Smartphone overview with three SIM cards: ExplayTornado

As many sociological surveys show, most people try to present their loved ones for the holiday some electronics. And often the choice falls on smartphones. Given the price increase today, the choice of gift becomes much more important. Therefore, we try to acquire something worthwhile, but without leaving the scope of your budget. That is why we recommend familiar with the new product from Explay. The brand is already enough at the market, collecting many positive feedback from users.

Design and characteristics

This smartphone looks originally against the background of most black, gray and white devices, because it is presented in several bright shades. Regardless of what color you can stop, the smartphone model will be enclosed in a pleasant high-quality plastic with an attractive embossed under the skin. The smartphone comfortably falls into the hand. Thanks to a high-quality matrix, you can enjoy the picture on the screen at any viewing angle.

Camera, screen and battery

The five-year-point chamber will make it possible to make high-quality bright photos. The screen with high sensitivity, the function of simultaneous touch by multiple fingers is all allows you to quickly and conveniently work with a smartphone. The battery with a capacity of one and a half thousand milliamper-hours will allow you for a long time to enjoy the operation of the device. Mechanical keys are located on the side of the smartphone, so you will easily reach them with your finger.


This smartphone model allows you to simultaneously use three SIM cards. Thanks to this, you can significantly save your spending costs. Set the necessary actions for each SIM card, and this will greatly facilitate your work with this smartphone.


This smartphone is equipped with a quad-core processor. Built-in memory in four gigabytes you can always expand with memory cards.


The price of a smartphone in Russia is about 5000 rubles.