The best applications for smart hours samsung Galaxy Watch

Let's take a look at the 16 most useful apps that are perfect for most models of Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is a multifunctional smart watch that can become an indispensable assistant in work, everyday life, during sports and more. Such devices have become widespread and run on their own operating systems.

In the case of the Galaxy Watch, there are 2 types of operating systems: based on Wear OS (by Google) and running Tizen OS (Samsung's proprietary OS). The ones that run on Google's OS look much better for several reasons:

  • The Wear OS app store is much larger.
  • The new Galaxy Watch models come out exactly on the platform from Google.

All this indicates that Samsung will soon have to completely switch to Wear OS, or spend huge resources on the development of its operating system. And judging by the latest news, the South Korean company may completely abandon its own OS in favor of a solution from Google.

Below we have provided a list of the best apps for Galaxy Watch smartwatches. However, some programs in this ranking will only be available in the Google Play Store.


those utilities that are the most important and will be useful to any user.

Wear OS by Google

The application allows you to synchronize the Galaxy Watch with a mobile device. How can I understand from the name, it will be relevant only for models based on Wear OS (previously - Android Wear). The utility expands the basic functionality of smart watches and adds new features.

Get notifications and messages timely, track physical activity, follow the events and plan events, pay for purchases using Google Pay and make other actions without having to constantly distract and get a smartphone.

In addition, the application can be thoroughly engaged in customization of their Galaxy Watch. Converting the appearance of the clock clocks for a couple of clicks thanks to a quick change of dials: Choose out of thousands of options and pick up your style.

Features Wear OS:

  • Fast synchronization.
  • Advertising is completely absent.
  • Exercise without being distracted by anything: Listen to music and easily switch tracks, follow physical activity, etc.
  • Respond to notifications in a timely manner: Instant messages about missed calls, SMS, etc.
  • Pay for purchases without using the phone or cash.
  • Plan your day: Create events or shopping lists.

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Make a list of purchases and organize a household together with the rest of the family with the help of the Bring! " This is not just an ax, actually representing a notebook where you can celebrate the products that you need to buy. "Bring!" - This is also a skilled discount hunter, which will help save on shopping and tell me where the goods can be purchased cheaper.

The application allows you to store almost any discount cards so that you do not have to carry them in the wallet. All products are divided into certain categories to navigate the list it is even more convenient. For example, Mozarella lacks salad for cooking? Just open the "Milk and Cheese" section and click on the desired icon.

Also, the utility can remember recipes. Thanks to this, you can plan a family breakfast, lunch and dinner, highlighting a certain recipe for each meal. Specify missing products and they will instantly fall into the joint list of purchases. Going to the store has never been so comfortable.

Features Bring!:

  • Grouping of goods by category.
  • Configure product sorting yourself.
  • Pleasant design and "easy" interface.
  • Organize joint purchases: You can invite other users to the list.
  • Keep discount cards in one place: Forget about the thick wallet, but still use discounts.
  • Importing recipes from the Internet.

download for Wear OS

Samsung Internet Browser

We must not forget about the browser, if we talk about the most important applications for Galaxy Watch. And although the benefits of it on smart hours will not be so much, in comparison, for example, with the previous program, in some cases it can come in handy. Both for Wear OS and for Tizen OS in the corresponding stores, you can find the company "Internet Browser" from Samsung.

This is a good web browser with the function of blocking advertising and other basic capabilities of any browser. Especially if you consider the fact that you do not particularly have to choose. In addition, there is smart protect against surveillance, which does not give many sites to collect personal information about you. This function finds dangerous for the privacy of domains and, if necessary, prohibits the connection.

did not cost without protection from phishing. Samsung Internet Browser provides a blockage of dangerous web pages that can kidnap any user data. And you can visit sites not only the typing text, but also using the voice or continuous input function, which is especially important for smart clocks with multi-diagonal displays.

Features of Samsung Internet Browser:

  • built-in blocker advertising: Save Traffic and download web pages even faster.
  • Protection against tracking and phishing: We care about potentially dangerous sites.
  • Voice and continuous input functions.
  • Available for almost any model Galaxy Watch.
  • Priority - Safe HTTPS connections.

download for Wear OS

download for TIZEN OS


Another program that can accurately need to be needed to any owner of Galaxy Watch - Here WEGO. This is a convenient online card where you can build routes and travel around the world. Plan travel both on a personal car and public transport. The application calculates the time of movement of buses, trolley buses or trams, and also takes into account their schedule and the number of traffic jams on the road, which makes it possible to understand how long you will be on the road.

To go somewhere, just enter the address. The places you like will be added to the list of collections so that they are always at hand. For example, you can save the address of your favorite cinema, restaurant or any other institution.

