Sony Xperia T3 Review

The first to be always difficult, but the developers of the Xperia smartphone are not frightening, which ultimately led to the appearance of the first Android phone from Sony. Since 2008, several models have been released under the brand name Xperia. SonyXPeriaT3 review will be interesting to many fans this line of smartphones.


Significant sizes of this smartphone are not embarrassed by buyers, because the price tag on this model is relatively democratic. On the front panel, the larger area of ​​which naturally occupies the screen, the front camera and speaker are also located. Other controls on the front panel are missing. In the lateral edges of the body, the metal elements enhance the housing are filled, they are clearly visible. On the back of the panel, in the upper right corner there is a camera viewfinder and flare eye. Sony Xperiat 3 characteristics of which are just as balanced as the design, has a thin, less than 7mm case. Alas Total for all widescreen smartphones The problem of a comfortable holding with one hand is characteristic of this device. Smartphone black matted non-resistent.

Performance and software

Performance Chipset Sony Xperia T3 smartphone is determined by its components as a central processor, a video processor, RAM and constant memory.

in order to start with the processor. In the mobile industry, Qualcomm Snap Dragon is undilfied, being almost a monopolist in this area. The clock frequency of four Cortex-A7 nuclei is 1400 MHz. The video processor is also one of the most popular ADRENO 305 series. RAM allows you to run applications with the total amount of data loaded to 1GB. The onboard permanent memory has an 8GB volume.

The device runs on Android OS version 4.4

Screen resolution with A diagonal of 5.3 equipped IPS matrix is ​​relatively small, 1280x720 with a pixel density of 227PPI. The screen takes into width not the entire area of ​​the front panel and from the sides remains even about 6mm frames. Brightness is automatically adjustable, but there is also the possibility of manual adjustment. Multitouch Function allows the touch screen "Understand" not only single touch, but also gestures using multiple fingers. The touch screen has an option to operate the phone while wearing gloves, but this should be disabled when using without gloves due to the high sensitivity in this mode. The screen is covered with smooth anti-reflective glass. The absence of extraneous shadows and glare is achieved by minimizing the distance between the matrix and the inner surface of the glass. The smartphone plays almost all video formats including:

• DVDRip;


• BDRip (720/1080p).


You can take high-quality photos and record videos using the main camera. The main camera is 8 megapixels, the front camera has a resolution of 1.1 megapixels.


The battery is non-removable, its capacity is 2500 mAh. In reading mode, the smartphone will work a little over 15 hours, video viewing time is limited to 8 hours (standard business day!). 3D games drain the battery the most - 4 hours is the maximum time with a fully charged battery. The average time to fully charge the battery is approximately 2 hours.


Sony Xperia T3 review, which can be studied in more detail on specialized portals, is supplied to the domestic market in two versions: with and without a certificate. The cost of a certified device is usually several thousand higher. In general, this is an excellent universal smartphone on which you can play modern mobile 3D games, can be used as an e-book, as well as an excellent communicator and navigator.