Skagen Falster Smart Watch Overview

Skagen Falster watches became the first real smart clocks of this company. How good are they and can they resist Apple Watch and Samsung Gear?

Skagen is a well-known clock manufacturer with pure Scandinavian designs that are offered at an affordable price. Although the origin of Scandinavian, since 2012 Skagen owned by the company Fossil. Therefore, headquarters are now in Texas, but there are branches in China and Europe.

It has already tried to produce hybrid smart watches Skagen Hagen, where there is counting steps and several smart features, but the new model works on the Google platform Wear OS (Former Android Wear). There are Always on Display and touch screen.

Design and size

Falster is a round clock that is very comfortable to wear. These are their main dignity. Many other hours are felt uncomfortable on the wrist. Over time, this feeling is only enhanced while one day you do not decide what is enough with you. Falth has no such problems.

Despite this, the clock is quite large and sweaty. The thickness of the body is 12 mm, it is flat and without bends, which is why there is still thicker other smart clocks with similar enclosures.

The size of hours is 42 mm, which is suitable for almost any wrist, both in men and women. They don't have other sizes, so if there are doubts whether they will be suitable for you, it is better to measure them, and not buying on the Internet without looking. If you have a tiny wrist, the clock still does not look too huge.

On the right side of the clock there is a plant head, which is felt too easy and does not give the desired feeling when pressed, but it can be used to it. You can not twist it as on Apple Watch, you can only click. Normal pressing opens the applications or returns to the home screen, long press starts the Google Assistant. There is no rotating frame around the screen, there are no fashionable tricks for control. All navigation occurs on the touch screen. This is somewhat disappointing, especially if you have experience with Apple or SAMSUNG clock.


All straps use a standard 20 mm, and their quality is equally excellent. There is a strap with metal cells that cost more than others, but at the same time cheaper Apple straps. Silver cells will cost $ 40, while black and gold at $ 50. There is also a leather strap with different colors for $ 35, NATO nylon strap for $ 25, standard silicone and nylon straps for $ 20 and $ 25. In any price category, the quality is excellent.

All these straps are mechanical. There are no fashionable magnetic snacks, and the adjustment will require a tiny pumping to shift the latch. If you used to wear ordinary hours, you should know about it. Examine the mechanism is very simple.


Let's find out that these hours can in reality. More precisely, let's start with what they cannot. The list is quite long for this price category: GPS, heartbeat monitoring, NFC, cellular communication. All this is not on Skagen Falster.

These are key functionality of modern smart watches. The absence of GPS means the absence of detailed tracking of running and other types of activity, as well as location services. The lack of heartbeat monitoring eliminates detailed analysis during fitness. Without NFC there are no mobile payments, no mobile phone calls.

What can I do? All the rest. For someone, the absence of the above capabilities does not play roles. You can receive notifications that the clock is very convenient. Of course, the interaction is not perfect. When a lot of messages come from Facebook Messenger, only the latter is transmitted as it should, others are simply not achieved. It is also possible to respond to messages. You can apply voice set, smiley or tiny uncomfortable keyboard for a text set. The keyboard is not recommended to use, but if it is very necessary, such an opportunity is.

Falth can display incoming calls. There is a built-in microphone, but it is impossible to take a call on the clock. If you do this, the call will be accepted on a connected smartphone. It is not clear why it is necessary when you can immediately do it on the smartphone manually.

If we talk about the dials, pre-installed variants are very small. To download others, you need to open the Play Store store, which will not be easy. Google platform means access to high-quality applications. The bad news is that these are watch apps and their functionality is limited. The programs on the watch are not used as often, so there are only key applications here. For example, this is the Google Weather program with good accuracy and speed, but the data set is not too wide. For sports activity, there is a Google Fit program.

Google Assistant

Don't forget the Google Assistant as it completely transforms the way you interact with your watch. This is the fastest and most impressive voice interface at the moment. It recognizes any command with high accuracy, respond quickly and reliably. It is currently the best virtual assistant.

You can set reminders, calendar events, alarms, send messages, view the weather, ask and receive answers to questions. Unfortunately, you can't control music playback on Spotify and do some other things.


Apparently, the watch will be able to work for only one day. If you wake up early and stay up late, the watch will either run out of battery completely, or the charge percentage will be in the single digits.

The Skagen Falster has an Always On screen, which contributes to higher power consumption, but I would still like to get more battery life. If you're looking to improve battery life, turning off the Always On screen is one of the first steps you'll need to take. In comparison, the popular Samsung Gear watch lasts 2 to 3 days, while the Apple Watch can last a day, but by the end of the day they have a higher charge level, as well as a higher amount of functionality.

As for recharging, there is a tiny magnetic charger that does the job well. Much like other smartwatches, it costs $25 if you need to buy a replacement. Unfortunately, the charging speed is very slow. You will have to charge the watch all night, during the day it will not be possible to quickly replenish the charge. In about two hours, they charged from zero to 57%.

Price, competitors and output

This watch was not found on Yandex. Market. In the West, a version with metal cells costs $295, with a leather strap $275. Samsung Gear S3 can be purchased for $300. In Russia, the Classic version costs 21,000 rubles, Frontier 20,500 rubles, Sport 17,300 rubles. The cost of Apple Watch starts from $330, in Russia from 20,000 rubles.

All of these watches have more features and sometimes even a lower price. If the price does not confuse you if you want to get comfortable when wearing a clock with a reliable voice assistant and the Always on Display screen, Skagen Falster will become a good choice.


  • Conveniently wearing
  • Excellent quality straps and low price for them
  • excellent work of Google Assistant
  • Always On Display
  • No nfc, GPS, monitoring of heartbeat, cellular communication
  • Price
  • Autonomy