Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone: camera review

Today we will try to figure out the level of the chamber on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Immediately, let's say that, according to manufacturers, the device chamber will allow you to remove picturesque, high-quality and clear photos. Recall that the Galaxy Nexus has a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus feature.

We now turn directly to the results obtained.

during shooting, the quality of photos disappointed us a little.

In principle, photographs look quite normal, but if you double the picture is twice, then defects become visible. It can be said that there is not enough clarity, details are not visible in the photo, for example, car numbers.

In the pictures of bookcases, you can disassemble the text if the shooting is performed with a drop-down light.

But, if you take pictures in not so well lit room, then the text does not look so readable.

Note that the speed of the shooting itself is very high due to the almost zero delay of the shutter, which allows you to capture interesting dynamic moments. But it can also lead to a noticeable trembling in the photos.

Panoramic pictures on samsung Galaxy Nexus are very good.

But we note that the color rendition is not so natural, like Apple iPhone 4S.

In general, all the advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy Nexus cameras can be seen in the pictures given in this article. And we only note that photos on this smartphone can be obtained both very good and very bad, very fuzzy.

This circumstance disappoints, since on the device the camera must correspond to its price level.