Smartphones with two screens: again in fashion?

At the suggestion of one Russian company, interest in smartphones with two screens has revived. What two-screen models does the modern mobile market offer?

Young users who consider the idea of ​​equipping the phone with a second screen as innovative are mistaken. Auxiliary LED-displays were equipped with still primitive “ clamshells ”, which were at the height of fashion a good ten years ago. The most important information was displayed on additional screens - thanks to this, the user of the " clamshell" did not have to flip the cover every time to, for example, see the time.

It seemed that the concept of two screens "sank into oblivion" along with the "clamshells" themselves. However, it was "resurrected" by the Russian company YotaPhone in 2012, demonstrating its revolutionary gadget with an additional E-Ink display. This article will tell you how the modern Yotafon differs from the debut model and which companies have picked up the trend launched by the Russian manufacturer.

YotaPhone 3

  • Main screen: 5.5" diagonal, FullHD resolution
  • Secondary screen: 5.2" diagonal, E-Ink technology
  • Memory (RAM / built-in): 4 GB / 64 - 128 GB
  • Camera (rear / front): 12 MP / 13 MP
  • Battery: 3 300 mAh

Check the price the promised three years are waiting." From the moment Yota was supposed to launch the 3rd Yotafon for sale in Russia, only 2 years have passed so far. Well, it remains to wait only a year for the technical characteristics of the device to become completely outdated - the manufacturer should remember what the continuation of the proverb is.

Despite the fact that the "Russian" YotaPhone 3 is not available to domestic users, it is actively sold in China - in particular, on the site AliExpress. Therefore, its characteristics, as well as the pros and cons, are far from a secret. The developers of YotaPhone again went for a radical change in design - the third model looks nothing like the second. More on the first - it was decided to abandon the rounded body and return to a rectangular shape. The gadget has a curious sensor on the rear panel - thanks to this sensor, the smartphone accurately determines which of the 2 screens the user wants to unlock. Mandatory for modern flagships fingerprint sensor is also present here - it is located on the front face under the main display.

The 3rd ioton can be competition with the best books for reading books, because the gadget is sold at once with several pre-installed applications for booklers - including with IReader and China Reading.

Yotaphone 3 has a mass of other advantages compared to the "predecessor" - the screen is larger and the camera is better - but it is clear: the characteristics of the 2nd model on the current standards look just ridiculous. Technically, the third yoton is equipped with no worse than flagships - but flagships of 2-3-year prescription. Although the price of the device, frankly, is not translated - on Aliexpress, the walled smartphone is sold in about 20 thousand rubles. When the gadget "comes" to us, no one with confidence can not say - on the official website still hanging the alert "Soon in Russia".

Advantages :

  • Own "Ourser" Yotaos 3.0 (based on Android 7.1. one).
  • High resolution cameras and good photosensitivity.
  • Support for popular services for reading e-books.
  • a lot of memory for data storage.

Disadvantages :

  • In Russia, the gadget is not yet for sale.


  • Main Screen: Diagonal 5.2 inches, resolution 1920 × 1080
  • Additional Screen: Diagonal 1.9 inch, resolution 536 × 240
  • Memory (Operational / Built-in): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Camera (Rear / Frontal): 12 MPIX + 12 MPIX / 16 MPIX
  • Battery: 3 000 MAH

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at Meizu Pro 7, the additional display does not occupy almost all the rear surface, like the previous representative of our selection. Here the neat 2-inch screen is set closer to the upper left corner. Note that asymmetry in this case does not go to the detriment of design.

The functionality of the second screen MEIZU Pro 7 is strongly limited - with it, for example, you cannot call or read text messages. But the presence of an additional screen is a big plus for instagram regulars, because thanks to him it is convenient to do portrait selfie on a double rear gadget chamber. Despite the fact that both the "Frontalka" have a smartphone "be healthy" (16 MPIX), it is not able to overlay the effect of bokeh. The second screen on Meizu Pro 7 allows you to perform other simple operations - say, switch tracks in an MP3 player.

