The best applications for learning English

English is an international language on which more than a billion people speak. Therefore, most of the content leaves it. If you want to watch movies in the original, read books without waiting for the translation and understand the texts of popular songs, then without knowledge of English can not do.

And this is not to mention the cases when you need to go abroad for recreation or on a business trip. Of course, in most cases you will still find a way to interact with another person, but much more convenient and more interesting to communicate with the locals and do not be afraid that you may not be understood.

In this selection, we will tell about the best mobile applications for learning English.


DUOLINGO difference from many other applications is that all necessary lessons are immediately available here, which do not need to buy separately. At the same time, this application also applies for free, which can not but rejoice. His main task is to train English Azam, applying a game method for this with all sorts of achievements and notifications. The teaching rate is selected by the owner of the smartphone.

In the number of workouts, English-Russian and Russian-English translations are included here. There is a mode recognition mode for rumor. It is difficult to say whether it is possible to teach English with the help of such an application from scratch. However, tighten your knowledge with it is definitely possible! English for children

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on the queue program Buddy. Ai, which is excellent Suitable for teaching children English. All tasks and material are presented in a game form, and Buddy's virtual tutor will gradually acquaint the child with new words and even help you master the speaking skills.

All knowledge is dispersed in several categories ("Animals", "Numbers", "School", "People", etc.), each of which is a set of major English expressions and words. During training, the tutor will speak with the child traveling on colorful locations associated with the chosen theme.

And so that the material is really remembered for a long time, videos will be displayed, enshrining new studied expressions. Not all sets of words are available in the free version of the application, but if you wish, you can unblock from them by purchasing a paid subscription. There are several plans: forever, for a week and a year.

Busuu - learn English, Spanish and other languages ​​

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Busuu will be easier for you to learn English. Here, in addition to English, there are other no less interesting languages ​​- French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and others.

The application is aimed at ensuring that you have the most accessible languages. Busuu will select the appropriate program and will help to undergo training. Here it is possible to use the "Conversation" function and practice talking to real speakers of the language; You can also organize your educational process and take advantage of the vocabulary simulator, remembering the huge number of words and expressions. Among other things, with Busuu you will get acquainted with new people and improve the skill of spoken speech.

Simpler - learn English easier than simple

Do You Speak English? And if your answer is no or you doubt your knowledge, then with Simpler you easily correct this error. The application will be useful not only to those who are absolutely not familiar with English, but also those who want to improve it.

Here you will learn grammar with the help of visual rules, and will also help learn new words through associations and illustrations. Another app will teach you to understand English by ear and give you the opportunity to check the knowledge with the help of a simulator - systems of various tasks. And thanks to the presence of detective stories with adapted English, you will begin to think in English and will constantly replenish your vocabulary. Simpler is an infinite stream of useful, free information.

Cake: English

If you want to quickly improve Your conversational English, this app will help you.

Cake is practical lessons imitating dialogues. Also, the program is suitable for those who do not know English, but dreams of learning it, because there is an opportunity to study the phrases of the native speaker with YouTube. And if you want to check your pronunciation, Cake will provide such an opportunity with Assistant AI - write down your speech in English and get an assessment for it.

The program is absolutely free, and daily practices in it will be a great way to get new knowledge.


Another program created for teaching english words. Although there are full-fledged phrases here, which makes Lingualeo a more useful application rather than Words, but at the same time more complex. Like the previously discussed utility, Lingualeo can be downloaded completely free.

This service contains a large number of diverse tasks. The whole process is implemented as an interesting game. In total, the user is provided with five modes: constructor, vocabulary, jungle, audience and translation. If you like the basic functionality, you can make a premium subscription that will significantly speed up your course. The application is available both on Android and iOS.


Puzzle English application is created by the developers of the site of the same name. The resource is known for its videos, which are named video complishes. All of them are English. The task of learning the user - to understand the content of the viewed video, after which it is made of the essence of the provided phrases. In short, the program trains your skills to recognize English speech.

Puzzle English helps to get comfortable with grammar. In total, the user is provided approximately 400 lessons. You can cope with the first to cope without much difficulty, but gradually the level of difficulty will grow. Soon, you will not only be able to understand English-speaking people, but also themselves will express themselves on it!

