The best applications for future mothers

Futive Mama no longer need to ask the tips from the older girlfriends and study glossy magazines, because all the questions arising during pregnancy can give answers an assistant who is always at hand - a smartphone.

Applications for pregnant women from the AppStore and Google Play will teach future mothers to follow the state of health, will tell how to prepare for childbirth and when medical professionals need to visit. The latter is extremely important, because the pregnancy must proceed under the supervision of an experienced physician.

I am pregnant

This application for iOS is a real encyclopedia for future mothers! The program allows you to find out what the growth and weight of the baby at a certain stage of pregnancy, which symptoms are considered normal for a particular trimester, as the body of a pregnant woman changes as it approaches childbirth.

The girl is enough to introduce the source data (growth, weight, date of the last menstruation), after which the following useful tabs will be available:

  • "Day schedule" will remind you which medicines today need to take.
  • "Child graphics" - In this tab, mommy can see the weight and growth of the kid at the moment.
  • "Development of a child" - here it is described in detail about what the sequence is formed internal and external bodies of the fetus.
  • "Fight" - the program allows you to block the duration of the bouts and the time interval between them. In addition, the application will analyze the trend and commented whether it is normal.
  • "To the doctor" - in this tab, you can find out when the future mother should attend a particular medical specialist. For example, at 5-6 weeks, it is recommended to do an ultrasound to make sure that the pregnancy is uterine - the program will definitely notify you of this.
  • "Diary" - the mother can record in the diary subjective feelings, weight changes, recommendations given by a medical specialist. Later, the diary turns into a beautiful PDF report with photos.

The listed functionality of this application for pregnant women in Russian is not limited. I'm pregnant will talk about nearby maternity hospitals and the list of things that you must take with you, advise on the labor rights of expectant mothers and even allow you to conduct an online dialogue with a doctor (subject to registration in the Doctor-Patient system)). High information content, colorful graphics, as well as the ability to install the program for free allow us to talk about I'm pregnant as the best application for pregnant women from the entire AppStore catalog.


Mumlife is a social network for pregnant women and working mothers. The app can be installed on both iPhone and Android phones.

The application allows you to:

  • Communicate with mothers not only from your city, but also from different countries of the world. Mumlife is an international program available for download in 160 countries.
  • Post pregnancy and baby photos without fear of criticism from male representatives.
  • Read notes of other users and share your own anxieties and worries.
  • Find friends who live nearby. Thanks to Mumlife, fewer mothers are forced to walk with a stroller alone.

Mumlife provides an opportunity to exchange real experiences - sometimes such recommendations can be much more useful than medical ones. This pregnancy app for iPhone and Android is completely free to download.


Program for Android Sprout in colorful form (through a 3D picture) Shows how the fruit is developing within the mother. Realistic images are accompanied by curious facts: for example, mommy is noticed that the kid in her belly learned to ick.

From Sprout There are other benefits:

  • An application warns future mom about possible changes in her health and teaches to follow For own weight.
  • The program allows you to record visits to the doctor and write down its recommendations.
  • Sprout will tell what things it is worth buying in advance for a newborn (but these are already tips for future dads).

The application for pregnant women android and iPhone Sprout is written by doctors in collaboration with future mothers and has the highest rating among pregnancy applications in the AppStore.

pregnancy calendar

An application encyclopedia for pregnant women with a pleasant and simple interface.

The program in a convenient visual form allows you to get the most necessary information about the intrauterine development of the child and the health of the future mother.

The interface for the convenience of the user is divided into several sections: the main page, mom and kid. In the side menu there is another important section - "Tools". Here you can make data on weight and monitor its change, which is important during pregnancy, to observe the activity of the child with the help of a mechanical counter and exercise training to facilitate the flow of labor.

The built-in diary will become a convenient tool for important records: you can enter the dates of doctor visits, recommendations, useful information.

The application has an "Accessories" section, from which you can learn about things that make it easier for expectant mothers. What are pregnancy pillows for and how can they be used after childbirth? Is it worth it to spend money on special clothes for pregnant women? Why is a bandage so important and how to wear it correctly? The answers to these and other questions are in this section.

Another application allows you to compare the weight and height of the child with fruits and vegetables.

Pregnancy Calendar is a handy program with a lot of useful information for pregnant women, presented in a positive way and provided with bright illustrations.

Pregnancy +

One of the most popular programs for pregnant women and mothers with a convenient Russian-language interface, expert advice and recommendations, as well as interactive 3D models that allow you to visually track the development of the child.

The application interface contains four main tabs: the main screen with important information for the current day, the section about the child, the user profile and the section with additional functions.

The app has a blog with useful detailed articles about pregnancy by week. They will help the expectant mother to know what happens to her body at each stage of pregnancy.

Fun 3D models let you compare your baby's size at different stages of development with sweets, fruits or animals.

The to-do calendar will help you spend your day productively and not forget about important dates: visits to the doctor, making notes in the diary, completing planned tasks.

With the help of the program, the expectant mother can pack bags for the maternity hospital for herself, her partner and her baby in advance. You can choose everything you need from the proposed options or add your own things.

One of the interesting features of the application is the ability to monitor the development of the baby during pregnancy by loved ones. By downloading the program, the partner, parents or best friends of the expectant mother will be able to follow the progress of the pregnancy. This is convenient if loved ones are in another city or live in different countries.

The application was created in collaboration with global companies specializing in products for pregnant women and babies.

AMMA. My pregnancy: Pregnant Calendar

This application is a kind of diary, which will help track pregnancy, find out what changes occur in the body every week, Receive useful information and tips, as well as control the weight gain.

After setting up the tracker, information will be displayed on the current period of pregnancy and how long it remains to childbirth.

with AMMA Appendix . My pregnancy can be:

  • Read tips and useful articles.
  • Watch the development of the child - how its aforemention bodies are formed by week and what skills are developing.
  • Recognize what happens to the woman's body at every stage of pregnancy.
  • Build a weight gain graph and monitor its changes.
  • Main entry records from doctors.

The application also has a child's movement counter and a halter counter with the possibility of sending data to his doctor.

Annex AMMA. My pregnancy will help the future mother better prepare for childbirth, to understand whether pregnancy is proceeding correctly and make changes taking place with its organism.


Mobile applications such as I am pregnant and Mamlife give a future mother what she is missing most - communication and confidence that the fetus develops normally. The program sprout serves as a pleasant visual addition: I am not new compared to I will not tell, but the baby will show in the womb in the 3D. All listed applications can be downloaded for free, so the dads should not worry about the appearance of a new cost of expenses in the family budget. Pregnancy Calendar and AMMA. My pregnancy will be a source of useful information for future mothers and will help them prepare for childbirth, A pregnancy + will allow close people to receive topical information about pregnancy.