Smart lighting for the home: the most unusual lighting fixtures

Every year there are more and more smart things in our homes. Get smarter coffee makers and vacuum cleaners, doorbells and curtains for curtains. It's time for the lighting fixtures.

Smart lighting provides such advantages as energy efficiency and convenient control through digital assistants Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. Do not forget about the aesthetic component: a smart lighting device is a highlight of the interior, emphasizing the creativity of the owners and their passion for modern technologies.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition

  • Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant
  • Controller: included
  • Audio functions: yes
  • Color lighting: yes
  • Other features: more than 16 million shades, one controller controls up to 30 panels

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Nanoleaf offers a unique solution that combines smart features and light music. The starter kit includes nine LED panels, a control box and a Rhythm sound module. The triangular shape allows you to build a light source of any shape and practically unlimited length from the panels.

Interesting options for panel layouts will be suggested by the mobile application (but if none of the solutions appeals to you, you can simulate your own). In the augmented reality mode you will see how the light source fits into the room. Light control is carried out in three ways - through the application, interactive remote control or voice commands.

The Rhythm sound module attaches to one of the lightbars. He perceives sound from any source - speakers or live instruments. In response, the lighting panels begin to pulsate to the beat of the music. The result is a mesmerizing spectacle worthy of spaces with the most daring design.

The system supports up to 30 panels, the missing quantity can be ordered in addition to the basic set.


  • Compatible with popular voice assistants.
  • Fastened with mounting tape without screws.
  • You can lay out a lamp of arbitrary shape.


  • People who are not passionate about music will quickly get bored.
  • When ordering additional panels, the price increases dramatically.


  • Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant
  • Controller: Included in the kit
  • Audio Functions: No
  • Color Lighting: There is
  • Other features: More than 16 million shades, two options Mounting

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This kit will best look with a TV in the living room or at home theater. It includes two LED modules, a power adapter, Stand for desktop location and mounting equipment in case you want to hang it on the wall.

To illuminate the room, you can choose one of the 16 million shades. And in Appendix Philips Hue Sync It is possible to synchronize the light from the panels with a picture on the TV screen. Thus, the lighting in the room will vary dynamically depending on what is currently displayed on the screen. Like other lamps and accessories from the Philips Hue line, they can be controlled by voice commands. To one power supply connects to three panels.


  • Part of the Philips Hue ecosystem.
  • The possibility of integration into a "smart home".
  • Compatibility with popular voice heliers.
  • Colorful dynamic lighting.


  • The controller is not included.

Music Smart Light Sengled Solo Color Smart Music Bulb

  • Voice control: Amazon alexa
  • Controller: Not required
  • Audio Functions: There is
  • Color lighting: There is
  • Other features: Bluetooth-column, Synchronization Light and Music

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with standard E26 basement This unusual device connects to any desktop Lamp, Torshup or Bra. But this is not only a bright source of light, it is also an original music player with Bluetooth.

Without a mobile application, do not do. In Sengled Home, you will find tools for managing this light bulb and other smart devices released by the Sengled brand. There you can choose the desired shade of light and the brightness of the lighting. The sound is controlled by voice commands from any Amazon alexa device.

Automatic sleep timer will like those who are used to fall asleep to music: after the specified time interval, the melody subsides, and the room is immersed in the darkness. But in general, to listen to music through Sengled Solo, the light is not necessary - the speaker can work in complete darkness. And besides, there is a mode in which the light is synchronized with the playable audio file.


  • is connected via the E26 base as an ordinary light bulb.
  • Low price.
  • Synchronization of light with music.


  • No Wi-Fi support, it is impossible to control, being out of the house.
  • Only music is managed by voice commands, but not light.


  • Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant
  • Controller: Included in the kit
  • Audio Functions: No
  • Color Lighting: There is
  • Other features: Horizontal and vertical mounting, protection from adverse weather phenomena, 16 million colors, 50,000 shades of white

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Smart lighting device is not useful Only inside the house, but also beyond, for example, on the terrace, in a greenhouse or in the courtyard. Philips Hue Econic Outdoor can resist any weather conditions, providing up to 1150 lumens (approximately as an incandescent lamp at 100 W). There are included for it and mounting equipment for fasteners on the wall or ceiling.

