TECNO CAMON 15 Overview - Excellent inexpensive Camera

In August 2020, a smartphone TECNO CAMON 15 went on sale in Russia, which can boast the capacious capabilities of the camera, the capacious battery and the large display at the price of 12 thousand rubles. I was fortunate enough to spend with a novelty for a week, and during that time it was possible to make a complete impression of this model.

Technical parameters

  • Materials: Plastic, glass
  • Operating system: Android 10
  • Processor: 8-nuclear MediaTek Helio P22, clock frequency up to 1.9 GHz
  • Video examiner: PowerVR Rogue GE8320
  • Operational / Custom Memory: 4/64 GB
  • Slot for Memory Cards : Separate, maximum volume 256 GB
  • Display: 6.6 inches, IPS, resolution 1600 × 720, 20: 9, 2.5D, ASAHI Glass
  • Main Camera: 48 + 2 + 2 + AI MP, F / 1.79, quad flash
  • Frontal chamber: 16 megapixel, f / 2.0, microscope
  • Protection: Dactyloscopic sensor, face scanning
  • NAVIGATION: GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 164x76.3x8.75 mm
  • Weight: 196 grams

Complete set

TECNO CAMON 15 arrived to me in branded cardboard packaging blue The colors on which the image of the smartphone was expected, the main information about its characteristics and capabilities, as well as a small label marked is that TECNO is the official global partner of Manchester City football club - this fact is clearly proud of this.

Inside the box, the smartphone itself is located, as well as a complete set of accessories. You probably already know that Apple and Samsung plan to refuse to put in the kit with its mobile gadgets charging adapters and headphones? So, the buyer of the CAMON 15 model (probably it is relevant for other TECNO models) will receive, in addition to smartphone, Charger, Micro-USB cable, headphones, silicone case and protective glass Lucky

Care of the consumer pleases - such a kit will save on the purchase of additional accessories. The case, by the way, it turned out very convenient: due to the rough surface, it does not slide in his hand; The side of the camera block protects it; The cover also performs a little over screen of the smartphone, preventing the appearance of scratches in case the user likes to put the device "face" down; Finally, the plugs for headphones and micro-usb connectors do not pass dust. The cover of the Manchester City Club logo is inflicted - another reminder of the partnership.

Meet design

Smartphone is available in three Color solutions: "Green Gold", "Purple", "Emerald blue"; I got the second option. It looks very nice, beautifully overflowing under the sunny rays - I don't even want to hide this design in the case.

TECNO CAMON 15 rear cover is made of plastic (but it seems that it seems to be metal). It is adjusted to the housing tightly, however, there is a small backlash when squeezed on the sides. However, it does not affect the functionality of the device, and you can hardly squeeze your smartphone specially. And the lid easily collects fingerprints - not as glass, but also very active, - so we carry a special handkerchief.

On the rear panel there are a block of cameras and Fingerprint scanner (in place, convenient for index finger). The upper face is free from any elements, on the bottom there are dotted dynamics, a micro-usb connector, a microphone hole and a 3.5-mm headphone jack. Perhaps such a set of interfaces to someone will seem outdated, but will be fair: very many still use wired headphones, and the Micro-USB cable can be found in every home. Moreover, the use of USB-C would certainly lead to the rise in price of the smartphone.

On the left side of the Camon 15, a tray for SIM cards and a memory card (by the way, the separate - that is, you can simultaneously insert two SIM cards and a map microSD ), and On the right - shutdown / lock button and volume control buttons. The latter are not luftyt and do not creak, perfectly performing their work.

Finally, the front panel is almost completely occupied by a 6.6-inch IPS-screen. In its lower part there is a small "chin", in the upper left corner, the self-chamber module was attached, closer to the center there was an imperceptible diode of the front flash (it also serves as an event indicator) and a breakdown slot.

Despite the impressive dimensions of the display, the smartphone does not cause the feeling of "huge": it is conveniently lying in his hand (even in a case that adds a couple of millimeters), they are comfortable to use one hand, however, to reach The upper face will have to intercept the device - as in the case of 90% of modern smartphones, however.

