The best applications for Instagram

The social network Instagram from Facebook is very popular. Millions are constantly sitting there. Few people know, but there are useful applications for instagram, capable of facilitating users with the interaction with this social network.

It is worth noting that Instagram can be fully used only on a mobile device. If you go to social network from a computer or laptop, the functionality will be limited noticeably. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the most interesting applications for instagram are on mobile platforms.

Programs allowed to download content from Instagram are extremely popular. Also in demand of the management account or creating cool video. In general, the list of programs is quite large.

But far from all needs to be paid attention. The fact is that some applications are created exclusively for profit from users. Such products are better to avoid. Now we will consider the most popular and safe offers from the best developers.

Download video from Instagram

An application that allows you to download various videos from the social network. It has a concise interface, the presence of Russian and ease of use. Popular among users.

The program is able to work not only with Instagram, but also with a very popular VINE service. The principle of operation is quite simple: just copy the link to the video and paste it in the application. Downloading will start immediately.

The application also supports the creation of posts from the video. Roller can be easily shared with friends. The post's video is supported on social networks and on the same VINE site.

Minus lies in not enough high-quality translation into Russian. Also on some not very powerful devices there are departures and unstable work. But in general, the app is very decent.


  • Quick download video.
  • Work with Instagram and Vine.
  • Support for reposts.
  • Integration with other social networks.
  • The simplest interface.
  • The presence of the Russian language.
  • Easy to use.
  • Takes up little space on the smartphone.
  • ​​
  • Provides high speed downloads.
  • The product is quite popular.
  • Works with the latest version of Instagram.


  • Works unstable on weak devices.

Layout from Instagram

A program designed to quickly create very high-quality collages from several photos at once. Simultaneous work with 9 photos at once is supported. Frames are used to match the Instagram brand colors.

There is an option called Photo booth. It allows you to instantly take photos with the camera and immediately create a very interesting collage. There are several preset templates for this.

More templates appear in online mode. With the help of collages, you can create whole stories, like those used when writing comics. And everything is done very simply.

However, there are no filters or tools for decoration in the program. You will have to process the pictures in another application. But there is an adequate Russian language and an extremely simple interface.


  • An impressive set of templates.
  • Manage 9 photos at once.
  • Take pictures with the camera.
  • Fast operation on any device.
  • No registration required.
  • No account required.
  • Creating stories.
  • Tab to view recent.
  • Nice design.
  • Simple interface.
  • Quality translation.


  • Lack of editing tools.

Instagram Boomerang

A good program for creating short videos from several photos. For this, a smartphone camera is used. On Instagram, these things are called video selfies. The application takes 10 photos in a row and glues videos from them.

This product works exclusively with the front camera. And only moving objects should be removed. The interface is extremely simple - to start shooting and creating a roller just press only one button.

Saving in the film is available. It is also possible to share selfie on Facebook or Instagram. The application does not require registration or binding to the account.

There is no Russian language in the program. But it is not scary, as it is very simple to use the product. You can even post a video on a social network in a couple of clicks. The application is completely free.


  • Creating small video.
  • Shooting at once 10 photos.
  • Saving in the film.
  • Integration with Instagram and Facebook.
  • Fast work on any devices.
  • Using only the front chamber.
  • You need one button to work.
  • You can share selfie with friends.
  • Modern design.
  • Maximum understandable interface.


  • No translation into Russian.


Another application that significantly affects the work with the video in the Instagram social network. It is this program that is capable of displaying video from Storage in instagram to the entire screen in a vertical position (it is not necessary to rotate).

The essential plus is that the video in IGTV is not limited in time. That is, you can view them completely, and not limited to one minute. In addition, the option of downloading rollers is available when using Instagram account.

In essence, IgTV is an additional client for video confant in instagram. After all, the program allows you to like liked rollers, to repure them, look for new bloggers and do much more.

The application works perfectly on flagships. But there are no problems on ordinary phones with him. Russian, unfortunately, there is no. However, a simple interface allows you to quickly learn how to work with the program.


  • View video on the whole screen.
  • Quick search for rollers of interest.
  • Creating a video.
  • There is no restriction per minute.
  • Compatibility with different smartphones.
  • Easy to control.
  • You can like and repost.
  • Subscribe to favorite bloggers.
  • Pleasant design.
  • takes up little space.


  • There is no translation into Russian.

Follower Analyzer for Instagram​​

A unique program for maintaining instagram and tracking the number of subscribers. Also, the application tracks the activity of subscribers and issues detailed statistics on who and how many times your posts liquekened.

Similarly, the product is capable of tracking user comments. The program is able to analyze posts and give you to understand which content turns out to be the most sought-after users.

In addition, an account analysis is available from any of the friends. Detailed statistics on posts, likes, comments and other things are displayed. Thanks to this program, you can make your account in Instagram really successful.

For normal operation of the application, a smartphone with 2 GB of RAM is required. In weaker devices, the product will not work. The program itself is free. But to unlock some functions will have to pay.


  • Full analysis of the profile in instagram.
  • Counting likes, comments and reposts.
  • Analysis of subscribers activity.
  • Collecting information about friends accounts.
  • Relatively fast work.
  • Pleasant interface design.
  • Synchronization with social networks.
  • Powerful algorithms for analysis.
  • downloaded for free.


  • The most interesting features are paid.

Threads from Instagram

Program for communication exclusively with close friends. Now users do not need to french their Direct to search for the desired interlocutor. This application can cooperate all close in one place.

You can share new photos and videos, communicate with the camera or in the Direct, as well as quickly post a new content. The option to quickly create statuses is supported. There are even ready-made patterns.

We will have to spend some time to create a list of best friends. But then work with the program will occupy much less time. Also, the application is capable of working as of the blocker : Only friends from the list will see your posts.

For the normal functioning of the product, it takes pretty Powerful smartphone. Frequent departures are observed on weak devices, which indicates a very mediocre optimization. But the program is completely free.


  • Completely free product.
  • Fast creation of a list of best friends.
  • Content posting is supported.
  • Posts see only users from the list.
  • Fast status creation.
  • There are ready-made status templates.
  • Normal functioning on powerful devices.
  • Integration with social networks.
  • There is no pay content.
  • Easy in setting up and use.


  • Bad optimization.


We tried to talk about what to choose an application to visualize an account in instagramma, as well as programs that allow you to establish normal work with this social network. Only the best applications hit the list.

Products allowing you to download the greatest popularity. And this is understandable. However, there are very advanced tools for analysis. However, only you decide which program you need at a particular time interval.