Parla: English for free

A free and efficient Parla application will help quickly know the Aza English. There are no boring lectures here, because lessons are conducted in a game form. Your main task is to fulfill small tasks and answer questions for consolidating knowledge.

The non-followed program interface will build you to study English. Everything is most accessible and easy. The only minus of the application is obsessive advertising.


This program will try to increase your vocabulary. Its database contains more than eight thousand words. With this application, you can learn if not all of them, then most of the list provided. A certain advantage of the program is the fact that it functions without connecting to the Internet - that is why it weighs almost 80 MB.

In their tests and tasks, this utility seeks to adapt to a specific user. If you made a mistake when transferring one word, then in a short time you will be offered this word. So you will definitely remember it in the shortest possible time. In short, Words is the best app for memorizing English words.

Cantalk: English grammar

Cantalk is a free app for learning English. The program is suitable for those who want to learn the language from scratch and those who want to improve their level of ownership. In addition to theoretical material, in Cantalk there are practical exercises, broken on themes. If you want to refresh memory for some particular rule, you can choose the desired from the list. There is no level limit here (it is not necessary to undergo all the rules).

All lessons are available for free. Optionally, they can be downloaded to the device to access the exercises at any convenient time, even without connecting to the Internet. The application is aimed exactly on the study of grammar, so it is better to use it in a complex with other utilities. Especially those who are trying to learn the language from scratch.


This program contains 16 sufficiently large lessons dedicated to the grammar of the English language. Like other representatives of our selection, Polyglot is installed on an iPhone for free, however, only two lessons are provided. If you like the learning result, you will have to purchase a paid version in which the remaining 14 lessons are present.

If the previous considered applications proposed to remember the words, then it is necessary to build offers from them, focusing on the rules of grammar of the English language. Each occupation is accompanied by an abstract with rules, vocabulary and a visual table. And in the "polyglote" there is a practical section in which conversational topics are contained.

ISPEAK: spoken English simulator

Ispeak is an excellent application for those who lack language practices. If you know grammar and have a good vocabulary, but you feel that you cannot build a conversation, then ISPEAK will like it.

The application is focused on those who understand written and conversational speech, but cannot answer. In other words, ISPEAK serves as a simulator who will teach you to apply in practice already existing knowledge

The application is characterized by a wide range of available topics. The dialogues collected in ISPEAK are not distinguished by Academism, but on the contrary they instill the ability to talk correctly, as in life, and not as in textbooks. All dialogs are available not only in the audio format, but also text (with translation). Therefore, to understand some words or expressions, you do not have to seek help to the translator.

English teacher from scratch

This program is ideal for those people who are not at all familiar with English. Developers introduced 395 lessons in their creation! In total, they consist of 10 thousand exercises. Also, the program is able to boast three thousand video clocks! If you deposit 200 hours of classes, you will definitely pull your knowledge or learn English at all from scratch.

It is impossible to say that the learning process here is built in a game form. However, it does not cause boredom too. If you are going to regularly attend English-speaking countries, then be sure to try your hand in this utility - so you will learn whether the locals will understand you.

Method of reading Ilya Frank

If you do not need a colloquial practice and knowledge of grammar, and your main goal is to learn how to read English literature in the original, then you will like this application. In addition, with it, you can replenish your vocabulary directly from books.

"The reading method of Ilya Frank" is an application in which you can immediately read non-adaptable works in the original. First, the reader is given a parsed text with a translation, and then completely in the original. All new words and phrases are remembered due to their repetition, so you don’t have to specifically write them out and learn them. Only some fairy tales and books are available for free, the rest of the works will have to be purchased separately.

English. Learn 12000 words with ReWord

ReWord is an Android application for those who are already learning or just starting to learn English. This includes a huge number of English words, and each of them has an automatic translation with high-quality voicing.

In addition, you can add your own words to the application that you plan to use in the future. ReWord recommends learning English two to three times a day with an interval of several hours, and if you stick to this regimen, then your chances of replenishing your vocabulary with new English phrases will increase.

English for Beginners: LinDuo HD

LinDuo HD will become an indispensable assistant for learning English. The application will help you learn new words and teach you how to pronounce them correctly using audio pronunciation. The program does not require a constant Internet connection, so you can easily launch LinDuo HD if you urgently need to start or repeat a lesson.

