The best Android apps that will teach you how to take photos

The development of smartphones cameras and the appearance of available digital soaps led to the fact that many began to get involved in photography. At first glance, nothing is difficult in this, but it turns out that in this area you need to have certain knowledge.

You can get them through a smartphone, but in order not to spend time looking for the necessary information on the Internet, you can use the applications that you will teach taking pictures. If you want not just to bring the camera and take a picture, but you wish to learn about the composition, features of the use of light, excerpt and other things that are important for good photos, then one or more programs from the list below will be able to help you.

Photoshkol - - Photos lessons

This application has appeared recently and it can be seen that the authors are actively over him Work. It will delight a pleasant interface, the lack of of advertising and available information. It is presented in the form of slides with small explanatory texts. It is convenient for those who do not like to read a lot.

The program has several sections - master classes (these are practical classes), theory (will acquaint with the terms in Photoel) and courses (here so far one lesson who will tell how to make softbox).


  • An understandable submission of information.
  • Pleasant and simple interface.
  • No advertising.


  • Little information, since the application appeared recently and is in development.

Digital Courses Photo

If you are ready to receive new information by reading educational materials, then this application is for you. The program is very easy to use. After installation, only one window is available to you, where numerous training courses are listed. They will tell you how to choose a camera, how to hold it correctly, what are the most common mistakes photographers make and provide a lot of useful information.

The program has several languages ​​and is available in Spanish by default, but at the very bottom of the page you can select the Russian language (many do not notice, since the menu item is rather small). The text is passed through an automatic translator, but there are no problems with perception - everything is translated correctly.


  • Simple interface.
  • A lot of useful information for beginners and professional photographers.
  • Multiple languages ​​available.


  • There are advertisements.
  • Not everyone can deal with language switching.

Canon Photo Companion

This application is made by Canon, but this does not mean that owners of cameras from other brands or mobile photography enthusiasts cannot use it.

The program pleases with a simple and convenient interface, has no ads, and in its arsenal there are not only text lessons, but also videos. Unfortunately, the videos are in English, but subtitles are available inside in different languages, including Russian.

The application pleases with the fact that the lessons are divided into categories. For example, you can choose the level of knowledge - for pros or amateurs. Or are you interested in shooting photos of a specific genre - portraits, landscapes, macro, etc.

There is a built-in calculator to help you calculate the correct settings for depth of field and hyperfocal distance. Owners of a Canon camera can add their model to the app and receive articles related to their specific device.

Canon Photo Companion is not just a learning app, but also a personal assistant. And despite the fact that the utility is focused on Canon techniques, it will bring benefits to any users interested in pumping their skills in photography.


  • Convenient navigation.
  • Many educational materials in text and video format.
  • No ads.


  • None.

PRO photography lessons - becoming a photographer is easy!

This application offers a huge number of articles that will help you plunge into the world of photography. From it you can learn how to shoot portraits, adjust the light, choose the right pose, prepare for shooting a wedding and a lot of other useful information.

The program has a user-friendly interface - there is a tab where the texts are divided into thematic collections, you can simply select the entire list and find something useful for yourself, there is also a favorites section - here you can add those lessons, which you liked the most or you plan to read them later. The presence of a search is pleasing - you can set a topic of interest and find everything that is devoted to it, this will eliminate the need to search manually.

The application has a user-friendly interface, but at the same time, its authors have added the ability to customize it for themselves. You can choose a theme, font and font size, as well as disable the screen lock while using the utility.

There is also an offline mode, however, you will have to donate 1 GB of memory on your phone to download illustrations for articles, but you can study at any time, regardless of the Internet connection.

The program is shareware. There is a trial period. When it ends, you will also have to watch ads, but you can turn it off by paying the authors some money (about 200 rubles).


  • Lots of useful stuff.
  • Convenient search.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Ability to add articles to favorites.
  • Interface configurable.
  • Offline mode.


  • The free version has ads.

Photography basics and lessons

This is a simple program without any additional settings. Three tabs are available in the main window - basics, lessons and poses. The first section suggests the theory, the second implies the practice, and the third will help those who find it difficult to choose a suitable posture for the model. There are options for Men for men and women, as well as ideas of photos in the "Love Story" genre.

The program is free and not burdened with advertising. She is in Russian, has a pleasant and convenient interface.


  • Ease of use.
  • No advertising.
  • a lot of useful information.
  • Ready ideas for pos.


  • No missing.

how to be photographed. Tips

Another maximum simple application with tips on taking pictures. There are no settings or subdirectories at all.

Tips are presented in the main window of the list - open and learn useful information. Simple and effectively. The application is free, but has unobtrusive and almost imperceptible advertising. At the time of writing this text, only 13 tips are presented here, but maybe they will be added.


  • Simple interface.
  • There are advertising, but it does not interfere at all.
  • Information is fed by a simple and affordable language.


  • Few tips.


You may be surprised by the fact that our selection includes the Youtube video service, but do not forget that in addition to entertainment content Here you can find many useful learning video. Including, there are a lot of channels dedicated to photographs and everything that is connected with it - from the choice and review of the chambers to full lessons on how to photograph correctly. Those who are just starting their way in Photoel and have no opportunity to spend money on related equipment, will find tips on how to do everything on their own (light, background, etc.) and do not open on it.

The main beauty YouTube is that all this information is available completely free. Of course, you will have to suffer advertising and spend time looking for the desired content, but it is accurate worth it. And this is the choice of those who do not like to read and better perceives information on rumor.


  • The mass of useful information on a variety of topics.
  • Free access.
  • Convenient navigation and search.


  • Annoying advertising.


The applications presented above are created directly for taking pictures. If you are looking for other programs that will help you process ready-made photos and videos or you are looking for the best camera with effects, then read our other articles on these topics.