Siri from Apple: what the program can do and how to use it?

Owners iPhone with iOS 9 - Large lucky. They can enjoy an improved Siri virtual assistant. What can the updated intelligent assistant from Apple?

SIRI - personal voice assistant with artificial intelligence, present on all contemporary Apple devices. Initially, Siri was a separate application that users of "apple" devices could load from the AppStore. In 2011, Apple acquired Siri, and the mobile application ceased to exist. For the first time , the voice assistant appeared on iPhone 4S as a component of the basic software.

The adventures of Siri in Russia

Apple developers before entering the iPhone 4S presented Siri as a revolutionary technology. However, the domestic fans of the Apple brand new feature disappointed - Siri just did not know how to talk in Russian. The function supported only a few languages ​​- French, German, Japanese and English in various variations (USA, Britain, Australia, Canada).

Hope that Siri will soon receive the support of the Russian language, domestic users have arisen after the release of the Beta version of iOS 7. The voice assistant was taught to read the names written in Cyrillic. Siri in Russian was able to pronounce their ridiculous, but earlier the program did not even try to do this.

With the advent of iOS version 8.3, Siri, finally, officially mastered the Russian language, and besides him more than several - for example, Malay, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai. However, domestic users were still unhappy - due to the features and multifaceted Russian language, the program did not work correctly.

Siri's truly suitable for daily use has become only with iOS output 9. The updated helper was smarter: he began to understand complex requests and process them significantly faster (according to the manufacturer - by 40%). IOS 9 came out on June 8, 2015 - from this day, Russian users stopped looking at Siri as a funny, but useless toy.

The quality of SIRI work depends not only on the version of the operating system, but also from the iPhone modification. You can fully use Siri on the iPhone 6th generation and newer models. The problem of previous models is that they are not able to effectively effectively filter out a surveillance.

What can Siri Assistant?

Find out about the possibilities of the intellectual assistant Siri, it will be possible to see if he has himself. Enough ask a question: " Siri, what do you know?"- and a list of all basic functions and features of the program will appear on the screen.

If the user asks Siri to perform an operation that is not familiar to it, the program will answer that I did not understand (as in the image on the right). However, such situations are rare: the functionality of modern Siri is quite wide. What tasks are able to perform this program?

Laying the route. Running of the navigator and manual entering the address in the string can take away a lot of time. It is much easier to activate Siri and ask her to pave the route to the desired point. You can form a request like this: " Siri, how to get to Lenin Street, 56?. "

The built-in iPhone navigator is often criticized, but it is not at all so bad. Thanks to its capabilities, Siri is capable not only to show how to get to the address by the shortest way, but also to answer, how long is the road to.

The creation of alarm clock . You need to tell Siri to the user, for what time it should wake up in the morning, and the program itself will lead the alarm clock. You can ask not only specific hours and a minute, but also time interval. For example, if the user applies the " Siri request, wake me up after 30 minutes", the program itself counts half an hour, pushing out from the current time.


Planning a calendar. This feature of Siri "on the weight of gold" for business people. Thanks to the intelligent assistant, the iPhone user can schedule a telephone conversation with a business partner, assign or cancel the meeting scheduled earlier, to adjust the meeting time - and all this is not referring to the built-in calendar application directly. Siri does not just blindly fix the plans of the owner of the iPhone - if, say, the telephone conversation and the designated meeting coincide in time, the virtual assistant will definitely inform the user about it.

Sending messages. Write an SMS message or an email using a tiny buttons of the on-screen keyboard is not very convenient - especially when T9 is so strive to slip the word ridiculous and absolutely unsuitable by context. Put a text message - another thing. The user who will try to do it for the first time will surely be surprised at how cool Siri recognizes Russian.

At the Intellectual Assistant Apple has other functions - less useful, but very funny:

  • Coin. What if you need to solve the argument with the lot, and in your pocket there are bills? Clear - ask to throw a Siri coin. The money from the iPhone, of course, will not fall down - the virtual assistant will simply inform, that fell: eagle or rush.
  • Title. The user of the iPhone can order Siri to call himself a "great emperor" or "the Lord of the Galaxy" - and the assistant will obey. This feature is useful only for those who have Majoria - the rest she just raises the mood.

How to use Siri?

Enable SIRI can be 2 ways. The first way is to press the " HOME key" (69] "and hold it until the blue screen appears and Siri will ask how it can help (" What can I Help You WITH?").

Second Method - Voice Activation: The user simply can pronounce " Hi, Siri!", and the virtual assistant will immediately start working. To start the Siri in the second way it is possible, you must proceed to the virtual assistant settings and activate the corresponding slider.

On iPhone 6S and the latest models, you can activate Siri voice at any time. On iPhone 6 and less modern devices include a virtual assistant with the team "Hi, Siri!" It will be possible only if the mobile device is on recharging.

After the program starts and the sound recording line (as in voice recorders) appears on the screen, it is necessary to dictate a command or question. We, for example, ask Siri, " How much will it be 120 for 80?"- Obviously, if she is a robot, it should be considered faster than man. The virtual assistant processes the voice command of the user and translates it into the text that appears on the iPhone screen.

Then Siri thinks over the answer and gives it. The duration of the "delimitation" depends on the complexity of the request - arithmetic actions The intellectual assistant performs for the fraction of a second.

Siri uses embedded iPhone applications to perform banal operations. If the user wants to receive information that Siri is unable to give (for example, " How many years do cats live?"), the program will redirect it to the global network.

By default, the virtual assistant applies the Bing Search System. If the user wants to contact another system, it should be clarified this moment - say, say, " Find in Google, how many years cats live." Then Siri will launch the Safari browser and will independently enable the request in the search string.

It is noteworthy that Siri is capable of learning. If the user "swallows" with a virtual assistant 1.5-2 hours, he will certainly notice that the program began to understand it better and fulfill the requirements faster. Siri needs time to adapt to the specifics of the pronunciation of a particular user.


Despite the fact that the SIRI is already quite effective and able to perform many useful actions according to voice requests Apple's virtual assistant has something to strive for. Recent studies have shown that Siri although it is better to recognize with an emphasis than Alexa from Amazon, but it perfectly loses on this criterion to Assistant from Google called Google Home.

Apple is not going to stop improving its intelligent assistant - Siri regularly receives new skills. For example, on iOS 10, the assistant can order a pizza to the user's house and make money transfers through the Square Cash service.