In general, Tecno Camon 15 looks more expensive than it is worth it, and it should not be noted. This role in this was played by color, back cover texture, quad chamber block and cramless screen.

Show me everything!

Once it was discussed about the display, it should be stopped on it. So, we have a screen with an IPS matrix, a resolution of 720x1600, a pixel density of 268 DPI, an update frequency of 60 Hz and aspect ratio 20: 9 - a standard set of modern state employee. I can not say that HD + permission is striking: the image is clear and lack of pixel density is completely not felt.

The screen is quite bright, but I did not have enough illumination at values ​​up to about 75%. That is, three quarters of a slider display remains dim and significantly changes the brightness on the remaining 25%. However, this is a subjective impression.

In the settings, you can enable adaptive brightness (the lighting sensor works adequately) and adjust the protection mode of view, as well as activate a dark theme (alas, due to the characteristics of the IPS matrix, it will not affect the duration of the battery) and hide the cutout area to disguise the front camera. Indicators will be displayed on a black background.

But the color temperature settings were not detected - you will have to be content with the default values. However, the screen is set up well, showing excellent viewing angles and color reproduction. And it is also very responsive, with a high-quality oleophobic coating.

Fast? Not very

TECNO Camon 15 uses Mediatek Helio P22 octa-core processor. Of the eight cores, four operate at 1.8 GHz and four more at 1.5 GHz. In everyday work, there were no problems with performance : the smartphone quickly flips through desktops, quickly switches between running applications, and thanks to 4 GB RAM it does not unload them immediately after minimizing.

Browser with ten tabs, simultaneous launch of several instant messengers and clients of social networks, watching videos on YouTube, "heavy" media files - all this did not bother the component devices at all. Camon 15 calmly copes with the tasks that an ordinary user will put in front of him, without demonstrating unpleasant interface lags and freezes in applications, as weaker models do.

However, the games are not so smooth. The processor and graphics chip are capable of running the latest gaming innovations with acceptable fps, but the graphics settings will have to be reduced to a minimum.

For example, Call of Duty Mobile wouldn't let me set the settings above "Low" and PUBG Mobile was stable at medium picture settings. In turn, Mortal Kombat 11, Asphalt 9 and Subway Surfers demonstrated a stable indicator of frame rate per second.


As expected, less demanding designs will perform even better, but if if you consider TECNO Camon 15 as a gaming solution, you will have to accept compromises. Nevertheless, there is a "game mode" that speeds up the smartphone a little, and in general the device shows itself worthy - although it makes it clear that it is focused on slightly different tasks.

In terms of synthetic tests: the gadget scores 90300 points in Antutu, 168 points in Single-Core test and 940 points in Geekbench Multi-Core test, 764 points in 3DMark Sling Shot test. Not the most impressive results, but the "synthetics" does not reflect all the nuances of the smartphone, giving only "naked" numbers - you should definitely not rely on the results of such tests.

Life at the outlet

Let's leave the thesis put in the subtitle to other, less durable devices. The hero of our review is able to exist away from the outlet for quite a long time: the battery capacity of 5000 mAh affects, a modest screen resolution and an energy-efficient processor. TECNO Camon 15 charges up to 100% in about two hours; function fast charging is missing.

Given the active testing of the smartphone - which means running a large number of applications, switching between different tasks, the constant operation of the screen, the brightness of the backlight turned to 100% and other loads - it did not run out of battery in a day, which is very pleasing. For users, it provides the ability to unload unnecessary applications from memory, monitor and block background activity of programs, and also use the Battery Lab tool, which will help extend the battery life of the gadget.

Entertain me!

Most smartphone manufacturers prefer to “improve” basic Android with their own add-on, which may contain additional options, branded embellishments, and in some cases, intrusive advertising

TECNO also uses this practice: in Camon 15, Android 10 is complemented by the HiOS 6.0.1 shell, which brings several useful features to the Android experience.