And if necessary, maps of any locality can be downloaded directly to the smartphone to have access to them even where there is no Internet. Almost 2000 cities and several regions are available for download: Australia / Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, North and Central America, South America. The utility can pick up the route with different preferences, if necessary, circling paid or ground roads, highways, ferries and tunnels.

Features HERE WEGO:

  • Choose a route type: The fastest or short.
  • Sound notifications about speeding and road chambers.
  • Calculation of trips, taking into account the type of fuel: Diesel, gasoline or electricity.
  • Availability even in offline mode.
  • Keep important places in favorites.
  • Easy to travel on personal or public transport.

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Power and Health

Convenient tracking of physical activity, nutrition and training is one of the main reasons why many acquire smart hours. In this section, we included the best applications that will help keep the body healthy.


The first application in this category - lifesum. Recipes of useful dishes, individual power plans and tips, diet for different goals, easy tracking of consumed calories, drunk water and other things - all this in one place. The utility is not just a food tracker, but a combination of all kinds of tools that will help you get rid of bad habits like Fastfud and go to a healthy food.

Lifesum will suit almost any person, regardless of its taste preferences. The program is adapted to each user, just fill out a small questionnaire after registering account. The service itself will pick you up with a suitable diet, based on the selected goal (weight loss, maintenance of the form, a set of muscle mass, etc.). In addition, the application can analyze your daily diet and evaluate its usefulness using the Lifescore branded criterion.

Lifesum version for smart watches makes the proper nutrition even easier. Now you do not need to constantly take the smartphone and fill in the diary, because the same can be done on Galaxy Watch. Any dish or product is added to the day list literally a couple of clicks. It is also easy to track and the amount of water drilled, eaten fruits.

Features Lifesum:

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Pleasant design.
  • Detailed energy composition of products: From Buz to various macroelements.
  • a large number of diets.
  • Fit right: Prepare useful dishes thanks to Lifesum recipes.
  • Evaluate Progress: We are undergoing Lifescore weekly testing.

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Samsung Health

The previous utility is one of the best of its kind only if we are talking about proper nutrition. In turn, Samsung Health is a set of tools to control all other processes. Track any type of training (strength, cardio, swimming, etc.), set fitness goals, keep track of your calorie and water balance, and update your body information regularly.

Samsung Health is becoming even more useful on the latest versions of the Galaxy Watch. Using the sensors that smartwatches are equipped with, the program can display fairly accurate data on blood oxygen saturation, body fat percentage, and other parameters of body composition. Also, here you can track the quality of sleep, heart rate and stress level.

Thanks to such an abundance of functions, the application becomes truly universal: many other utilities aimed at monitoring your health can be replaced by Samsung Health alone. In addition, many options are available on the Galaxy Watch screen. For example, using the dial, you can measure the pulse or stress.

Samsung Health Features:

  • Bioimpedance analysis support: know your body composition (mass fat, skeletal and muscle).
  • Stable operation and better compatibility.
  • Completely free and unlimited.
  • Extensive analysis options: oxygen saturation, heart rate, sleep quality, stress level and many other indicators.
  • Keep a food diary and monitor your diet.
  • Develop healthy habits and drink more water.

download for Wear OS

download for TIZEN OS

Nike Run Club

Permanent workouts and the development of endurance, physical force - one of several mandatory conditions on the way to healthy organism. Nike Run Club can be a good coach that will help learn running. Choose suitable programs, place the target and run the tracker. There is everything you need: tracking jogs and results, cards, as well as a large community from newbies and more experienced athletes.

There is not enough incentive to exit training? Put in front of you calls (for example, run 25, 50 or more kilometers per 1 month) and get motivating notifications or invite friends to NRC and start the path together. You can compare your results, compete and support each other.

Join the NRC like-minded club in their city to get the opportunity to participate in free events and attend joint training. The program is perfectly adapted to the Galaxy Watch based on Wear OS. Forget about the need to carry a phone with you - now jogs will be easily fixed and smart clock.

Features Nike Run Club:

  • Listen to music during running.
  • Combine into clubs and find new friends, doing sports together.
  • Comfortable ribbon of activity for any time period.
  • Many ready running scenarios, differing: by complexity or type ("restore", "for speed", etc.).
  • Put out new challenges every month.

Download for Wear OS


An excellent addition to cardio training will be power programs aimed at developing the muscles of the whole body. Fortunately, in stores for Wear Os and Tizen OS there is an application that will help lead a workout log and will actually make all the organizational work for you. Gymrun presents a huge base of exercises and ready-made complexes for any tasks. It is enough to compile an individual schedule from the finished patterns.

