Snapdragon 865: List of smartphones, characteristics and 5G

The flagship SOC from Qualcomm, announced at the end of last year, is a new jerk in mobile performance, games and wireless communications.

Despite the fact that due to the cancellation of the MWC 2020, we missed a number of important presentations, everything goes with their own man. A generation of smartphones is preparing to release, which will raise the mobile power bar to a new level. And the main role in this will play a fresh flagship SOC from Qualcomm.

According to the manufacturer, Snapdragon 865 is fully ready for operation in the networks of the fifth generation. The first premium smartphones at its base of the families Samsung Galaxy S20 and Xiaomi Mi 10. Soon the Galaxy Note 20, LG, Oneplus will be connected to them. 15] 8, Google Pixel 5 and Flags from other companies.

The next Qualcomm top chipset with support 5G, presented at the annual technology summit of Snapdragon in Hawaii at the end of last year, revealed everything that the smartphones of the new generation will boast. Its capabilities are primarily aimed at increasing the speed of 5G, doubling the game performance and improving the quality of the image obtained with complex mobile photos. It will become the heart of most flagships of 2020, with the exception of devices from Huawei and Apple.

But even Yarym supporters iPhone will not be superfluous to learn about the main possibilities of Snapdragon 865, since the Qualcomm flagship line often determines the direction of development of mobile technologies. In addition, as we know, Qualcomm modems will begin to be used in iPhone 5G, probably in one or more modifications iPhone 12.

To those who do not burn with the desire to buy the newest premium smartphone on Android, ignore the appearance of Snapdragon 865 is also not worth it. Some of its functions, in particular, support 5G, in the near future it will be distributed on the middle class chipsets. For example, already announced Snapdragon 765 will open new communication capabilities in the average price category. In the classroom of state employees, MediaTek comes out with its Dimensity 800 and 1000 series, whose characteristics have a lot of common with the flagship competitor.

SNAPDRAGON 865: List of smartphones

And now the main question is: what smartphones will work on Snapdragon 865? We have a list of devices in which the presence of Snapdragon 865 is officially confirmed:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra;
  • SONY Xperia 1 II;
  • Black Shark 3;
  • Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone;
  • Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro;
  • ZTE Axon 10S Pro;
  • Conceptual Vivo APEX 2020;
  • Nubia Red Magic 5G;
  • Realme x50 Pro;
  • REDMI K30 Pro;
  • Sharp AQUOS R5G;
  • FCNT Arrows 5G;
  • IQOO 3.

All of them with the exception of Samsung devices will have a Qualcomm subsystem FastConnect 6800, which supports Wi-Fi 6 and optimizes Bluetooth data transfer rate of both downward and upward flows.

Also on informal rumors and signs SNAPDRAGON 865 can be part of:

  • LG G9;
  • LG V60;
  • OnePlus 8 and 8t;
  • Moto Z5 (it may be released under a different name);
  • ASUS Zenfone 7;
  • samsung Galaxy Fold 2;
  • Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL;
  • ASUS ROG Phone 3;
  • nokia 10.

Of course, the smartphones on Snapdragon 865 will be much larger, because not all are mentioned in this list Coming new items from Xiaomi, OPPO and Meizu. As for Motorola, it is also likely to release the flagship on Snapdragon 865, but whether it will be Moto Z5, it is impossible to say for sure. The idea using Moto MOD interchangeable components is already outdated. Her main chip - backward compatibility - forces the company for a year after year stick to the same design, which makes her devices unpleasant in the eyes of modern buyers. Therefore, in the current year we hope to see the transformation of the line and is possible to change its name.

Snapdragon 865: characteristics

SNAPDRAGON 865 is based on a new architecture that consists of KRYO 585 processor cores of the graphics processor Adreno 650, Spectra 480 signal processor and the Qualcomm Sensing Hub intelligent center. All these components will play an important role in what your next smartphone will be capable of.

According to Qualcomm allegations, the new chip is able to work at a frequency to 2.84 GHz, and its graphic accelerator provides 25% faster visualization. The list of technical specifications is mentioned increasing energy efficiency by 35% in the mode of intensive load, including in games. But no matter how powerful graphics processors in smartphones, we know that peak performance lasts long and ends with trottling. Qualcomm declares that smartphones with a new SOC will be able to work longer on peak power.

