TamTam messenger - Telegram replacement?

The next messenger from Mail. Ru Group risks to become successful. Let's determine the main advantages of the tam.

This messenger was created by Russian developers based on "OK messages". This happened in the summer 2017. It can be seen that the creators went along the path of Telegram, regularly adding a similar functionality. It is on the background of blocking the latter "Tamme" began to significantly increase the number of users and channels. This review will consider the client developed for the Android operating system. But the application is also available in iTunes.


Authorized in the messenger is easier through the phone number. From the user, it will be necessary to enter and provide access to incoming SMS messages - this is necessary in order to automatically appear in the appropriate field. Next, you can provide access to the contact book to find out who already uses Tamtam. Optionally, it is possible to log in at the messenger with the help of Google account, but later it is still better to bind the phone number to the account.

As the main page, the application using messages. That's right, because it is for familiarizing them with them opens any messenger. It should be noted that not only messages from other users come here, but also to update the channels that will be described slightly below.

In total, there are four main sections in the application: contacts, calls, messages, settings. You can switch between them using the panel at the bottom of the screen. To start with someone dialog, just go to the "Messages" section and find the desired interlocutor using the search. Attending the section Contacts are not necessarily.

Messages and calls

By default, TAMTAM offers to communicate in a text manner. The functionality of the application in this regard is practically no different from Telegram, and any other messengers. But if competitors try to somehow earn stickers, then their large number is available here for free. It should be noted that almost all stickers are animated. The original pictures are a bit - mostly all these are shots from the TV shows, films and animated series. However, it is such stickers that use the greatest demand in young people.

Send to Tames not only textual, but also a voice message, as implemented, for example, in VKontakte. To do this, you need to click on the microphone icon in the text input field. Next, you can talk to the interlocutor of all different, after which it remains only to click on the "Stop" button and send the said.

Available here and sending attachments. This may be not only photos, but also videos, as well as some completely different files - say, documents, music or pictures. If you provide an application access to the "gallery", then the images will be sent literally a couple of clicks. By default, the photographs coming from the interlocutor are automatically loaded into the memory of the smartphone. You can also turn on the startup of images in the gallery. And you can disable all this in the settings if the memory capacity of the device is strongly limited.

As for calls, in this regard, the program is similar to WhatsApp. Not only voice calls are available here, but also video link. In short, Tamtam is another way to harm cellular operators, partially abandoning their services.


Perhaps the main distinguishing feature of the TAMTAM is the possibility of conducting a channel. This can be compared with groups in Vkontakte, which is published in the most different information. Of course, the list of available channels in the "Tamm" is still small. However, you can already find channels dedicated to games, movies, musical directions and even some types of collectibles. It seems that because of the permanent locks of Telegram, many people instead of use VPN simply moved to the tames. Moreover, it is a good alternative and more familiar messages like whatsapp and viber.

You might think that in fact in the channel of the channels this messenger completely repeats the functionality of a competitor from Pavel Durov. But actually it is not. In Telegram, you need to either know its exact name or other channel, or go on the invitation link. In the tames, you can simply drive part of the channel name to the search, after which the application will issue many options suitable for keyword. For example, if you drive the word "play", then a channel dedicated to PlayStation may be in extradition or one in the description of which this word is simply present.

Content has different channels. Someone publishes news, someone - humorous pictures, and someone - introduces users with any information. Unfortunately, while Tamtam is not particularly popular, therefore there is no point in the publication of unique content. Mainly records are copied from other messengers and social networks.


If you go to the settings section, you can see a pencil icon in the upper right corner. If you click on it, the profile settings will open in which you can change the name, change the photo, add a description, link for quick access, etc.

The remaining settings relate to privacy, media system, notifications, background and other properties of this application. Girls will definitely choose some other background - for example, with cats. A total of 14 options are available, you can additionally choose one of the four designs available (by default, day, night, graphite), set up the night mode.

Be sure to visit the "Media" section from time to time. Here you can clean the cache, having freeing some amount of permanent memory. This is, of course, with regular correspondence and reading a large number of channels. Also does not prevent acquaintance with privacy settings - here, it turns out, you can prohibit contacts to see your online status. In the same subsection, the "black list" is also located, which add users involved in the distribution of spam. And you can also turn on the lock. In this case, access to the application will be provided only after entering the code or even scan fingerprint.

Summing up

Unfortunately, Tamtam stubbornly want to be applied to the category "Plagiat". Once again, Mail. Ru Group decided to simply copy someone else's idea, practically not anything from herself. In essence, the tames are a Telegram clone, which has exactly two simplifications:

  • There are no encryption, in connection with which the FSB and Roskomnadzor will definitely not be any claims;
  • Channels in the "tam" are easily searched for their name.