Advantages :

  • Matte metal design.
  • The presence of a USB Type-C connector.
  • FullHD display, characterized by high contrast (10,000: 1).
  • Dedicated DAC CIRRUS Logic CS
  • Light double camera from Sony.
  • Energy efficient processor.

Disadvantages :

  • You can not put Flash -Cart.
  • There is no NFC module.

HTC U Ultra

  • Main screen: Diagonal 5, 7 inches, resolution 2560 × 1440.
  • Additional Screen: Diagonal 2.05 inches, resolution 160 × 1040
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Camera (Rear / Frontal): 12 MPIX / 16 MPIX
  • Battery: 3 000 mAh

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Additional Screen HTC U Ultra, according to the manufacturer, Designed first of all in order to accept notifications. Here is an example: the user communicates in What's App, and he has an SMS - in this case the text will come out to the main screen, will take useful space. A person will have to make an action (tap, swipe) to return to the correspondence in the messenger - this is enough to lose the thought.

At HTC u ultra notifications come to the additional screen - not distracting the user. Also, using this screen, you can control the music player - just, judging by the reviews, pleasure is dubious. The developers of HTC obviously did not think over the ergonomics of U Ultra - the smartphone turned out to be quite cumbersome, and the second display is located exactly where it is more difficult to get a big finger to it. So an additional screen here is a curious "Fishchka", but no more. You should not buy a smartphone for the sake of it.

Advantages :

  • Unusual "overflowing" design.
  • Built-in speech recognition system.
  • A huge screen with the highest resolution.
  • The presence of a USonic function capable of adjusting the sound to the ear channels of a particular user.
  • Record sound in high quality - with 4 omnidirectional microphones.
  • Frontal chamber, which is 4 times more sensitive to light than the usual.
  • Powerful main camera with optical stabilization.

Disadvantages :

  • No connecting for Connecting headphones 3.5-jack.
  • too overall.

ZTE Axon M

  • Main screen: Diagonal 5.2 inches, resolution 1920 × 1080.
  • Additional screen: Diagonal 5.2 inches, resolution 1920 × 1080
  • Memory (operational / built-in): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Camera (Rear / Frontal): 20 MPIX
  • Battery: 3 800 mAh

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Unusual ZTE Axon M presented another exhibition CES 2018. Then this smartphone impressed many, but they almost immediately forgot about it. It was difficult to believe that the manufacturer would bring such a concept to a commercial state - especially on the background of sanctions that introduced the United States to ZTE and other Asian companies.

However, the original smartphone book in spite of everything went on sale. The device is equipped with 2 screens of the same size (5.2 inches), which can transform into one (with a diagonal of 6.75 inches) or work asynchronously. The manufacturer provided 4 operating modes:

That is, the gadget can be configured so that 2 screens show the same or different (say, first - desktop, second - menu). In addition, the second screen can be simply disabled and wrapped back as the cover of a typical book cover - then in the hands of the user will be the usual smartphone, albeit a bit heavy.

It was expected that ZTE Axon M in retail will cost about 40 thousand rubles, and on this occasion, the smartphone is very much from critics. In fact, the price tag was twice as modest - the gadget would cost this money, even if he had no research in the form of an additional screen.

Advantages :

  • Immediately 2 IPS-screen with FullHD resolution.
  • stereo speakers with Dolby ATMOS technology support.
  • Light 20-megapixel camera with optical stabilization.
  • Support for quick charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.
  • Fingerprint scanner, located at a convenient place - on the side.
  • Support LTE Cat 6 (speed - up to 300 Mbps).
  • Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Pro processor.

Disadvantages :

  • Camera just one.
  • The smartphone is heavy - 230 grams.