Snapdragon 865: not an integrated 5G module

Snapdragon 865 output is an important Step in the development of 5G networks. SOC increases the loading speed over a wireless connection to 7.5 Gbps, and its presence in a large number of new smartphones contributes to the spread of a new type of communication.

But it is worth noting that SNAPDRAGON 865 has no integrated 5G module. Snapdragon X55 5G modem is a separate element, however they come together. Therefore, access to the smartphone market based on Snapdragon 865 with only 4G support unfortunately is impossible.

This feature is an additional headache for engineers, since when developing devices, they have to take into account the physical dimensions of the modem and search for methods for its individual power. These factors can affect the size and consumption of the battery in new smartphones.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modem reaches peak downloads by MMWAVE and SUB-6 standards, which are the basis of 5G technology. It also uses Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technologies, which is used for accelerated distribution of 5G to use LTE bands.

As for the return of data, in ideal conditions, its speed can reach 3 Gb / s. When testing communication, this item is paid to little attention, as qualitative changes on the uplink (from the user to the station) have long been implied by good discharge rate.

Snapdragon 865: 200 MP photo and 8K video

In addition to 5G, new Singlery system There are other advantages that will be interested in an ordinary consumer. This is an improvement in photo / video shooting.

In particular, the Qualcomm Spectra 480 signal processor is able to process photos with an incredible resolution - 200 megapixel. Smartphones with cameras of this level do not yet exist, and it is not a fact that we will see them soon. So far, the possibilities of mobile shooting stopped at a mark of 108 MP, which he installed the recently released Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Similarly, two years ago, Samsung ignored the function HDR video, which was already available in the top at that time Snapdragon 845. As explained, this decision was made to equalize Snapdragon 845 with Exynos 9810, which stood in the modifications of Galaxy S9 and Note 9 for some regions and did not have the ability to capture video with a wide dynamic range. The first of the Samsung with the HDR function for video shooting was the Galaxy S10, released in 2019.

that to specific improvements, Snapdragon 865 increases the resolution when video recording up to 8k and allows you to display more than a billion colors. Smartphones based on it are supported by HGL and Dolby Vision standards in real time.

Dolby Vision support is especially important because high-quality mobile screens have long been capable of displaying a wide dynamic range. However, recording video taking into account this standard will be available only by models released in 2020. And this is another reason why you want to buy a new cameraphone : With it you will learn mobile shooting at the new level.

The slow motion function also gets important changes. If in 2019 she worked with restrictions (in Super Slo-Mo mode at a speed of 960 fps, the entry broke in 10 seconds), then in the smartphones of 2020 this limit will not be. But the slow motion 4k video will appear at 120 FPS. In general, the 720r it's time to say goodbye.

Geyming: Desktop Productivity

At Qualcomm Presentations paid a lot of attention of gaming performance. The developers team repeatedly emphasized that the new chipset will give smartphones the power of a desktop computer. At first glance, these words look like a marketing move, but if you figure it out, Adreno 650 is really capable of impress.

The introduction of DESKTOP FORWARD RENDERING technology is the first thing that has been mentioned in the Snapdragon 865 game features. DFR brings the effects of lighting and post-processing to the level that we used to receive from desktops. As a confirmation, the developers showed a video with a rotary ball, in which the details of the shadows and reflections clearly exceeded the level of all relevant mobile phones.

Another new chip Snapdragon 865 - Game Color Plus. It is aimed at improving saturation and brightness of colors. At first glance, nothing revolutionary is not here, but Qualcomm claims that the technology acts selectively: for example, it does not expose excessive saturation of skin shades so that the image does not lose naturalness.

As for the refresh rate of the picture, Snapdragon 865 sets a new ceiling: 144 Hz. However, smartphones with such an indicator are unlikely to appear in 2020. So far, only the Samsung Galaxy S20 family has risen to 120 Hz, and other smartphones have a scan of 60 or 90 Hz.

There is another descript figure that we can see in mobile devices. Adreno 650 graphic chip, like GPU for desktops, is able to receive driver updates via a specialized application. This is especially important if you remember how strong manufacturers are slow with the release of the new version of Android. Therefore, it can be said that with SOC SNAPDRAGON 865 to maintain the performance of the device at the current level will be slightly simpler.