In addition to training here, you can track the results and changes in the body. The appendix has mechanics of achievements that will constantly push you to make another step forward, as soon as you put any record (by the number of repetitions, weight, etc.). And in the magazine "Body" you can update the mass indicators, the percentage ratio of fat / mass and other measurements.

Special thanks to the developer can be expressed and for writing a clear manual: the functionality is really huge here, and detailed instructions can easily clarify incomprehensible moments. In general, if you are seriously engaged in sports and have long been looking for the perfect (or close to this) application with support for smart hours, urgently look at Gymrun.

Features GymRun:

  • Pleasant design.
  • Synchronization of workouts with Google Fit, FitBit, Samsung Health.
  • Advertising is completely absent.
  • backup of results and data transfer to other devices.
  • Convenient management of workout running with clock clock.
  • Visual graphic reports and statistics.

Download for Wear OS

Download for TIZEN OS


Health is not only physical, but also mental. Learn to sleep hard and relaxate will help the Calm meditation application. Come short morning trainings from a few minutes to one hour or perform more massive breathing exercise complexes, listen to relaxing music and immerse yourself in a positive and relaxed atmosphere, charging positive energy for the whole day.

Calm is adjusted for each user, depending on the preferences selected. After starting, it is enough to indicate that you want to see as a result of meditations (reduction of stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, improving self-esteem or other). Based on certain purposes, the program will offer more suitable content for you. And besides one-time trainings in the appendix there are courses from several classes with professionals and video accompanies.

A tangible disadvantage of the service is the lack of Russian localization, and other languages ​​here are not so much. For many users, this can be a big problem and the subject of inconvenience. Otherwise, Calm is a good helper for those who are important to follow their psychological health.

Features Calm:

  • Synchronization with Google Fit service.
  • No advertising.
  • Evaluate your progress.
  • Useful reminders: On meditations, waste time, mood checking, etc.
  • Personal recommendations and trainings For any purpose.

Download for Wear OS

SLEEP AS Android

Last but equally important application in this subcategory - Sleep as Android. This simple utility is capable of improving the quality of sleep due to a wide range of possibilities. There is a smart alarm clock, which gently raises you from the bed in a phase suitable for this, tracking sleep cycles, respiratory analysis and other parameters (pulse, saturation, HRV variability) and even identifying certain diseases.

All the functions of the program will work, even if the phone is away from the bed: just install the Sleep As Android companion to your smart watch. In addition, the application is equipped with a sonar, with which it can capture the movement and fix the respiratory frequency while you sleep. And already based on this data, you can find possible breathing problems.

Alarm clock deserves separate attention. You can configure almost everything in it: put a pin to shut down (for example, you have to solve an example or scan the QR code / NFC label), set the spare signal (in case they missed the main one), activate the shutdown by gestures and not only. The utility will become an excellent option for those who love to sleep or, on the contrary, fights in short.

Features Sleep AS Android:

  • Integration with many services: Google Fit, Samsung Health, Spotify, Google Calendar, Ifttt, Tasker, etc.
  • "Powerful" Alarm clock: Set the captcha of any complexity (more than 10 tasks) and do not skip the signals.
  • Advanced sleep analysis and detailed graphic statistics.
  • Reflective trends and get advice.
  • Set your ecosystem: Night lamps are supported, smart watches, Fitness bracelets and other devices.

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Organizers and "simplified"

Planning time and organization is the main key on the way to productivity. The following 3 applications will help make your day more efficient or simplify different routine tasks.


TODOIST - a convenient time management environment, which will teach you to distribute time correctly. Create lists of cases and form projects, break the hard tasks into smaller and spend the day with benefit. You can break tasks for certain subjects using labels and filters. Thus, it is possible to place priorities and sort items by category ("work", "important", "other", etc.).

If necessary, for each case, it is possible to set the period of execution, reminder and tags. And you can work on large projects along with other users of TODOIST. To do this, you just need to open sharing and invite employees to the team. Thus, you can easily organize joint activities, discuss tasks, various details.

And in order to motivate you to become even more productive, the system of achievements acts in TODOIST. The more things you will perform as quickly as possible, the more karma points will earn. Work more efficiently and open new levels of profile.

Features TODOIST:

  • Awards and karma system: Put weekly goals and get glasses Experience.
  • Collaboration on projects (up to 25 people): Exchange files, discuss tasks.
  • Advertising is completely absent.
  • Integration with other applications: Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, etc.
  • Automatic data backup.

Download for Wear OS


ifttt is an application that combines all your favorite services for work or entertainment in one place. Due to this, you can automate many processes that previously had to be performed manually. Imagine that almost everything you used earlier (programs, postal clients, smart lamps in the house and everything related to the equipment and the Internet), now you can now connect someone else with each other.

