SAMSUNG smartphones series

Korean brand Samsung creates some of the best smartphones in the world and from year to year shows excellent sales. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is a large selection of models with a variety of prices. In this regard, the question appears - how to figure out the variety of lines and the devices included in them?

At first glance, everything is quite simple. The actual line of the company are represented by the series:

  • m
  • A
  • s
  • Note

Separately, you can consider Z Flip and Fold phones.

Many users approximately understand positioning: S and Note - Premium gadgets, Z Flip and Fold - Experimental, with flexible screens, A - Middle segment, M - budget devices. But if we consider separate models within each series and their cost, it turns out that the logic of such separation does not work. How else to figure out and what ultimately buy?

Series S

Serie S is Samsung's flagships that enabled all the best that there is in the world of smartphones and, directly, at the brand. So, for example, the senior representative of the current line Samsung Galaxy C20 ultra offers a powerful processor, one of the best cameras and an incredible screen. This advantages do not end. The phone has excellent stereo sounds, a complete set of wireless modules (including 5G), moisture protection, different charging methods and much more. Younger devices are also worse - C20 and C20 +. In some way, they are easier than an older model (less screen, battery, other camera modules) and cost a little cheaper, but despite this, they offer unique chips that will not be in other Samsung rules.

Who will suit Galaxy S: Users wishing to obtain maximum opportunities and buy a smartphone, relevant at least 2-3 years.

Series Note

Note - these are the same Galaxy S, but with one important Difference - they have the stylus and the corresponding software. Someone will seem that there is no particular sense to produce a separate lineup for this, but in practice it is necessary to strictly distinguish between the model S and Note on the target audience. If Galaxy S is a choice of those who are looking for the best, NOTE are phones for creative personalities and business people.

Software-developed software Stylus on the devices of the Note series is very convenient. In fact, the owner of the gadget receives an electronic notepad in which you can do notes or sketches. There are almost no differences from records on paper, and there is a difference in convenience: electronic notes are easier to sort and search, if necessary - edit. In addition, the phone is always next to the owner, in contrast to the usual notepad.

It is worth noting that for a long time smartphones Galaxy Note were expensive, and not everyone could afford them. In recent years, inside the line appeared and affordable models appeared, the functionality of the stylus is not inferior flagships, but offering a simpler iron.

Who will suit Note: creative and business people choosing a productive smartphone with advanced features for work provided by the stylus and special software.

Series A

The so-called medium-sized line A in the case in a strict sense is not is an. The model range begins with budgetary devices (up to 10,000 rubles) and ends with gadgets, the cost of which is comparable to the flagships of Chinese brands (under 40000 rubles). So what are the smartphones of the series a?

These are devices offering the best value for money. From the S series, they are distinguished by the absence of sophisticated options (for example, no wireless charging ) and not such expensive execution materials. In other words, the buyer of any device Galaxy A can be sure that the iron in it will maximize the cost of the gadget and at the same time do not have to overpay for advanced (and not all necessary) functions. It is no coincidence that models included in the top 10 best-selling phones around the world appear in the Galaxy A lineup.

Who will suit Galaxy A: buyers wishing to get the perfect balance between cost and parameters in any price category.

Series M

The Galaxy M series appeared among the Lines Samsung recently. This coincided with the conclusion of the J-series smartphones presenting the most affordable devices of the company and served as a conversation that the budget devices are sold inside M. However, the cost of smartphones in this series begins from 8-10 thousand rubles and ends 25-30 thousand. And this is not at all fiscal, so what is the trick?

Initially, the M series was created as a certain analogue of a series A, but with the difference that the latter was widely advertised and was represented on shop windows, and M sold exclusively through the Internet and without any Advertising. Now it is not so - both rules are available on the shop windows.

Differences are that Galaxy A is not only a combination of prices and parameters, but also a bet on appearance. A rather thin case, mortise cameras, a subesecular dactyloskop - all these signs of style and compliance with trends are presented in the phones of the A. Series of A. Models Galaxy M - this is often a drop-shaped cutout, less pleasant to the sensations of plastic case without any patterns and Located from behind Dactyloskop. But at the same time, the phones have very capacious batteries and are not inferior (and sometimes exceed) a series A performance. In other words, A is practicality + design, M is the maximum practicality.

Who will suit Galaxy M: by the buyer who want to get the best combination of prices and parameters without looking back on the design.


Currently called FOLD and Z FLIP with full range hard, since few devices are released within them. Rather, they can be viewed as a concept. Immediately it is worth notify that the models overlooking these names are niche products suitable not all.

Galaxy Fold is a smartphone with a flexible screen, which not only came out in the world one of First, but also quite well for sale. This is a major device with a steep filling and original design, often considered as men's due to sizes.

If there is a desire to stand out and the ability to spend a large amount on the smartphone, then FOLD is an excellent choice.

Galaxy Z Flip - another unique device with a high price tag, made in the form factor of folding beds. In counterweights FOLD, it is quite compact and has more female features enclosed in design and color solutions.

This model will become the perfect options for girls who want to attract attention and select an unusual device for this.


Samsung is the leader in the production and sale of smartphones on Android. For some time, Devices from Korea bribed more to the quality and fame of the manufacturer, but was inferior to competitors in terms of price and filling. In recent years, the situation changes. Today Samsung makes excellent phones with adequate value, and this rule works for any line of the company.