The best applications for watching TV for Android

There are a large number of applications for watching TV on Android. But many of them work unstable or refuse to function at all. In this selection, we will look at the best applications of this kind that allow you to enjoy high-quality pictures and good sound.

Television tightly entered our lives. In the 90s, we could not imagine our apartment without at least one TV. But now some people try to abandon such a cumbersome device. They motivate it by the fact that TV takes too much free time, without bringing anything in return. However, sometimes there is still a need to see some TV channel. For example, for the sake of a football match or an important news report. At such moments, it comes to the aid of this or that program to watch TV for Android. Then we will discuss exactly such utilities.

This program contains over 400 TV channels for 20 with superfluous languages. Among them there are plenty of free on a variety of topics: movies, TV series, cartoons, sports, news, hunting and fishing, etc. Additional You can add yourself, downloading free IPTV sheets, for example, from your provider or by connecting paid packages from the TV + section. The appendix contains advertising. If you wish, you can turn it off for a charge for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Vintera TV attracts attention to the simple and friendly interface. Favorite channels you can add to the "Favorites" section to quickly find them. A convenient setting of the aspect ratio is performed using the AUTO or ZOOM buttons. There is a search function for channels and filters by country, language and genres. Application clients you can install on all your devices - both mobile and televisions, smart and IPTV consoles, computer.


  • A huge number of TV channels.
  • Support for HD broadcasting.
  • Easy tuning of the side of the screen side.
  • Convenient multicast broadcasting.
  • A competently implemented filter system.
  • Thematic packets.
  • You can download the program for free.


  • Paid subscription to eliminate advertising.

digital TV 20 channels for free

This application allows you to watch 20 digital all-Russian channels for free on any android device after disconnecting the analog channels through the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. It should be attributed to the fast loading, simple interface and convenient switching between the channels directly in the player. There is a function of listening to sound without a video, which can be convenient during walking distance.

Video quality You can configure yourself or set auto-tuning depending on the connection speed to the Internet. It is provided with brightness and volume gestures. There is a dark theme for comfortable watching TV in the evening day. The disadvantage of the application is advertising appearing before viewing the channel. You can disable it by purchasing a paid subscription for 30 days, 3 months or six months.


  • 20 free essential channels.
  • Convenient simple interface.
  • Automatic and manual video quality setting.
  • Listening to sound without video.
  • Setting the brightness and volume gestures.
  • Dark theme.


  • Advertising, disabled by purchasing a paid subscription.

Russian TV

The application with the simplest interface offers more than 50 free channels, including 20 essentials. It has the TV channels of various topics - hunting and fishing, musical, news, weapons, auto, sports, movies, etc. By default, they are divided into three categories - "All", "News", "Entertainment". In addition, you can add your own channels to "Favorites" to quickly access them.

The application interface is very simple and understandable. On the main page there is a list of channels, at the top you can switch between categories. Other functions are not provided here. Channels are loaded quickly, during viewing you can only put a video pause and change the volume of the sound. A function of viewing the TV channel on top of all windows is available - this allows, for example, to correspond in Messenger and at the same time watch a movie. The disadvantage of the application is advertising. However, her little, and she does not interfere.


  • Over 50 free channels.
  • Simple interface.
  • View function over other windows.
  • Favorites tab.


  • Included advertising.

TV + online HD TV

Popular application for watching television with 5 million downloads from Play Market and high estimates. It attracts attention by a simple interface: in the central part of the screen you see the transmission, and you can swipe and select channels from the bottom to the bottom. Channel search is available using the search string, it is also provided to display them as icons with the name of the transmission or a movie spent in the live broadcast. For each of the channels there is a television program. More than 20 TV channels are available for free, but besides them you can purchase packages of paid channels in the application settings. There you can turn off the paid channels to see which content can be viewed free of charge.

in TV + online You can set the image quality depending on the speed of the Internet connection. Support for Google Cast to broadcast video on the TV screen. The "Picture picture in the picture" function allows you to display the transmission over all windows and watch it while using another application. The Sound Only mode allows you to listen to a show or movie without watching the video, for example, while walking. There is an option "Video archive" that allows you to watch the missed programs. It is possible to set a black background and replace it with a picture from the gallery. Instead of the standard video player, you can choose any other player installed on your phone. The disadvantage of the application is advertising, but it can be turned off by purchasing any of the paid TV channel packages.


  • Many free channels.
  • Broadcast the picture to a TV.
  • Picture in picture.
  • Convenient channel search.
  • Sound only mode.
  • Select background.
  • Replace the default player with another player of your choice.


  • Advertising, but it can be disabled by purchasing a paid channel package.


Another way to watch TV on Android. It is more suitable for advanced users than for beginners. The fact is that IPTV is just a shell of VLC, which is designed to display any channels from xspf and m3u playlists. By default, it contains only those TV channels that are not against such utilities. However, advanced people can easily find links to playlists of paid channels on the Internet and can add them to this utility. But you should remember that you will be doing this illegally.

The application has a fairly simple interface. You can choose to display channels as a tile, list, or grid. The creators of this program for the Android operating system earn money by displaying ads. If you want to disable it, you will have to buy the PRO version of IPTV. In addition to blocking ads, the paid version offers auto-launch of the application when the device is turned on (relevant for Android set-top boxes) and downloading the last viewed channel when the program starts.


  • Simple interface.
  • Free to download and use.
  • Very good picture quality.
  • UDP proxy support.
  • Set the channel list view to your liking.
  • Adding your links to pay channel playlists.


