modern world, the flow of information flies so quickly that we do not always have time to keep track of it. For many people, it is very important to constantly be in this course and in time to learn about the news of our time. Flipboard collected the most interesting world news that can be read even on the screen of your watches.

In order for the service to recognize your preferences, you need to go through a small test after the first launch and choose your favorite themes. After that, Flipboard will regularly supply you news from the world of technologies, sports, politics, of business, science and other industries.

In addition, here you can save any articles like or share them with your friends (you need authorization in the account).

Features of the application:

  • Almost all known publishers in one place.
  • Instantly share news.
  • Combate articles on topics, known personalities or hashthegam.
  • Only relevant and interesting news.
  • Keep your favorite content in magazines.


AccuWeather is the latest app in the Everyday subcategory to help you get ready on time to rain, strong winds and bad weather in general. The main advantage of this service is maximum accuracy. You will not be disturbed by sudden precipitation and other surprises if you are prepared for them in advance.

In addition to the standard display of the weather forecast, there are several other useful functions. For example, AccuWeather can display the current air quality in the city and the area nearby. The assessment is influenced by many indicators: pollution with sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, suspended and fine particles.

For each level of pollution, there is a corresponding description and recommendations. Allergy sufferers will especially benefit from the Allergy Prediction option, which predicts dust levels.

Program specifics:

  • The RealFeel Temperature tracker displays the perceived temperature.
  • Continuous updating and correction of the forecast.
  • Travel planning assistance: weather anywhere in the world for the next 24 hours.
  • Convenient and pleasant interface.
  • Up-to-date forecasts based on data directly from radars.
  • Severe warnings for high winds, flooding, etc.



a person dedicated in this regard) on information security will tell you that you cannot set the same passwords for different profiles in social networks, services, and so on. Otherwise, you risk losing everything in the event of a leak. You need to minimize the risks by setting strong and different passwords. In this case, remembering everything at once is quite difficult.

With this utility, you can get rid of annoying procedures for recovering forgotten passwords, since all data from accounts, keys or electronic locks can be placed in one secure vault. All your data will be synchronized between devices with 1password, so at any time you can see the forgotten key even on your clock.

Program Features:

  • All passwords under the lock and in one place.
  • Instant authorization in any services.
  • Multiple safety steps.
  • The auto-complete function and universal access feature.
  • Password separation in categories and tags.


and completed the selection of the MoneOn application created for Tracking costs and income, as well as help in planning budget. It is suitable for keeping both personal and family accounting. Moneon allows you to fix costs and will tell you at the end of the month, the cost of which categories should be reduced.

At any time you can see the balance on wallets and the number of expenses and income. You can use not only a ruble, but also any other currency. The service will automatically form reports by analyzing your financial transactions. It can clearly show you what money goes.

Features of the application:

  • Quick search for the most voracious categories.
  • Automatic adding transactions from SMS.
  • Accounting for incoming and outgoing debts.
  • The ability to photograph and maintain checks.
  • Enter shared wallets with family or friends.