The best alarm clocks for Android

Recently, many of us abandoned traditional alarm clocks. Instead, special applications are used for smartphones with greater functional. It is about such programs that will be discussed in this article.

Mobile phones received such a tool as an alarm clock, in the early 2000s. At first, it was just setting the awakening time, and only in some cases it was possible to change the sound melody. An android alarm clock is a much more functional application. In this you will see for yourself, having become acquainted with the top of the best programs of this kind. Next, you can install your favorite application by using the link leading to Google Play.

Alarm clock, stopwatch and timer

At the time of this writing, this application has over 50,000,000 downloads From Google Play. It offers a smooth increase in the volume of the call, the "postpone" the increased size button (so as not to turn off the alarm), mathematical puzzles, input of the password or scanning QR code to turn off the signal, setting the maximum number Call postcaras and a decrease in pauses between them. An alarm clock is available for a whole week and solitary, for a one-time call.

In the appendix, in addition to the alarm, there is a timer and a stopwatch. The "My Day" option shows a person a weather forecast and a list of events synchronized with his calendar. As a signal, you can use template calls, favorite melodies or online radio. In the program, you can choose which application you need to run on the phone after disconnecting the call.


  • The choice of the alarm tone.
  • Solving Tasks, Password Entering, Barcode Scan or QR code to disable the signal.
  • Fast setting of single alarm clocks.
  • Choosing the number of "postponings" alarm clock and a decrease in the gaps between them.
  • reminders.
  • Stopwatch and timer.
  • Option "My Day".


  • Advertising, disabled by purchasing a paid version.

Evaluation: 9 / 10

Alarm clock for me for free

Another application with high estimates and 50,000,000 downloads from Play Market. It offers you a functional alarm clock, a clock with beautiful themes, and also capable of becoming an assistant in planning a day.

In the application, you can install an infinite amount of alarms, choose a ringtone ringtone, turn off the signal to shaking or solving the mathematical problem. After waking up, the application shows weather information. To fall asleep, you can use sluting sounds from the application base or your own melodies.

The program offers a number of beautiful widgets to set the clock to the main screen and allows you to place shortcuts on the desktop to quickly access the settings and alarms. It is possible to adjust the brightness so that the screen does not blind eyes immediately after waking up. The option "Optimal sleep time" reminds that it is time to go to bed, based on the set time of awakening.


  • Installing an infinite number of alarm clocks.
  • Turn off the signal to solving problems or shaking.
  • Beautiful clock with choosing the selection.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Timer sleep, facilitating falling asleep.
  • Widgets for the main screen.
  • Calculation of optimal sleep time.
  • Work in the background.


  • Advertising in the application.

Evaluation: 9 / 10

Smart alarm clock

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The smart alarm clock will definitely not allow you to go to work or study. The utility supports several ways to awaken: from the classic, pressing the "Disable" button to the QR code scan and the puzzle solutions.

Optionally, you can configure several alarms, and for each to choose your call and a way to wake up. For example, on the weekend you will get up according to the standard alarm clock that can be turned off and falling on. But on weekdays to do it no longer succeed, there you can set up a more sophisticated way of awakening - through the solution of a mathematical puzzle.


  • several ways of awakening.
  • The ability to use as a signal of user melodies.


  • Some devices may have problems with correct response.
  • Advertising, disconnect which you can buy a premium version.

Evaluation: 7/10

simple alarm clock

ten million downloads and high estimates are reported to the great popularity of this Applications. Among his advantages is a quick setting of the signal with a choice of time from templates or input of its value. You can enter the time of the call to enter numbers, you do not need to press the arrows in the application or sort out the large list of numbers.

The functionality of the program is quite wide. It provides an alarm clock in the days of the week and a call with increasing volume. To turn off the alarm clock, you will need to click on three buttons - this will allow you not to fall asleep again. It is possible to postpone the awakening for some time (you can set the value in the settings) by pressing the "pause" button.

In the application, you can select a 12- or 24-hour time format, install a light or dark design of the design, as well as assign your favorite songs or ringtones as a ringtone. The interface is translated into Russian, but, in addition to it, you can select 12 more languages ​​in the settings.


  • Simple Russified interface.
  • Installation on the signal of your own melodies.
  • Awakening a signal with an increasing volume.
  • Fast setting the alarm trigger time.
  • Turning off the call by pressing a few buttons.


  • There are advertising.
  • To access the advanced functionality, for example, additional ways to disconnect the signal, you need to purchase a paid version.

Evaluation: 8/10

AMDROID - Alarm clock for lovers sleep

This application is an intelligent and free alarm clock that can wake every amateur to turn off the call and sleep a little more. Among its capabilities is to configure the alarm for every day or for a whole week with a choice of repeat mode, signal duration, dates, etc. The program features an alarm clock with a countdown - it will suit you if you practice afternoon sleep.

The application allows you to select an awakening under the template signal or your favorite melody. The program has a detailed weather forecast and awakening by solving tasks, checking characters, barcode scanning or QR codes. An important feature of AMDROID is to comply with the sleep mode: repulscing from the set of alarm time, it will tell you when it is better to go to bed to avoid poor well-being in the morning.


  • Flexible alarm configuration for every day or week.
  • Alarm clock with countdown.
  • Installation on the call of your own melodies.
  • Solving tasks to disable the signal.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Awakening in the rapid sleep phase.