  • Availability of advertising in a free version.
  • The novice will not definitely discern with the addition of other channels.
  • Lack of advanced functions.

Lime HD TV - Free Online TV

This application for viewing TV got a good functionality and many positive feedback. The program offers more than 200 free channels, as well as paid thematic subscriptions. Connect them or not - to solve the user itself. Advertising is present, it appears when changing channels and is always visible as a panel at the bottom of the application. For those who do not accept its presence, a paid shutdown is provided. The application supports binding up to 5 devices to one profile, so you can install it on all your gadgets and watch television as it is convenient for you.

The Appendix has several options for displaying channels - popular, the entire list, chosen and regional. When searching called the TV channel displays the broadcast contents. To get a complete list of programs, it is enough to select the desired channel. There are 5 days in the appendix and telegrock. When viewing the ability to stretch the picture to the entire screen, enter it in width or height, also select the playback quality. By default, the latter is selected based on the speed of the Internet connection. Useful option is to broadcast on top of all windows - for this application will require a separate resolution. In the settings there are several color themes of the design, the choice of the view of the player is standard or advanced, settings to start the default video.


  • more than 140 free channels.
  • Archive for 5 days.
  • A large number of settings.
  • The ability to remove advertising for quite small money.
  • The presence of paid thematic subscriptions.
  • Convenient management during playback.


  • pop-up promotional windows with advertising.

HD TV Light

Quite a popular app with a million installs from Google Play. It offers over 200 free national and regional channels. The application is quite simple, has a visually pleasing interface and easy switching between channels while watching. In the settings, you can choose the quality of the video, work in different Internet networks (for example, prohibit display via mobile networks), set a timer. Video can be stretched to full screen, fit horizontally or vertically. There is an option to play audio only - in this case, the application can act as a radio. There are no settings for thematic folders here, but favorite channels can be included in favorites, which will provide quick access to them. The program can work on top of other windows - it is convenient if you are scrolling through the news in parallel or chatting with friends in instant messengers.

A drawback that can make you look for more interesting software is pop-up ads when you switch channels, you have to watch videos for 5 seconds, which can be annoying. If you wish to disable it, you can subscribe to the Premium Subscription. The application can be installed on smartphones, tablets, TVs Smart TV. With support for ChromeCast option, you can cast the picture from your phone screen to your TV screen to watch your favorite programs or movies on the big screen.


  • A large number of free channels.
  • Ability to create a Favorites folder.
  • Timer.
  • Picture in picture.
  • Display the program guide.
  • Easy navigation.


  • Pop-up commercials, disabled by a paid subscription.
  • All channels are collected in one place without any sorting.


This utility has a simple interface that even a novice who has recently started using a smartphone will understand. Most of the screen here is occupied by a catalog of TV channels. From here you can quickly go to the program program to familiarize yourself with what the selected channel will be broadcast soon. The service provides the Selection Section. You can add your own channels to it and form your own list of them.

The service is characterized by the fact that it stores the ether record for a couple of weeks. In this regard, it is not difficult to watch some show whose live ether you missed. With regard to the number of TV channels available here, there are more than one hundred fifty here. Others, for example, Amedia 1, Europeanly, Nickelodeon and some others require a subscription purchase. Its cost - from 99 to 249 rubles, depending on the package and the number of channels included in it.


  • View the missed TV shows.
  • Easy to master the interface.
  • Many series, films and children's content besides TV channels.
  • Free installation of the application.
  • Self add channels to an indication of the iPTV playlist reference.


  • There are advertising.
  • Many channels are available only after purchasing a paid subscription.

Impuls TV

An interesting application with great potential. The biggest plus is no advertising. Registration is required, it is required in automatic mode when you first turn on, no personal data is required for this. The application has paid and free subscriptions, the cost of the first starts from 99 rubles. Paid packages include thematic selections - Sports, 18+, Cinema, and Other. All tariffs are on the official developer website. An interesting option for the payments of a paid subscription will be viewed from several devices within one account.

The application has a convenient sorting of channels, program program and allows you to control the viewing - put the ether to pause, revise the time you like or use the archive. Of the minuses - a sufficient top-end interface. The application looks written "on the knee", but still the functionality is decent. The pulse TV proves that it is not always correct to evaluate "by clothes".


  • Free and pay channels.
  • Wide functionality.
  • Convenient sorting through the channels.
  • Lack of advertising.
  • The ability to use one account on multiple devices.


  • There are not very many free channels.
  • mediocre interface.

online TV HD

The young application with a very short description of three rows in Google Play will not suit people who spend hours on watching TV. Today in the appendix over 70 channels, however, there are Disney, Discovery, Animal Planet among them. Meet these channels for free in other applications are pretty hard. There is no possibility to configure the size of the image, put the timer or stop the display. The application as simple as possible - turned on the channel and look. Some more and not required.

There is advertising in it - it appears after changing the channel and closes with one touch. An irritating moment - obsessing the request of the developers to leave feedback. At the same time, the window with this proposal occurs even after the review was written. User responses suggest that the number of channels though slowly, but increases. For those who do not need a large number of settings, and more important is the simplicity - the online TV HD will become an excellent choice.


  • Very simple navigation - to understand what and how it works easily.
  • There are foreign channels that usually apply for a fee.
  • The application weighs little, so suitable for weak devices.


  • There is no way to configure the size of the video window.
  • Advertising cannot be turned off, but it doesn't interfere in itself.
  • The obsessive requirement should be reviewed.