Hisense A2 Pro

  • Main screen: 5.5" diagonal, 1920×1080 resolution
  • Secondary screen: 5.2" diagonal, resolution 950×540
  • Memory (RAM / built-in): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Camera (rear / front): 16 MP / 5 MP
  • ​​
  • Battery: 3090 mAh

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Hisense A2 Pro is Yotafon's most obvious competitor, because this smartphone also has a second display on the back and is made using E-Ink technology, which book lovers are in great favor with. From reading text from such a screen, the eyes do not get tired at all. In addition, the E-ink display consumes almost no battery power, which is important, given that the battery of a mobile device cannot boast of a large capacity.

The second screen is a useful feature, but many users have doubts that the cost of Hisense A2 Pro is justified. The smartphone is criticized primarily for the fact that it runs on Android 6.0 - an operating system that the language will not dare to call modern - and there is no possibility for updating the OS. Other characteristics are also quite average - judging by the reviews, Russian users believe that a device with such parameters as the Hisense A2 Pro has the right place in the budget segment - that is, up to 10 thousand rubles.

Pros :

  • Full HD AMOLED display.
  • The presence of an infrared port to control home appliances.
  • The presence of both USB Type-C and a standard 3.5 mm jack.
  • Fingerprint scanner mounted in the power button.
  • Processor from Qualcomm.


  • Giant frames around display.
  • Old and cumbersome OS (Android 0).
  • No NFC module.


YotaPhone has not been the only one producing smartphones with two displays for a long time. However, there are still few dual-screen models on the market, and only a few reach Russia at all. Domestic users could find smartphones from Meizu and HTC on the windows, some stores even sell the unique Axon M from ZTE. The Russians can only envy the Chinese users: they can admire the most original gadgets live - and even the Russian-made smartphone YotaPhone 3 was shown to them before their compatriots.

Excluded from the selection

YotaPhone 2

  • Main screen: 5-inch diagonal, FullHD resolution
  • Secondary screen: 4.7-inch diagonal, 960×540 resolution
  • Memory (RAM / built-in) : 2 GB / 32 GB
  • Camera: 8 MP
  • Battery: 2500 mAh

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YotaPhone 2 is not new; this Russian smartphone was presented at the MWC exhibition in early 2014 - where, by the way, it made a splash. The device has become a real pride and a classic example of the domestic smartphone industry - even well-known politicians did not hesitate to advertise it.

Like the first-generation model, YotaPhone 2, in addition to the main FullHD screen, also has an E-Ink display of almost the same size - it is located on the rear surface. The user can use the additional screen not only to read books (although this is the most obvious way to use it), but also to control the basic functions of the mobile device. This is the key difference between the second Yotafon and its “predecessor” - the first-generation gadget had an auxiliary display that was not fully touch-sensitive. There was only a strip, with a swipe on which you could turn the pages of an e-book.

Design and functionality have also changed. YotaPhone 2 looks more attractive than the first model due to the rounded body, free from sharp corners. Ergonomics of the device is on top: a smartphone with two screens is neither heavy nor thick; in terms of weight and dimensions, it is comparable to the “classmates” models. The device received technical equipment at the level of the flagships of 2014: the manufacturer provided it, in particular, with wireless charging, a protected AMOLED display, NFC and LTE modules, and even an audio player capable of playing FLAC files.

A detailed comparison of YotaPhone and YotaPhone 2 was made by the site The results were presented by the portal in the form of infographics:


there would be more than one “but”: the price of the gadget turned out to be “biting”. They asked for more than 32 thousand rubles for the device. Of course, for that kind of money, Russians preferred to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other flagship models from well-known manufacturers.

By 2017, the cost of YotaPhone 2 fell many times, which was facilitated by the emergence of the next generation device.

Advantages :

  • Attractive design and good ergonomics.
  • E-Ink touch screen.
  • Support for YotaEnergy, a proprietary power saving feature.
  • Supports wireless charging technology.

Disadvantages :

  • The smartphone does not pull on a novelty in any way - it was released back in 2014.
  • Gadget has no memory card slot.

YotaPhone online store.

