Sony Xperia L review

Simultaneously with the flagship version Xperia SP, the manufacturer was represented by the "lightweight" model of the smartphone -XPERIA L. This smartphone of the lower segment of the top vehicles. Review SONY Xperia L under this article does not cover such specific features as the chipset architecture or the specification of the video processor, because Most of these parameters will be useful exclusively to those skilled in the art.


The design of the smartphone, the so-called xperiaarc is well remembered due to the unusual form of the rear cover of the monoblock. The further development of this design can be observed in TX and V models

with small, comparatively, dimensions and low weight Xperia L produces a pleasant impression also due to the "rubberized" coating of the Soft-Touch case. The phone does not shine in the sun, and traces from the fingers are not so noticeable on the housing. Front panel with wide frame. In its lower part of it closer to the right edge, the microphone hole is noticeable. Above the screen in the center is a traditional Sony logo, a little higher above -Paska, a phone dynamics window. The front camera and sensors are located in the upper left corner of the case. The rear, "wavy" panel in the upper left corner has holes for the main chamber and flash. In the smoothly beveled sidelights are elements of the smartphone control. There is no wide variety in the color scheme: black, red and white smartphones are currently available to customers.

Performance and

High Performance The device provides a dual-core Snapdragon Qualcomm processor with a frequency of 1 GHz. The smartphone is running the Android 4.1 version of Jelly Bean. The volume of permanent memory of the smartphone 8GB, RAM 1GB. Permanent memory can be expanded by cards microSD with a capacity of up to 32GB. In contrast to the senior SP model, the version L does not support LTE, the following communication standards are available:

  • GSM;
  • UMTS.

Modules are provided for local data transmission:

  • Bluetooth 4.0;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 in A / B / G / N bands.

Sony Xperia L, whose characteristics do not allow comparison with older models in a number of parameters, does not exclude such important functions as: GLONASS navigation, STAMINA and NFC.


LCD touch screen 854X480 with a diagonal of 4.3’. In one of the modes provides control in a glove. The screen has good angular visibility up to 60 degrees. A thin, transparent protective film is attached to the screen at the factory and can be easily removed.


The main camera matrix has a resolution of 8MP and is equipped with autofocus and LED flash. Thanks to the autofocus function, the camera lens automatically determines the distance to the subject, focusing on it. It is noteworthy that during video recording, the camera allows you to take pictures of 1MP, for which there is a special button.


The battery of the smartphone is removable, which is undoubtedly a plus of this model, but the capacity of the standard battery is small - 1700mAh. The use of higher capacity batteries is not officially approved by the manufacturer, but there is evidence of the use of higher capacity power supplies.


Sony Xperia L, the review of which was prepared using information from the official sources of the manufacturer, only in general outlines the features of this model, the full potential of which perhaps only to be revealed in the future. This device is well-matched to its rank - " budget smartphone".

The recommended price for the Sony Xperia L is currently 9000 rubles.