So, there are additional menus that are called up by gestures on the main screen. For example, a swipe down opens a search bar with trending queries and a list of recent apps, and a swipe up brings up a list of all the programs installed on your smartphone, conveniently sorted alphabetically. Commands for gestures can be changed at the discretion of the user.

The settings menu set up a separate item with the smart panel settings - This is a tool that can be called using a gesture and which contains quick access shortcuts to options and applications. Also, gestures can quickly run applications, manage music, awaken the device, take screenshots and a lot more.

It was not without interface decoration: in the corporate application you can find many topics, change the wallpaper, icons, fonts, and even configure the animation of the screen of incoming calls. And I also really liked the stylization of the lock screen wallpaper, which beats the location of the front camera, masking it, then under the camera lens, then under a soccer ball, then under a young month - very original and ingeniously!

Alas, I want to note and note the shortcomings of the HIOS shell: pre-installed applications here Pretty much, and each seeks to fall asleep the user notifications. You have to manually disable signals and delete unnecessary programs. Although, justice for the sake of, some applications, such as an automatic translator Hi Translate, turned out to be very useful. Another necessary thing is a freezer, a tool that "freezes" the applications selected by the user.

About the sound quality I can not say anything bad. I do not consider myself to aeted music lovers, and those opportunities that provides Tecno Camon 15 in terms of sound, I was enough. Complete headset does not cope with low frequencies, but third-party headphones and a little witchcraft with Equalizer forced music to play as I like.

Finally, the safety features mention: Fingerprint Scanner and Unlocking Face. Both work excellent: very quickly register the prints / face and do not "miss." Unlocking the person works even when the user puts on glasses or is in an unlockable room. In general, besides you, no one can get into the smartphone and ride in confidential files.

I want to remove everything!

Finally, the review comes to the most interesting part of the Tecno Camon smartphone - cameras. In accordance with its name, the gadget is focused on those who love to photograph a lot, and does not disappoint.

To start a few boring technical details. The block of the main chamber is quadruple: there is a bunch of 48MP + 2MP + 2MP + II module, supplemented by quad-sized. Wide-angle chamber, unfortunately, did not add. The front camera is 16 megapixel, with micrograph. Maximum resolution photo - 8000x6000, video - 1920x1080, no stabilization.

In the processing of photographs of TECNO CAMON 15, artificial intelligence helps, which allows "Pull out" lighting, remove noise and adjust contrast, where it is required. I must say, with your work, II copes well. Basically, AI CAM mode can activate 2x-zoom and macro, to make detailed pictures from a distance of 4 cm, as well as enable HDR and select preset filters.

The camera mode called "Beauty" is intended to improve appearance and Figures. Here you can make a face more thin, add a tan, enlarge your eyes, as well as make your shoulders and waist, to increase your thighs, lengthen your feet - in general, to carry out all manipulations to create a beautiful portrait. And then the AI ​​shows themselves a reliable body defense tool - especially in skillful hands. But it is important not to overdo it, because the filter can "touch" and objects behind the photographed person, opening the deception.

Mode "Blur" allows you to take pictures with a bokeh effect. Here already artificial intelligence does not always cope: sometimes "captures" hair or does not blur part of the environment.

But with night shooting everything is fine, although noise is observed.

Finally, the smartphone can boast a huge amount of masks for AR-shoot. Here you can put on the place of the face the face of some tricky, pinch a clown wig or ears. Promoting cooperation with FC Manchester City, Tecno added a lot of masks on football themes. In general, this is a good opportunity to entertain yourself and make inventive pictures.


In terms of photos of photovation TECNO CAMON 15 surprises: The smartphone leaves behind competitors from its price category. If you often take pictures, you will not disappoint, making a choice in favor of this model.

in the pluses piggy bank can also be attributed a bright design, a large screen and impressive endurance of the battery, and these advantages clearly outweigh the shortcomings of the device in the form of no NFC and not The best performance in games. And considering a very democratic price, Camon 15 will become an excellent youth option.