LG V20

  • Main screen: 5.7-inch diagonal, 2560×1440 resolution.
  • Secondary screen: 2.1-inch diagonal, 160×1040 resolution
  • Memory (RAM / built-in): 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Camera (rear / front): 16 + 8 MP / 5 MP
  • Battery: 3 200 mAh

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Not Yotaphones alone – LG has released several smartphones with dual screens in recent years. Although it is necessary to make a reservation right away that the additional screens of LG devices are not the same as those of products from Yota. They are tiny strips placed just above the main display.

Following the “two-screen” X View K500DS and V10 (which, according to most experts, turned out to be “raw” devices), the V20 model appeared with top-end filling and an impressive metal design - it certainly deserves attention. The auxiliary display of the LG V20 displays the time, date, battery charge. With it, you can also switch tracks in the player, write voice notes, activate the flashlight. The gadget received a lot of "other bells and whistles": fast charging, dual rear cameras, cutting-edge processor (at the time of release), improved UX 5.0 + interface. The V20 could take its rightful place in the ranking of the best music smartphones - the manufacturer equipped it with a dedicated DAC and proprietary technology from Bang & Olufsen aimed at improving the audio component.

Advantages :

  • Excellent hardware.
  • Advanced audio power supply.
  • The ability to put a pair of SIM and flash drive immediately.
  • Double rear camera.


  • Mediocre autonomy.
  • Bad system optimization.

where to buy : in Russian online stores Narastor and


  • Main screen: Diagonal 4.7 inches, HD resolution.
  • Additional Screen: Diagonal 0.96 inches
  • Memory (Operational / Built-in): 3 GB / 32 GB
  • Camera (Rear / Frontal): 13 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Battery: 3 200 MAH

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If the location of the second display on the LG V20 seems to be strange, then doogee t3 in this plan will surprise you even more. The Chinese manufacturer posted an additional screen on the upper end of the device, which is bevered and has an angle of inclination at 60 °. A small screen is monochrome, it displays the time, notifications about missed calls and unread messages.

The device T3 from Dogee is generally very curious and original. Experts note the high quality of the assembly of the smartphone and its premium metal design. The gadget looks really brutally - solidity adds to him by the back cover made of genuine leather. But the outstanding functionality of DOOGEE T3 boast, alas, can not: the characteristics are average, which is logical - after all, the price of the device is small.

Advantages :

  • Original brutal design.
  • Availability of USB Type-C connector.
  • Good High Resolution Rear Camera.
  • Removable battery.
  • Modest price.

Disadvantages :

  • The monochrome display has a minimum settings.
  • Gadget is difficult to find on sale in Russia.

where to buy : in Russian online stores Narastor and "Cellik City", on Chinese shopping area Aliexpress.

Vkworld T2 Plus

  • Main Screen: Diagonal 4.2 inches, HD resolution.
  • Additional Screen: Diagonal 4.2 inch
  • Memory (Operational / Built): 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Camera (Rear / Frontal): 13 MPIX / 5 MPIX
  • Battery: 2 500 MAK

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In 2016, the Chinese company Vkworld pleased everyone who with nostalgia remembered "clamshells", having released a smartphone in this Form factor. A year later, the manufacturer's catalog was replenished with a model T2 Plus, which not only differs from B about with the smallest dimensions, but also ensured quite a decent functionality.

The device is equipped with two IPS-displays at once: external and internal. Screens have the same size and resolution. If the gadget is in the folded state, it is possible to use it as an ordinary smartphone. It is enough to leak the lid - and immediately get access to the physical keyboard.

Advantages :

  • Support 4G.
  • Long autonomous work.
  • Camera with flash and phase autofocus.
  • Modern "Operation" Android 7.0

Disadvantages :

  • Fragility - the total trouble of all "folding".
  • Inaccessibility - Russian users will definitely have to order a folding smartphone with two screens from China.

Where to buy : on the GearBest shopping area.