The company Samsung Electronics on the wave of commercial success Samsung smartphone Galaxy Note 2 was expanded in 2013 a Note lineup to a new model. Note 3 refers to the "Fablet" -promotive class of devices between smartphones and tablets, due to its large display, but the usual name "smartphone" is also widely applied to it.


The first thing that the user notes for the first time that took into hand this smartphone except its large screen is a small thickness of the hull. Only 8.3 millimeters enter into a high-tech electronic filling. Compared with the previous model, the new apparatus ran in weight by 12 grams, its weight is 168g. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 overview of which is presented here, was performed in a white plastic housing with a back cover also white with a texture "under the skin". There are data on the release of smartphones with rear lids of other colors. The device is equipped the stylus S-Pen.

performance and software

Hardware complex Note 3 version LTE built on the basis of the CPAN Dragon 800 Quad Core processor with clock Frequency 2.3GHz. 3G version has its own Exynos processor. Volume of RAM 3GB, but some volumes are invariably reserved for system processes.

The device supports the Android 4.3 JB platform with the TouchWiz manufacturer's branded. Among other pre-installed applications and gadgets also software for stylus :

  • AirCommand - allows you to control the device with the help of the stylus without direct contact with the screen surface and call a small menu for five commands;
  • ActionMemo - Work with handwritten text;
  • ScreenWrite - allows you to make records right on the screen screenshot;
  • Scrapbook - copies and saves the image from the screen of the screen circled by the stylus.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 review would be incomplete without mentioning a pre-installed manufacturer of KNOX software. This extension of the Android operating system, intended to expand the integration and security management capabilities of the mobile device.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 The screen characteristics differ from the previous model only with an area. This is all the same superamoled high resolution display.

The chamber

is traditionally two, front and main, located on the back of the housing. The main chamber has a resolution of 13 megapixels, it allows you to keep a video with a resolution of 1080p at speeds up to 60 frames per second. The camera is equipped with an automatic image stabilization system and has a built-in BSI sensor. Photographing in conditions of insufficient illumination is possible thanks to the built-in flash. The front camera is similar to those used in the previous model.


In the smartphone, a lithium-ion compact rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3,200 mA / h is used. The battery reduction rate is directly proportional to the number of applications running simultaneously and the data transfer tools included. To preserve the battery charge for a long time, the manufacturer recommends using the energy-saving mode.


Do not belong to some announcers announcements about incredibly high performance of the performance processor. A group of independent experts has established that the processor (SNAPDRAGON800) artificially started accepted when testing with some test programs, which does not mean as high performance in normal mode.