Tablet display not working? Here are 7 tips to fix the problem

For another minute ago, the tablet reacted immaculately to the touch, and now stopped response? We will tell you what could be the problem and how to fix it.

The touch screen is the main way to interact with a tablet computer, which is why its performance is so important. Any, even microscopic damage (scratch, blow, fold) can lead to the fact that the display will no longer submit signs of life, although it may look entirely.

Why does the tablet display stopped responding to touch?

Most likely, one of the following factors led to the malfunction:

  • The contacts of the loop were departed;
  • The loop itself was damaged due to the same strike;
  • the matrix was damaged;
  • Dirt hit the display;
  • Sensory glass lost sensitivity due to scratches and cracks.

Most often, the problem with the tablet appears due to careless circulation: the device falls on the floor, bends in the bag, on it Inadvertently, someone sits down. The consequences of these events minimize very easily. You need only:

  • paste on the screen protective film or glass;
  • Buy cover;
  • Do not put the tablet on the solid surface with the display down.

But if the trouble has already happened, it's late to drink Borjomi. The following tips apply to all devices with a touchscreen display - tablets and smartphones on iOS, Windows and Android.

So how to fix the incorrect work of the tablet screen?

1. Release the operational memory

most often, the tablet hangs, and its display ceases to respond when the system memory is clogged by 100%. Free her, and the device will come to life.

Android users have the widest selection of optimization tools - from integrated to third-party from Play Market or other sources. It is enough to install one of them so that the speed of the tablet is always under control.

The system memory problems on the iPad can also lead to the failure of sensory functions. The fastest way to solve the problem is to close the irrelevant applications at the moment:

  • Double-click on the Home button;
  • Pull up each unnecessary now app to close it.

After you close most of the working programs, the responsiveness of the tablet should noticeably improve. On iPad with a jailbreak, you can conduct even deeper memory cleaning, closing any active processes.

On the tablets with Windows 10, close as many working applications as possible, then go to the start screen:

  • Hold Win + Tab to display the list active windows;
  • Press the cross at the top of each window to close it.

If the display again began to react to the touch, nothing more needs. Just remember that your tablet does not pull the big software load.

2. Restart the tablet

Restart - it is not easy to press the power button to repay the screen, and then turn on the back. This is a complete disconnection of the entire device, followed by inclusion. Many malfunctions are eliminated by a banal reboot. Do not forget: when the device starts to reboot, all data in running applications will be erased.

Each Android user knows how it is done: Hold the power button for a few seconds, then select the "Restart" option.

Owners of the iPad must independently close all running programs, and only then hold the "Sleep / Awakening Mode" button. If you cannot close any of the applications, the system itself will determine the method of rebooting.

for iPad Air:

  • Hold the power button and "home" until the device goes to reboot;
  • ​​
  • Release when you see the Apple logo.

on iPad Pro:

  • Press and release the volume button;
  • Press and release the volume button;
  • Press and hold the power button before rebooting the tablet.

Owners of "Tablets" on Windows can reboot their devices by pressing "Start - Power - Reboot". If the device does not react, hold the power button for 10 seconds for a forced reboot.

3. Use system applications to diagnose dead screen areas

It happens so that it refuses not the entire display immediately And only his part. If you find out what kind of area it is out of order, you can understand what led to this breakdown.

To quickly understand which part of the display lost sensory properties, it is not necessary to download some special application. To start, run the calculator. Pressing on different buttons, you can see if the dead zones are on the screen. Interactive cards will help find out how the drag and scaling function works.

4. Failout Screen

For iPad no calibration tools is required. However, if you use a hacked device, which incorrectly reacts to the touch, remove the jailbreak. After returning to the initial settings, there is a chance that the tablet will work correctly.

For Android, dozens of free applications for calibration and display testing are available: Touchscreen Calibration will help identify problems with responsiveness, Touch Screen Test will identify specific areas that have ceased to recognize the touch input.

The owners of tablets on Windows 10 may calibrate the display for controlling your finger or stylus :

  • Press the "Start" button and in the search bar Enter the "Control Panel";
  • Find the "Equipment and Sound" section;
  • In the "Tablet PC Parameters" section, select "Calibrate the screen for entering a pen or sensory input";
  • A new window will open in which you need to click the "Fail" button;
  • To calibrate the display, follow further instructions.

5. Contact a specialist for the repair technician

There are problems that do not eliminate on their own, especially if you are not an electron, but a simple user, Never holding a multimeter in his hands.

The devices that the warranty still applies is best attributed to the service center. Diagnostics will take a couple of weeks, but in this case you can easily agree with the store on the replacement of the product or return money. The technique with the expired warranty period can be repaired into the nearest workshop.

Another point: On the manufacturer's website, you can often find instructions for troubleshooting, and with some questions it helps to understand technical support.

6. Disassemble the tablet and check the contact with the motherboard

Disassembly will help figure out whether the train is not Lee signs of oxidation on contacts and fees, did not get the garbage under the display. The procedure is risky, but if you approach it with the mind, it will definitely bring its fruits.

Refluous display to Motherboard, you thus drop it up and you may return efficiency. How to open the tablet - in two words do not describe, because for each model the process is individual. You will be helped by videos on YouTube. Before opening the case and remove the display, make sure that you have all the necessary tools at hand. Do not rush: this is the case when the first thing you need to study as much theory as possible. In general, such experiments are better to carry out inexpensive Android tablets, and not with expensive samsung, iPad or Windows.

7. Replace the damaged touchscreen

As already mentioned, any mechanical damage can affect the performance of the screen. There is also a chance that the breakdown will not manifest itself immediately.

The ideal solution is to replace the display at the service center under insurance (if, of course, you took out it at the time of buying the tablet). Other options:

  • use the services of a workshop;
  • Order a display online and install it yourself at home.

In the workshop for the replacement of the touchscreen you will not be asked much money, and the procedure itself will take only a few hours. But the cost of a new part will still have to be paid out of pocket, and it can turn out to be rather big: a touchscreen for an iPad or Samsung costs about half the cost of the tablet itself.

Want to save money and replace the display yourself by buying it online? Re-read the 6th paragraph.


When the headphone jack fails, the buttons dangle, or the camera breaks, you can continue to use the tablet, albeit with some limitations. But display failure is a more serious problem.

If the screen stopped responding to touch input precisely because the device was overloaded with tasks, consider yourself lucky. Because in most cases, malfunctions of this kind are treated only by replacing the matrix, and this, as already mentioned, is a task for specialists, and not ordinary users.