Combination occurs within one applet (mini-program that performs a specific task), which is fairly easy to create. You just need to specify the triggers (the launch conditions of the applet) and the actions carried out. For example, using ifttt, you can make a script that will display the geolocation of the caller to you through Google Maps if it is in the contact list.

The possibilities of the application on smart clocks also a lot. After properly configure, you can keep a multitude of smart home devices on the Galaxy Watch dial. And if ideas for applets do not appear, you can always borrow ready-made solutions from other IFTTT users.

Program Features:

  • Combate hundreds of applications in one place: Spotify, Telegram, Instagram, TODOIST, SLACK, Google Calendar, etc.
  • No advertising.
  • Voice control of devices of the smart home.
  • Automate thousands of a variety of tasks.
  • A huge number of templates from other users for any occasion.

Download for Wear OS


The promotional email client SPARK Mail. If you work with different email services, then this program will be likewise. Now all other applications like Gmail, Mail. Ru Mail, Yandex.poshta and others can be replaced by one without loss in the functionality. And considering the stable work with the Galaxy Watch smart clock, the notifications will come almost instantly.

Also, in Spark Mail there is intelligent sorting of Smart Inbox emails. For better perception, the function grows messages over several categories: "personal", "notifications", "mailing", "fixed" and "read". As in other clients, any manipulations can be performed on letters: to put in the basket or archive, fix, block and send spam, etc.

, but truly the main advantage Spark Mail before other postal applications is that here you can organize a joint space. This is not just a client to exchange email, but also a convenient work environment and business communication.

Features Spark Mail:

  • for free and without advertising.
  • Smart sorting of letters.
  • Easy messaging with swipes.
  • Command the commands: Assign roles to users, share files (free cloud on 10 GB ) and communicate.
  • Create templates and use them, If you often need to send similar letters.
  • Plan send messages and install reminders.

Download for Wear OS


Applications that do not approach none categories above, but can also be useful to a certain circle of users.


Spotify is a musical streaming service that has become a great distribution immediately since its debut in the CIS market. Listen to millions of tracks and podcasts, share playlists and subscribe to your favorite artists or even other users and download any compositions.

Manage playback directly from the smart clock display and instantly switch between devices. You can play tracks both on Galaxy Watch and on a smartphone, computer, TV or smart column. In addition, there is a group mode in Spotify, which allows listening to music at the same time with friends.

The full functionality of the service becomes available only when clearing the Premium subscription. In a free version, sometimes it will be necessary to deal with advertising before playing tracks / podcasts, and there will also be limitations on sound quality and will be unavailable offline mode.

Features Spotify:

  • Be trend: Receive notifications about the releases of your favorite authors.
  • Mode of collaboration: Listen to the tracks along with other people.
  • Smart Recommendation System: Open new performers for yourself.
  • Many podcasts on different topics.
  • A variety of paid subscriptions: It is easy to find a suitable plan.

download for Wear OS

download for TIZEN OS


SmartThings - A program that can turn your Android smartphone and smart clock in Remote Control of remote control of all smart techniques. With it, it is easily created by a home ecosystem, which is controlled from anywhere in the world, wherever you are.

The application provides the ability to create automation rules. These are behavioral templates to follow Smart devices when performing certain conditions. For example, thanks to such a function, you can configure the automatic shutdown of the TV and run the robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning, if you leave home. Moreover, it is possible to fully control these scenarios not only from a mobile device, but also by Galaxy Watch.

It became hot during harvesting? There is no need to search for a remote from an air conditioner or a smartphone - it is enough to make a couple of swipes on the screen of smart clock and in the house will become cooler. This service will be simply indispensable for those who "overlook" SAMSUNG technique.

Features SmartThings:

  • Automation Settings: Create rules and conditions of execution (by date, time or event).
  • for free and without advertising.
  • The whole "smart" part of the house is at hand.
  • Easily control the work of household appliances.
  • Add different locations or rooms (house, cottage, etc.).

download for Wear OS

download for TIZEN OS

Voice notes

The last program in the selection is "voice notes on Gear." The utility makes it possible to record your speech and save it as a note, previously converted into text. Considering that the printed input is not the most convenient thing on small displays Galaxy Watch, the app will really find its application.

There are several modes of operation: "Standard" and "Text-to-Speech". The first is aimed at writing without restrictions on time, everything resumes only in memory. The second allows you to write a maximum of 10 minutes of speech, which will be further translated into the text. Thanks to the synchronization with the mobile companion on Android, all notes will be copied to the smartphone.

Features of the application:

  • Convenient management and viewing records.
  • Pleasant design.
  • Accurate voice conversion to text.

Download for TIZEN OS