The line of top smartphones from Samsung was replenished with a new version of the popular "four" Samsung Galaxy S4 mini overview that summarizes all the most interesting information about this model.


Externally, as promised Samsung representatives This phone completely copies the basic model, with the exception of dimensions. A reduced "copy" has a size of 12.4x6.13x0.89cm at a weight of 107g.

Performance and software

Tests carried out using specialized applications showed that in almost all basic parameters the mini version loses the senior model S4.

, in contrast to the base model, it is used here not eight, but a dual-core processor and moreover with less than the tenth part of the clock frequency of 1.7 GHz. RAM Manufacturers also found it necessary to reduce 500MB and leave only 1.5GB. Similarly, with basic memory, it is at the level of the budgetary apparatus of the initial level-8GB. The device runs running the Android 4.2 operating system. The smartphone has a GLONASS navigation module GPS, built-in geomagnetic compass, accelerometer and gyroscope.


SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 MINI The characteristics of the touch screen are as follows:

Technology: Super AMOLED ;

The number of pixels per inch: 256;

Diagonal: 4.3 '.

The screen supports MultiTouch technology, which recognizes not only single touch to the screen, but also gestures of several fingers. The screen perceives up to eight simultaneous touches.

The presence of the approximation sensor allows you to approach the device to the head for a telephone conversation, block the sensor and muffle the screen for energy saving.

The screen is closed with protective glass with anti-glare and oleophobic coating. Automatic brightness adjustment in the dark room reduces brightness and under the sun on the contrary, increases for user convenience.

The chamber

is traditionally for smartphones of camera S4 mini, the main and frontal. The main camera is more productive and thanks to the 8 megapixel chamber allows you to take pictures with a resolution of 3264x1836. The camera has good sharpness, and the image digitization algorithms used in the device allow you to get good photos. The 1.9MP selfie camera has a default resolution of 1280X720. The main camera allows you to shoot video with a resolution of 1080p. The video is saved in MP4 format. In low light conditions, LED flash is used. It can be activated automatically if the light sensor shows an extremely low level. The flash can also be turned on and off manually.


The review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini would be somewhat disappointing if not for the battery of this smartphone. A modest 1900 mAh battery by today's standards, with a relatively low screen power consumption, allows you to watch videos for twelve and a half hours or four and a half hours to enjoy 3D games. In this regard, the phone bypasses even some of the flagship "widescreen".


Despite the proud S4 index in the name of the smartphone, it essentially has little in common with the base model, practically only one name remains. The specifications eloquently tell us that this is a completely different smartphone model in terms of hardware and performance. Of course, marketers did their best to sell the device, even gave it a flagship name, but alas, not its capabilities.

The recommended price for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is on average up to 20,000 rubles.