The best AGM smartphones

Protected smartphones - this is a separate segment of mobile technicians in which shockproof devices are most often proposed. A vivid director is the company AGM, which has its own opinion production. In its arsenal there will be reliable devices with decent parameters that even appreciate the most demanding users.

In the production of mobile technology, firms are focused on different components - powerful filling, original design or protective functions. In the latter case, a rare gadget will offer good performance. Typically, phones are obtained strong with a good battery, but from the point of view the possibilities are sufficiently limited.

AGM adheres to other policies - here you can find a unnecessary apparatus, which at the same time copes with most everyday tasks, perfectly removes and generally not inferior to more eminent, but not so strong models.


  • Processor: Snapdragon 653
  • Screen: 5.5 inches, FHD
  • Memory: 6 GB and 64/128 GB
  • Camera: 12 +12 MP, 16 megapixel
  • Akb: 6000 mAh

The model came out at the beginning of 2018 and is really surprising. First of all, it should be noted a serious protection of the device - IP68 and MIL-STD810G, that is, the smartphone will not only survive the fall in water and work in dirty conditions, but it is also not terrible high and low temperatures and other physical impacts. The phone received AMOLED The Gorilla Glass 5 coating matrix, a seriously serious chipset and a large amount of memory, which will allow playing games and work comfortably on the Internet in multitasking mode.

A double rear camera from the company Sony is installed as a Dani Fashion in the gadget, the same in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Meizu Pro 7 and other famous models. A 16magapixel chip from samsung was used as the front module. In addition, the device supports work in two bands Wi-Fi, has NFC chip, two sim, there is a finger scanner. All this is seasoned with special features of protected gadgets - an analysis of air purity, compass and other necessary functions for active people. AGM X2 is a phone for those buyers who do not want to choose between reliability and performance. Of course, the device has a number of disadvantages, but in general, the dignity is reduced by cons. You can buy a smartphone in brand or Chinese online stores.

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Pros :

  • Protection IP68, MIL-STD810G.
  • High performance.
  • Quality chamber.
  • Powerful battery with quick charging support.
  • Availability of NFC, finger scanner.

Minuses :

  • No branded amoled settings.
  • GPS is periodically mistaken when launching the route.


  • Processor: Snapdragon 845
  • Screen: 6 inches, 2160 * 1080
  • Memory: 6/8 GB and 64/128/256 GB
  • Camera: 24 + 12 Mp, 20 Mp
  • AKB: 4100 mAh

After the yield, X2 could seem What to make an even more interesting device with protection IP68 and MIL-STD810G will be difficult, but the AGM brand does not agree with this. A few months after the release of the X2, the third version of the device with even more serious stuffing and bright chips appears. The device received a greater fullview display, the speakers are created by JBL, fast charging - Quick Charge 4 (in X2 was Charge 3). In addition to the finger scanner, the phone provides protection for the face scanning. An important point - the phone received the most powerful chipset 2018 - Snapdragon 845, as well as excellent modifications of operational and main memory. Currently, there are no unleash problems for X3.

The model remained support for NFC, TYPE-C, the chambers were improved, the battery capacity was less, but the processor is designed for moderate energy consumption, which in general increases autonomy. A rather controversial moment, which worries some buyers is that the device received a glass case with rubberized edges. Unlike the usual shockproof phones, it looks much more beautiful, but it causes concerns, because glass, even the protected Gorilla Glass 5 still remains glass. You can buy a phone on the territory of Russia or order via the Internet. There is a rumor that an exclusive version of 1 TB memory appears, its price in corporate stores can reach 55 thousand rubles.

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Pluses :

  • Protection IP68, MIL-STD810G.
  • Powerful chipset.
  • High-quality chamber.
  • Fast and wireless charging.
  • Large memory.
  • Qualitative sound.
  • Elegant design.

Minuses :

  • No connector 3.5.
  • Glass case.


  • Processor: Snapdragon 450
  • Screen: 5.99 inches, 2160 * 1080
  • Memory: 3/32 GB and 4/64 GB
  • Camera: 12 mp, 16 megapixel
  • AKB: 5400 mAh

Protected smartphones AGM are devices that, in contrast to many competitors, are created quite thoughtfully and emphasized into certain directions. The older series received high-quality displays and excellent performance, in addition, we will like the connoisseurs of neat devices without excess cumbersiness. A9 is the middle class phone in which the main chip is sound. The device stands at once 4 speakers from JBL, which according to the manufacturer are capable of issuing 103 dB. Unlike the senior glass phones, the device received a housing from a special type of polyethylene with aviation aluminum inserts. The gadget is traditionally not afraid of dust, water, dirt, shocks and is able to operate at temperatures from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius.

From the point of view of performance in the novelty, not the most powerful chipset, but with the proposed memory options it is enough for many standard tasks that do not include games at high settings, but provide high FPS with minimal game requirements.. The phone has a capacious battery with support for Quick Charge 3. Another difference from senior devices - IPS Matrix, which cannot be considered a minus, since in its capabilities it is unspent inferior to famous amoled screens. The camera in the phone copes with pictures and video during the day, the module is provided by Sony. In addition to all of the above, there is NFC, Beidou, GPS, GLONASS. In general, the AGM A9 smartphone turned out to be quite balanced middling. For a similar price, you can buy a more powerful Pocofone F1 and a number of other models, but it should be understood that none of them offer a similar sound and, at least some kind of protection.

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Pluses :

  • High security class.
  • Autonomy and fast charging.
  • Excellent loud sound.

Minuses :

  • No connector 3.5.
  • Not the best night shooting.
  • Given the price, the processor can be considered weak.


Protected AGM smartphones are practically the only representatives of the rugged devices segment in which the manufacturer does not forget that a modern phone, in addition to reliability, must have decent performance and not look like a miniature tank. Despite the fact that the price tag of AGM gadgets is quite high, and the brand itself is Chinese, the phones are quite popular and always get good reviews. AGM is the choice of those people who do not look for compromises.