  • Advertising, disconnected by purchase premium version.

Evaluation: 8/10

Life Time Alarm Clock

If you like a beautiful interface, then you need to download an alarm clock on Android called Life Time Alarm Clock. The creators of this application are confident that if you wake up and see something beautiful, then you will definitely improve your mood. It remains for them to believe and note the fact that the smart alarm clock will definitely not give you to sleep work or study. This program simply will not allow constantly pressing the "Postpone" button - at some point this function turns off so that you finally have forced yourself to get up. An equally interesting feature is to provide the user of the mathematical task - the call is disabled only after it is solved.

The application has a set of very pleasant melodies. Supported here and the possibility of changing the appearance of the alarm. An interesting feature is a shift time of the alarm time by pressing one key (next time it returns to the previous value). It should be noted that it allows you to spend the least amount of time to set up the alarm.

Unfortunately, this application is not ideal. First, it is not completely free, because To use some melodies, the acquisition of a paid version is required. Secondly, most of the interface existing here is not translated into Russian.


  • Pleasant interface.
  • A large number of alarm settings.
  • The possibility of using as desktop hours.
  • Solution of tasks to stop the signal sound.
  • Pleasant musical melodies.
  • Quick shift of the alarm trigger time.


  • The free version of the functionality is inferior to paid.
  • Almost complete absence of Russian language.

Evaluation: 8/10


If you remember various smart alarm clocks, it is impossible not to mention Puzzle Alarm Clock. This app will try to wake you up at any cost. To turn off the signal, a particular test is used here. Its type is selected in the settings - it can be mathematical, associative or some others. There is even a test that contributes to the development of short-term memory! Also here there is a pin, when filling that you will definitely wake up.

If all this does not help, the program sends an SMS to a predetermined number. Well, the subscriber can already call you, forcing you. An even more curious option is not yet operating in the CIS countries. It lies in the fact that for each press the "Postponix" button you pay the developers of Puzzle Alarm Clock on one dollar.

No less important is that this alarm clock on android in Russian, and therefore the menu does not cause any problems with you. But there is a serious problem with the program. There are often bugs. Because of them, sometimes it is impossible to turn off the alarm signal until you restart the smartphone.


  • Complete Russification.
  • A plurality of tasks that need to be solved to disable the signal.
  • A large number of alarm settings.
  • Sending SMS if you do not get up.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • The most interesting features are provided for money.
  • There are failures in the application.

Evaluation: 8/10


Among all the alarms, the Alarmy will wake, even if you do not want to wake up very much. The fact is that a very tricky signal shutdown system is implemented here. To do this, take a picture of some place in the house that you have photographed when you first start the installed application. For example, if you took off the sink, then in the morning the alarm clock will turn off after you visit the bathroom. After that, you can hardly sleep again.

There are simplified alarm operation modes here, so, for example, you need to shake your smartphone or solve the mathematical task. The bugs in the program are not seen, the alarm trigger occurs in any case. To access all the capabilities of the application, the purchase of a paid version or subscription from Google Play is recommended - they expand the functionality and disconnect advertising.


  • Turning off the signal by photography.
  • The presence of simplified signal shutdown methods.
  • Installing your own melodies, songs, choice of color background.
  • A simple and understandable interface.


  • To disable advertising and get all the functionality, you need to purchase a paid version or a subscription from Google Play.

Evaluation: 7/10


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The creation of developers from Bitspin does not differ in a wide functional, but has a beautiful interface. It can boast a high signal setting speed: to select the awakening time, it is enough to spend your finger across the screen until the desired value is selected. Also, the application draws attention to the function of the "smart" waking up - it tries to wake you up as unobtrusive as possible so that you wake up with a good mood. It cannot be said that the option is triggered in 100% of cases, but still its presence can be determined in the list of advantages.

Like many competitors, Timely offers to set a signal that sounds at certain days of the week. In addition, here you can provide an alarm clock with a special task, the solution of which will stop the sound. It can be like a simple smartphone shaking, and not a very difficult puzzle. There are such options such as signal repeat via the selected time, increasing the volume, posting the call to the sound adjustment keys.

Among other features of Timely, you can note the presence of a stopwatch and timer. As for the distribution of the program for Android, it is completely free. This is explained by the fact that in 2014 the developer studio bought Google. After that, this alarm clock received a synchronization function with other devices, as well as integration with Google Now.


  • Free download.
  • The presence of a stopwatch and timer.
  • Solution of the task to disable the call.
  • Very beautiful interface, installation of the design to your liking.
  • Synchronization with other gadgets.
  • Integration in Google Now.
  • The presence of a widget.


  • The functionality of the alarm himself could be wider.
  • Problems on some smartphones.

Evaluation: 9/10

What an alarm clock for Android to choose?

If you decide to choose an alarm clock for Android, you can download any of the options discussed above. The fact is that none of the programs cause serious complaints. Even the simplest Timely will arrange many users. If you want to get the maximum functionality, set Life Time Alarm Clock or PUZZLE ALARM CLOCK. You can also listen to other people and use "Alarm clock, stopwatch and timer" or "Alarm clock for me for free" - Each of these applications was downloaded more than 50,000,000 times and has high Estimates. This suggests that they perform their functions very well. All the alarm clocks presented in the review are free, but most of them have paid versions. If you have enough basic possibilities and does not interfere with advertising, buy Premium is not at all.