Here you will find a nice interface, as well as an interesting word repetition game. From the very first lesson, the program suggests only the most useful words, which are most often heard from a native speaker. Linduo HD is suitable for people of different age categories, and the application technique promises not to take a lot of time and at the same time it is no less productive than classes for a few hours a day.

English for beginners

The application is designed for those who want to quickly master the basic knowledge of English. There is a huge number of important topics for study, including colors, clothing, family, hobbies, life, profession, body parts, health and others. With the application you not only learn new words, but also learn to pronounce them without mistakes.

Also, the English program for beginners provides you with the opportunity to follow your success with the help of reports on achievements in writing, pronunciation and studying English words.

EWA: Learn English - English lessons

EWA offers a unique teaching methodology to English. The application will help everyone who dreams to learn to speak, understand and read English speech. Also EWA will be able to become a useful program for those who want to test their knowledge and improve them.

Here you are waiting for training funny games, thematic spoken courses, communication with characters from TV shows and movies, many books and articles in English with an audio track, useful phrasebook, and all this is absolutely free.

At home you can choose one of the courses - initial, medium, advanced, business English, and proceed to learning English.

WordBit English (on screen lock)

With Wordbit, you can learn and improve English in a fairly simple way. From now on, important rules and phrases will be on the blocking of the phone. This technique is a great way to learn everything about the wrong and correct verbs, as well as articles, adjectives, adverbs and other elements of English grammar.

With the application you will need only a couple of seconds to start learning. There are not only English words for primary, medium, advanced, sustainable levels, but also whole phrases and expressions for each day: for Travels, communication, of business, romantic relations and other scenarios from life. Wordbit helps learn a new language without losing its precious time.

3000 words: English Language Training and Words 6+

In this application on Android, the most important and useful words for knowledge of English are selected. There are several thousand most popular words used by indigenous inhabitants of England. For example, incorrect and correct verbs, idioms, nouns, numbers, colors and more - it all needs to know to understand English films, texts and other information.

The program works without the Internet, simplifying access to knowledge. The application is suitable for preschoolers, schoolchildren and, of course, adults who absolutely do not know English or doubt their Speak English. Run the program, see translations and transcription of words, as well as listen to the audio phrase and achieve success.

Learn English language - 15,000 words

If you want to learn to read, write and speak English is one of the best applications for learning the language. The program contains 6 thousand English words and 5 thousand English phrases that can most often hear from native speakers with personal communication or in films, songs and books.

The application has a pretty interface and several useful features - audio recordings, smart search, voice recognition, repetition system and colorful illustrations. The program works in offline mode, so you can take advantage of exciting lessons at any time and anywhere. Statistics are also available here - it makes it possible to monitor the results and progress in the knowledge of English.

We study English: speak, read

colorful, interesting application will teach you to read and speak English with the help of interesting games and useful course and middle-level courses.

From now on to learn English, you do not need permanent access to the Internet: Download the program, and then start your studies at any time and anywhere.

This ideal assistant prepared for you a slight study of the alphabet, high-quality records of native speakers, busy quizzes with pictures and for rumor, as well as the game "Guess the Word". The program is suitable for children and adults - it will most simply explain important rules in English.

English Grammar Test

Simple, but very useful ENGLISH GRAMMAR TEST application will like many users who want to check Your knowledge is in English, as well as learn new words. Here are 60 tests of 20 tasks and all of them affect the issues of different subjects. For example, Present Tenses, Past Tenses, Future Tenses, Infinitives, Linking Words and so on.

This method will allow you to find out your weaknesses in English and fix them with a brief, but fairly sensible explanation. Track your progress and try to take tests several times a week so that you don’t make mistakes in the future.

5555 English Grammar Tests

The free and simple 5555 English Grammar Tests app will help you improve your English grammar from beginner to advanced levels.

The program consists of tests on important topics, as well as explanations of problem areas in training. With 5555 English Grammar Tests you will find your weak points in English and improve them.

These tests will help you learn new words and rules. And to get the maximum result, you need to return to testing several times to consolidate your knowledge and confidently read, speak and write in English.