Secret search for best mobile applications: try everything

One of the most popular questions in my news feed in Facebook has recently been such: whether to refuse to use the Apple Music service and return to Spotify. Many users have their own mind about streaming services, from "Apple Music This garbage" before "Try better Google Play Music". A significant number of commentators tried two of these services and chose what they like more. However, many use the service that tried first, without trying to compare with other options. This is the secret of finding the best applications: use the one that is best than everyone else. In the era of free services and almost instant downloads, we often do not spend anything, except for their time and small efforts to try out several available product options before choosing one. There is nothing perfect. Despite the descriptions, reviews and number of stars in the ratings, everything must be trying to yourself.

When the release of the Apple Music service was released and the first 3 months were free for all, the most correct solution was to register in it, install the iPhone on the home screen and it should be studied by postponing all other options aside. A month later, it was already possible to understand whether to continue or the spotify vertices are still unattainable for Apple.

The case is not only in the complex design of the Apple Music service, uncomfortable for many hours work with it, but also in a constant reminder of the iTunes mentality. Well, another minus Apple Music is the absence of many years compiled by users in other services of playlist lists.

The longer you use the service, the hardest go to another. For photo applications, this is especially hard. Months went to the conviction of themselves in what will be too difficult to switch to Dropbox Carousel to the Google Photos released in May. When you go, you need to spend a lot of time for downloading and moving files than simply too lazy to engage.

As a result, the solution to try Google Photos was taken after I saw the work of the service on a friend's smartphone. After importing photos from the camera and work with the application within a few days, it was decided to transfer the entire image library. The application is faster than others, it is easier to use and offered an unlimited disk space. Shortly after Dropbox announced plans to close the Carousel service before the end of the year.

Naturally, you will not like every new service that you try. Sometimes you put a new application that attracts your appearance, and find disadvantages in functionality. After opening that the e-mail address has become to work with Google Inbox, it was decided to translate notifications from Microsoft Outlook.

The modern Google approach to email applications seems like the approach of the future. Messages are grouped by content, organized by dates and have the best reminder system. However, when many letters, InBox does not cope. It becomes more difficult to manage letters, the app has a look at the sorting of letters, which is not suitable for everyone.

Therefore, after a week I had to return to Outlook. Even without an appearance design, Microsoft applies excellently with its duties, and at the same time seem to be familiar. However, it is always worth seeing personally that the new application was no better than the old one.

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