Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini: Release Date, News and Rumors

Compact flagships Samsung may return several years later. And may not return.


No doubt, the smartphone Galaxy S8 turned out to be a major success. This is spoken including the volume of sales, which turned out to be higher than in last year's flagship Galaxy S7. However, the Galaxy S8 and S8 + models are intended for lovers large screens. There are a lot of people who prefer more compact smartphones to work with one hand. There are rumors that the Galaxy S8 Mini will soon be released. It will be intended for fans of compact devices and owners of large palms.

Who can be interested in Galaxy S8 Mini

Samsung Not released versions of MINI smartphones since 2014, when Galaxy S5 mini appeared. It was significantly simplified compared to Galaxy S5, but S8 mini should be almost the same as the standard Galaxy S8. It will be a premium device, not an average price device.

S8 mini should be attractive to many buyers, although the smartphone will not be so powerful as the standard option. Here the side as side of the screen is 18.5: 9, an externally smartphone will look just like Galaxy S7, only less. Regarding the resolution of the information screen yet.

Presummage Specifications

The device can work on last year's Snapdragon 821 instead of SNAPDRAGON 835. This should not be a great disadvantage, since this chip employs popular Google smartphones Pixel and LG G6 and no problems with speed are tested. There is also a rainbow eye scanner, 4 GB of memory, a rear camera of 12 megapixel.

The amount of flash memory will decrease from 64 GB in the standard version up to 32 GB. Over the place will remain a slot for memory cards MicroSD, which will give up to 256 GB. Available images show the difference in size between the standard Galaxy S8 and MINI. Judging by them, S8 Mini will be closer to the usual S5 than the Galaxy S5 mini was to the standard Galaxy S5. It is not yet known whether there will be a digital assistant BIXBY. Recently, it appeared in 200 countries on Galaxy S8 and S8 +, to run it on the case there is a button.

It will be interesting to observe the evolution of the sizes. The first model of Galaxy Note was considered a tablet interpretation with a 5.3 inches screen diagonal, now the same size can be at Galaxy Mini.

The release date and price

ITHOME does not know when the smartphone appears in stores. Rumors talk about startup at the end of August of the device Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is possible that the South Korean company will introduce the Galaxy S8 Mini with him. On the other hand, Galaxy Note has always been released separately and do not share with anyone.

It limits the options for the release of mini. Samsung can not do this after September, because then attention should be riveted to Galaxy S9. This means that S8 mini should get on the counters until September. Once marketing and promotional materials have already been created and circulated in the company, the device must be at the final stages of development.

It will be interesting to find out in which countries the smartphone will go on sale. Samsung can choose a limited release, for example, only in China and South Korea. Obviously, the price will be lower than on Galaxy S8 and S8 +, but how much, it is unknown. S8 mini can be a competitor OnePlus 5, which contains premium hardware characteristics and a double rear chamber at a price of $ 479.

The price of Galaxy S8 decreases

in the meantime, in the US, the price of ordinary Galaxy S8 falls. The Best Buy store sells it for $ 500 instead of the last price of $ 650. In Russia Yandex. Market offers this smartphone for 39300 rubles.

Last Information

The Leaker technological site claims that the smartphone is eventually released will. On the other hand, Benchmark Geekbench hints at its appearance with a non-announced SnapDragon 840 processor.