The best applications for watching photos on Android

Most modern smartphones received decent chambers, and therefore applications for viewing photos on Android should not have not only a pleasant design and a convenient interface, but also wide functionality with a multitude of settings.

Typically, mobile phone manufacturers include a standard "Gallery" image viewer, but this application does not always have all the advantages and opportunities that are necessary for gadget users. Therefore, we have prepared a selection of alternative options for viewing a photo on the smartphone.

Google photos

Google photo provides free, unlimited E and reliable cloud storage for photos, but with the conditions: their permission should not exceed 16 MP, and the video can only be downloaded in 1080p. There is a possibility of storing media files in the best quality, but the place is limited to them.

In Google, you can edit photos: add contrast, saturation, brightness. The service automatically collects pictures and video into the albums by sorting them by date, time and location.

In addition, the application recommends the user the best media files for friends. In addition, it will help you quickly find photos on specified images, even if there are no marks in the pictures. A convenient service will easily sort photos and videos, as well as based on them will create collages, panorama, animation, photo books, movies and stories.

Main advantages:

  • Startup photo and video.
  • Fast and powerful search.
  • Editing tools.
  • Exchange photos in the chat.
  • Joint album for photographs.
  • An unlimited place to store photos.
  • Automatic definition of duplicates.
  • Publication of images on social networks.

A + photo gallery & video

Appendix A + Gallery combines a beautiful, stylish design and full functionality.

The photo application will allow you to quickly view images, as well as control the whole albums: it automatically organizes and sorts all the pictures, ordered or hiding them into albums. A + Gallery supports several SD cards, and search for photos performs lightning and without connecting to the Internet.

The only minus of the program is the lack of a built-in photo editor, but this is not a big problem, because there is a large selection of individual editors for photographs.

Main advantages:

  • All photographs in one gallery.
  • Import support from Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox and Facebook.
  • The presence of beautiful topics.
  • Secure photo storage.


Stable and fast application gallery will help organize user photos, gif animation, Albums and videos.

The smart gallery is able to create, organize, delete, protect and hide the media files from extraneous eyes, as well as to edit them well. In addition, the program allows you to view albums as a slideshow in high quality with the ability to change the time interval and sequence of images.

Main advantages:

  • Built-in photo editing tools.
  • View high-resolution photos.
  • Instant Publication of images in Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Reliable blocking of the gallery.
  • Installing images on wallpaper.

application for viewing photos On Android Simple Gallery does not contain advertising and does not require access to the Internet. Here the user's confidentiality is protected by one hundred percent.

A simple gallery changes the size of images, and also cuts and turns them. If the photo is not sufficiently saturated or, on the contrary, too artificial colors, then in Simple Gallery there are filters that will help to fix everything.

The program supports a large set of various types of files - MKV, RAW, PNG, MP4, JPEG, panoramic photos and other, and also restores randomly remote pictures in a couple of seconds.

Main advantages:

  • Autonomous Simple Gallery without pop-up and advertising.
  • Built-in photo editor.
  • Work without Internet access.
  • Support most popular photo and video formats.
  • Localization into 32 languages.
  • Protection of media files with a fingerprint, graphical key or PIN code.
  • Quick search.

Photo Gallery

application for viewing photo photo gallery - Stable and fast program that organizes and protects photos, albums, video and GIF. The application will delight with a stylish design, replaces the built-in gallery and will not make a lot of time spending.

There is a photo editor for decorating or editing pictures, as well as a slideshow function, with which you can spectacle to present photos to friends. Free photo gallery will be a useful assistant for those looking for a simple, convenient and fast way to view images and videos.

Main advantages:

  • The presence of beautiful topics.
  • Quick search for notes and tags.
  • The ability to set the best pictures on social networks.
  • Sort images by size, date, and title.
  • High-quality and reliable protection of albums from unauthorized access.
  • Create an album within an album with the ability to edit them.

Photo album and album

The Photo Album & Album app will not only automatically organize your gallery, but also easily hide and encrypt photos from strangers. Privacy and security are the main, but not the only, advantages of the gallery.

Quick launch of the application gives the user access to any album and picture. Here you can create new albums in a simple and clear way, move, rename and copy photos, as well as view photos in slideshow and HD. A nice bonus of the gallery will be a powerful photo editor that instantly crops, rotates the photo, and also provides a choice of exclusive filters that will make the pictures more interesting.

Key benefits:

  • Automatically organize photos and albums by time.
  • Possibility to encrypt still pictures.
  • Publication of images in social networks.
  • View high resolution photos.
  • Prevent viewing private photos from the gallery and protect them with a password.
  • High-quality photo editing.

HD Photo Gallery & Editor

HD Photo Gallery & Editor is a convenient, stable and free alternative to the built-in gallery. The user can easily access all media files and quickly view them.

The application will be a useful acquisition for users of mobile devices, because the gallery not only sorts and distributes all pictures into albums, but also edits them, improving the quality of images. You can rotate, move, crop, flip pictures, and apply various filters. Photos load quickly and are immediately available for viewing.

Key benefits:

  • Create albums.
  • Edit photos.
  • Set photo as wallpaper.
  • Scans images from a memory card.
  • Automatically sorts still pictures by date and album name.
  • Create collages and view pictures in high quality slideshow.

Smart Gallery is perhaps the best gallery for android: it boasts of its reliability and speed, easily organizes photos and instantly opens access to them.

Smart Gallery is considered one of the fastest software for viewing HD photos, managing albums and searching for images. It organizes media files and, if necessary, protects private pictures with a password.

In Smart Gallery, you can fix photos with editing tools, and share and share them with friends on social network and email.

Key benefits:

  • Strict privacy of private shots.
  • Good optimization for phones with large screens.
  • Upload to Google Cloud.
  • Photo editing.
  • Stylish design.

Gallery for android QuickPic Gallery - Photos & Videos is sure to appeal to many camera phone users. This multifunctional application is able to properly organize and arrange photos, as well as protect private photos from prying people. All images can be viewed in slideshow style and shared on social networks and via email.

in QuickPic Gallery - Photos & Videos You can set a photo in the form of a screensaver to the main screen of the smartphone, as well as download to the profile contact, and the gallery has a built-in photo editor with numerous options, Including trimming, turning, reflection, filter imposition and other tools.

Main advantages:

  • Creating albums.
  • Hiding personal photos.
  • Availability of 3D Gallery.
  • Demonstration of photographs in the style of a slideshow.
  • Sort photos in various parameters.
  • Editing and managing photos.