The best applications for replacing persons

Seen photos on which people "changed" by persons? Want also? Everything you need is Selfie and an application for Android or iPhone.

Mobile editors covered unlimited possibilities. In addition to the usual color correction, they offer functions for amazing metamorphosis, for example, for the exchange of faces. In the desktop Photoshop, this procedure would require at least a dozen steps, and on the mobile phone everything is much easier and faster.

Here we collected the best photo edits for the exchange of persons on iPhone and Android.

Face SWAP Live

When installing Face Swap Live requests access to the phone's memory. This is necessary for the import of previously taken photos. True, and in the application itself there is a pretty good library of celebrity people on which you can practice. So, first of you will need only Selfie or a friend.

The accuracy of the effect is not too high. Artifacts at the edges of individuals give out that the replacement was carried out in automatic mode, and unfortunately, unfortunately, the means of the same application will not work.

Face Swap Live can record video using the Face Swap effect in real time, and such a function occurs infrequently.

The iOS provides a free version Face Swap Live Lite.

Face swap booth

This application contains a rich set of tools for manipulation of photos. True, there is no automatic recognition. The replacement of persons is manually in several stages, but in this and plus: so the user has much more opportunities to control the effect.

Face Swap Booth allows you to change places not just a face, but only individual features, such as eyes, nose or lips. It is also not necessary to download the second photo from the phone gallery: in the application itself, you can choose a snapshot of some celebrity and practice on it.

There are no restrictions on the number of photographs or persons. The application can be used to work with group shots.

Replacing the face is a complex form of the installation. It does not always happen perfectly, but there are several useful utilities to correct errors in Face Swap Booth, so that with the right approach the result will be much more believable than in applications with automatic replacement.


What about videos in high quality? Try reface. Analog to him is difficult to pick up. Just one selfie - and you can reincarnate in anyone, at least in the lead news on the first channel.

Reface library is constantly updated with fresh gif and video. By issued a subscription, you can delete watermarks from video, get rid of advertising and unlock unlimited access to the file catalog.


Snapchat was the first appointment where the function of the replacement of persons appeared. Over time, the developers have improved it and completed the opportunity to substitute her face to video. The desired filter is called Face Swap, it can be found through the search string.

You will need a second photo of a person or an animal, it is imported from the gallery. Pressing the shutter button creates a photo, hold - writes video. The finished file can be sent to friends in the application or download to the phone's memory.


Instagram quickly adapts interesting chips from other applications. The change of individuals this fate did not avoid. If you do not know how to replace faces in the photo in Instagram, follow the instructions below.

  • Open your profile.
  • Press the + icon in the upper right corner and select the history of the history.
  • Run the chamber.
  • Scroll through the list of filters.
  • Find Faceswap.
  • Click "Use Now".

Interesting errors may be noticeable, but trying to at least because Instagram is certainly already installed on your phone. The result will immediately be visible to your friends and subscribers, and this is a good way to diversify your activity in the application.


from all listed FaceOver variants more than others like a full-fledged Photo editor. It has tools for detailed image study. Also available for resizing and quality range features, the ability to upload several photos.

Faculty exchange is made by allocating the desired area on one photo and copy to another.

The paid version is good because there is no advertising, and premium functions are open. But all this is available only to iPhone and iPad users.


BANUBA functionality is not limited to one submenu of persons. It has a lot of fun filters that will definitely want to try on their selfie.

The developers well worked on the effect accuracy. There are few errors, and those that are, in the eyes are not thrown.

Specific attention deserve effects for video: interactive masks, voice change and much more.


One thing - change Persons with a friend and laugh at the result. Another - intentionally to create videos Deepfake, which are misleading other people (even if they even for the joke). We were told about the dipfeabs and other dangerous trends of our time here.