T9 for iPhone

The automatic word substitution function on the iPhone is actually not called T9 at all, but " Auto Correct". Commoners also use the term " AutoCorrect". This feature is enabled on Apple gadgets by default, so the iPhone user will definitely suffer from the disservice of the device from the very beginning of its use. Luckily, turning the T9 off and avoiding the discomfort is a piece of cake.

How does "Autocorrect" work and why do people complain about it?

Auto-Correction ” keeps track of whatthe user writes in the “ Text ” SMS field. If he uses a word unfamiliar to the program, " Autocorrection" considers that the user made a mistake and suggests the correct (in her opinion) option. The corrected word is visible just above the one entered by the compiler.

The user needs to click on the “cross” and close the option offered by T9. If he clicks on the space, the word he wrote will be replaced by the top one. This is where the problem lies: iPhone owners constantly forget to press “X ” while typing, resulting in a sheer nonsense instead of a reasonable message.

" Autocorrect" was supposed to improve the speed of typing SMS messages, but had the opposite effect. The reason is simple : there are a huge number of slang words in the Russian language, and new ones are constantly appearing - unfortunately, it is impossible to teach the program "Russian common people" and force it to follow speech trends.

How to disable T9?

If a function is ineffective, it is wiser to disable it. You can remove T9 on iPhone in just a few steps:

Step 1. Go to " Settings" and select the section " General".

Step 2. Scroll down and find the subsection " Keyboard".

Step 3. Switch the toggle switch “ Autocorrect ” to the inactive position.


It's time to breathe out easier - T9 will no longer interfere with the process of writing SMS, as well as messages in instant messengers Viber and What's App.

In the Keyboard section, you can not only turn off the T9, but also make a lot of other settings that most iPhone owners don’t know about - for example, add a new keyboard in Hebrew, Chinese, Korean and other languages, set up auto-correction of abbreviations (“etp” to “and the like”).

How to enable T9?

It is logical that “ Autocorrection ” is turned on in the same way as it is turned off - just move the slider to the active position. The main question is different: should this feature be enabled and, if so, why?

In fact, T9 is not as useless as users think, because it can learn. If you set up, for example, abbreviations for those cumbersome terms that you are constantly forced to use on duty, this will help significantly save time on correspondence.

You can teach " Auto Correct" new words like this:

Step 1. In the subsection " Keyboard" find the block " Abbreviations" and click on " New abbreviation".

Step 2. In the fields “ Phrase ” and “ Abbreviation ”, write down the full cumbersome phrase and its truncated variation (for example, an abbreviation), respectively.

Press " Save".

Step 3. Try writing an SMS - add an abbreviation to the body of the message.

Autocorrection ” suggests using the expanded version of the phrase. Press " Space" and the abbreviation will be immediately changed to the full phrase.


Most iPhone users take T9 for granted - they constantly suffer from the interference of this function, but do not try to turn it off, although this is done in a few simple steps. It is not necessary to turn it off, because T9 on an iPhone can not only “put a spoke in the wheels”, but also be a “good assistant” - you just need to take some time to replenish its vocabulary.