that the company of Samsung Electronics is preparing for the release of a new " Furniture" became unofficially known shortly before official Presentations, which took place in 2014 in the city of Berlin. Some of the novelties were waiting for more a powerful processor and new cameras, and someone said that it would be in a waterproof performance, but not all expectations were destined to justify.


SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 Overview In terms of its appearance, it will be partly to repeat the overview of the triple, since the device's body has not undergone significant changes compared with the previous version. The main difference in the metal frame around the perimeter of the smartphone. Rear plastic cover, textured "under the skin". Front plastic panel with protective glass insert.

At the very first look, Note 4 is no different from Note 3, but after a few minutes of "close acquaintance" the differences becomes noticeable. So the "home" button has become slightly larger, and the pulse sensor is located under the camera, it is the activator of the function selfie. Smartphones are available in four color variations: traditional black and white couple, pink and bronze colors.

Performance and

It is known that smartphones for networks LTE (Cat6) are equipped with a Qualcom Snap Dragon processor 2.7 GHz. There are official information on the production of models with an eight nuclear processor with a clock frequency of 1.9 GHz. The volume of RAM in Note 4 is 3GB. The onboard built-in memory has a volume of 32GB. There is an extension slot for memory cards in format microSD. Maps are supported up to 64GB. Fingerprint scanner became more accurate, and surpassed in S5.

updates touched S-Pen of the smartphone stylus. After examining the feedback from the previous models, Samsung engineers decided to make the stylus more ergonomic and bring the physics of sensations to the feelings of the letter with an ordinary ballpoint handle. The stylus was able to recognize the slope and more than two thousand degrees of pressure on the screen even the speed of the letter is now taken into account. In fact, the developers managed to achieve maximum similarity.

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SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 The characteristics of which are customary to map with Note 3 is characterized by a more advanced screen. Here, the developers are nicely worked out by creating a good 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display. It implements QUADHD technology that allows you to form an image with a resolution of 1440 to 2560pix. In the third version of Note, there was a more modest screen with FullHD resolution, with the same display sizes. Naturally, the "four" image has become more saturated and clear, and this is noticeable immediately.


The main chamber has the resolution of the matrix 16MP., Three units more than in Note 3. New SmartOis technology is used to stabilize the image. The front camera also acquired in megapixels, there are now 3.7 in it, with an angle of shooting expanded to 120 degrees (previously 90). In Galaxy Note 4 it became possible to make panoramic selfie photos. Previously, this feature was used in devices from Huawei. In the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 overview of the main chamber is the same as the third model.


Rechargeable battery is the most downloaded component of any Android device. The fourth Note series uses a 3220 mAh battery. It seems essential, but the practice shows that even such a battery capacity is enough for only 1 day if the device is not limited to exploit itself. The battery has the ability to quickly recovery, thanks to which half of its capacity, it is gaining from the network in just 30 minutes. Improved energy saving modes.


There is a unique prototype with two screens - EDGE version. It was demonstrated on the exhibition of high technologies and attracted a lot of attention. Interestingly, one of its screens has a curved shape.