The best application schedules for iOS and Android

The calendar can be found in any smartphone or tablet. This may be an application from Google, or the creation of a device manufacturer. But you can almost always install a more functional solution.

In this article, we will talk specifically about third-party calendars. They are also called time planners. At the same time, we will not consider programs devoid of a calendar, since they have already been discussed once .

Calendars 5

Typically, mobile applications for time planning are distributed free of charge. But Calendars 5 is an exception to the rule - they ask for $6.99. For this money, you will get a very convenient application with a multilingual interface (including support for the Russian language). Your plans are displayed by month, day, week, and you can also view the daily routine. And if many competitors offer a view of the month as a whole by default, then Calendars 5 remembers the last view you selected. Tasks can be scheduled as one-time or repeated on certain days. There are also subtasks.

Working with events is implemented very conveniently. But the program does not provide any hints, which is somewhat surprising in the era of smart technology. There is also no quick transition to a day, week or month - you have to scroll to the date you need. I am glad that the creators at least implemented a search for tasks and subtasks. But they did not implement the ability to share the event with friends. In a word, this is not an ideal product of developers, but many people install it on the iPhone - a bunch of advantages overlaps the list of disadvantages.


  • Supports third-party calendar services.
  • Remembers the last view used.
  • You can change the aspect ratio from vertical to horizontal.
  • Apply event colors.
  • Not only tasks, but also subtasks are supported.
  • Events can be copied, moved and repeated.
  • Events can be entered in simple sentences.


  • Can only be downloaded on iPhone or iPad.
  • Very high cost.
  • Fast jump to a specific week, day, or month is not implemented.
  • Smartwatch is not supported.


  • )

This application is an extended version of aCalendar. If the standard version can be tried out for free, then additional functionality will cost you about 239 rubles. But in this way, your calendar will get a list of public holidays and even mentions of school holidays. You will also be provided with advanced color settings, bringing their number to 48.

How is aCalendar + different from many analogues? Many users will say that it is easy to operate and easy to learn interface. Someone will note the presence of moon phases and even zodiac signs here. An important function is to invite participants to joint events - for this, the program can even create QR code . And this scheduler for Android has a full-screen handy widget.


  • Reminds you of holidays and vacations.
  • Various types of calendar display.
  • Large and handy widget.
  • There are hints for events and places.
  • You can connect Outlook, Google calendar and Exchange.
  • Well implemented task scheduling and repetition.
  • You can share the event.


  • By default, the calendar opens for a week.
  • No version on iOS.
  • Random advertising is not turned off even in the paid version.
  • The version for Android Wear is missing.

Google Calendar

one of the few calendars, which does not have paid versions. Also, this program exists not only on the Android operating system, but also on the "apple" devices. Its interface is made in Russian, while it is simplified as much as possible. However, it plays the application even in minus, since simplification simultaneously affected the functional. Here it is impossible to create subtasks, not implemented in the calendar and tabular display format. The events here can be transferred, but you can not copy - it also strains a little. But most of all surprises the complete lack of a quick transition to a specific date, a week or month - in any case you will have to flip the calendar, which is not very convenient.

But not only the disadvantages are rich in this task scheduler. Google Calendar is synchronized with the Web Service of the same name, making information about events can be available on any other devices. Also, the application is great understands a living speech. The creators themselves propose to master this feature on the example of creating workouts three times a week - if you say this phrase, the program will automatically pick up the days under training. And even here instantly get events from Gmail.


  • The last type of display is remembered.
  • There are versions for iOS and Android.
  • The third-party calendar services are supported.
  • There are all four of the most popular types of display.
  • Not bad implemented voice input function.
  • Not only activities are supported, but also goals.
  • You can share the link to the event.


  • Almost a complete lack of a quick transition.
  • No subtask.
  • No table format.
  • Smartwatch is still not supported.
  • Events cannot be copied.

Fantastical 2

includes an app for iMessage. You can interact with this calendar not only using a smartphone or tablet, but also using Apple Watch. The program does almost everything. A little disappointing is the lack of different colors for events, and this is a basic feature for all competitors. Also, not everyone will like the fact that there is no weekly and monthly calendar display.

The application allows you to quickly jump to the date or week you need. You can connect contacts, a map or a mailbox to it - however, this can be said about all the programs reviewed today. Work with tasks is great here - you can schedule, copy, repeat and perform other actions. Events can be entered not only by text, but also by voice.


  • Activities are allowed to be shared.
  • You can enter events in simple sentences.
  • Apple Watch support.
  • Various prompts present.
  • Web calendars are supported.
  • Remembers the last display.
  • Reminders and widget present.
  • Almost anything can be done with tasks and activities.


  • You have to pay money.
  • Android operating system not supported.
  • Few displays.
  • Events cannot be colored in different colors.

Calendar DigiCal

advanced Calendar with lots of widgets and wide personalization capabilities. Widgets are presented in six options: day, leaf, agenda, month in the form of a solid leaf, month with days, lattice. For personalization, the editor of the shells with several topics is provided. You can change the style and font size, choose the color of the mark, the color of the text, priority calendars, the weather show for each day and much more. Unfortunately, all the features of the editor are available only in the paid version of the program. You can use four widget for free and only two topics. However, for everyday tasks, it is quite enough.

One of the interesting features of the application is a thermal map of the weather per year, but it requires a Pro version to use it. It is possible to watch the weather for three days.


  • The presence of this shell editor.
  • A large selection of widgets, topics and styles, including a dark theme.
  • Weather Show in Widget.
  • Synchronization with other calendars on the device.


  • Part of the useful features is available for a fee.

Cloudcal Calendar Agenda Planner Organizer to do

is not the most popular, but convenient and multifunctional calendar for planning. It helps to quickly determine what days in the current and next months are loaded, and which are free from affairs and meetings.

On the main screen displays a calendar for 30 days marked in the form of a circle. For the convenience of the user, things are marked in different colors. For example, purchases are highlighted in yellow, appointments are highlighted in purple, and birthdays are highlighted in red. One glance at the visualized calendar is enough to determine how busy each day is.

Swipe right or left on the screen to scroll through the calendar, and navigate through the months with the volume buttons.

The calendar allows you not only to mark important events, but also to invite other users to the event.

One of the useful features of the application is the tight integration with other services, such as Evernote or Trello.

There are a huge number of categorized backgrounds and color themes for personalization.


  • Convenient visual visualization.
  • Simultaneous viewing of tasks and events for the day, week and month.
  • Integration with other services.
  • Navigate using the volume up/down buttons.
  • Fast event creation function.
  • Large selection of themes and backgrounds.


  • Some features are only available in the paid version.

Summing up

In this article, we have not considered a small proportion of existing calendars for iOS and Android. But we mentioned the most functional options. These applications should suit ordinary people, businessmen, and everyone else who needs to solve many problems every day.