This device enters the Philips Hue ecosystem, perfectly integrated with smart home systems, and monitoring ALEXA, Google and Siri smart protocols.


  • Included in the Philips Hue ecosystem.
  • is controlled by voice.
  • There is a detection timer and a function of a gradual increase in brightness.
  • You can use both inside the house and in the yard.
  • Supports remote control.


  • Installation is required.
  • The Philips Hue Hub controller is purchased separately.

Street lighting Ring Pathlight Starter Kit

  • Voice control: Amazon Alexa
  • Controller: Included in
  • Audio Functions: No
  • Color Lighting: No
  • Other features: Falls from replaceable batteries, Motion detection function, you can add additional lanterns

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Smart lighting is often integrated into home security systems. In this case, features such as motion detection, turn on / off on schedule and relationship with other smart devices.

The starting kit Ring Pathlight includes two yard lanterns and a command center that is placed indoors. Each flashlight operates from four batteries type D (enough about the year of operation). There are no wires, so the kit can be installed anywhere.

Motion detection function is active at a distance of up to 4.5 meters, its sensitivity is adjusted in the Ring mobile application. The inclusion of light is available both on a schedule and automatically - the lamp is capable of determining the moment of darkness.

The kit can also interact with the camera and door calls Ring, to request the start of recording when motion is detected.


  • Easy installation, Wireless operation.
  • Suitable for a smart home.
  • The application adjusts the brightness of lighting and sensitivity to the movement.


  • The potential is revealed in combination with other Ring products.
  • Voice control only by commands Alexa.


  • Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Controller: Not required
  • Audio Functions: No
  • Color lighting: No
  • Other Features: Vintage design, adjustable brightness

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At first glance, this light is not surprising.. It has no dynamics, she does not respond to music, and it looks very old enough - it does not distinguish it from a conventional lamp with incandescent thread. But this consists of her raisin. The vintage appearance lies a truly smart lighting device.

KASA LED bulb from TP-LINK is a simple and inexpensive way to get acquainted with intellectual lighting. It works through Wi-Fi and integrates in most smart home systems. Lighting parameters are adjustable via mobile application or voice commands. Light bulb can be combined into the system with other KASA lighting devices, then you can manage them simultaneously.


  • The lighting is controlled in several ways.
  • Does not need a special controller.


  • Not supported in the Apple Homekit ecosystem.

General Electric C SOL

  • Voice control: Amazon alexa
  • Controller: Not required
  • Audio Functions: No
  • Color Lighting: No
  • Other features: can function as a smart speaker Amazon Alexa, visual display of hours and timer, a few shades of white

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Form - not the only one notable This device. It can be used as an autonomous lighting device or independent smart speaker to control home appliances.

Round shape of the flask allows you to visualize the timer and clock. At night, the light can switch to a unique mode with the special parameters of the color of lighting and brightness that do not interfere with a healthy sleep.


  • The possibility of privacy deactivates the microphone.
  • Surround sound.
  • circadian rhythms.


  • Specific form will not fit into any interior.
  • There is no integration with Apple Homekit and Google Assistant.

Can intelligent lighting be controlled by conventional light switches?

Smart lighting at that and smart, which can be controlled by any convenient way. But alternative control options, for example, through a mobile application or voice commands are available.

Does intelligent lighting without Wi-Fi work?

Wireless communication is an important part of the intelligent light functional. But if the smart device is not tied to the physical switch, then without Wi-Fi you cannot manage it.

Wi-Fi Connection is necessary to send commands from a mobile device to the lighting device. Without it, you cannot turn on or turn off the light bulb, change its brightness or shade of light.

Does the smart electricity lamp spend in the off state?

Intellectual lighting is characterized by economy in terms of energy consumption, first of all, because it is possible to customize the schedule of work. But there is also a reverse side.

Since the intelligent lamp is more than just a lighting device, in an inactive state, it continues to consume electricity. This is due to the fact that the Wi-Fi component must remain in standby mode and be ready to accept the command to be turned on. True, the energy consumption is meager, and it will not have a noticeable effect on utility payments.