Last replenishment in the smartphone line Samsung, the Galaxy A7 model was recently represented by the general public. At the time of the announcement of the novelty it was the most thin smartphone in the world. SAMSUNG GALAXY A7 Review Contains a known information from foreign sources including a description of the appearance of the device, information about the hardware and software stuffing. The production of this smartphone has been established in Malaysia, and the first sales were planned exactly there.


For the first time, taking the smartphone in the hands of the surprise of his fine body with a thickness of only 6.3 mm! Light Samsung Galaxy A7 perfectly "lies" in the palm of the palm of the large screen. The housing is reinforced by contour with a metal frame of light alloy, similar to the preceding models A3 and A4. Such a design is a forced measure for most of the devices with large displays that are subject to breakage with careless bending of the device. The design almost completely repeats A5 with the exception of small details.

Performance and by

The chipset is built on the basis of the popular 8-nuclear processor Qulcomm Snap Dragon, version with the Exynos processor is also available. The smartphone uses a new Android Kitkat 4.4 operating system for Samsung Galaxy A7. The characteristics of which are familiar to users LG Nexus 5. Volume of RAM of the device is 2 GB, constant on-board memory in the 16GB smartphone. The smartphone uses two memory cards and there is a slot for connecting Micro SD media. One of the slots for the SIM card is constructively combined with a connector for external connected memory, which made it possible to save space on the side faces of the case and do not make an additional memory port. The Touchwiz interface is already familiar to users of other models Samsung smartphones.

Smartphone supports the following communication standards:

• GSM;



A set of pre-installed applications does not promise to be diverse, it is expected that it will include all the same programs as in the A5 series.


In the new A7, a 5.5 inch SUPER AMOLDHD touchscreen display is used with a 1080x1920px matrix resolution. This is not the most advanced novelty indicator, because the older model of the Note screen is supported by the highest QuadHD resolution. However, the position of this smartphone on the market was barely marked well, and perhaps it will not be extended to be very popular.


The camera located on the front side of the smartphone allows you to make high-quality selfie photos due to the relatively large for the front camera (5 MP) permission. The main camera is 3 megapixel. "Weaker" than in Galaxy Note 4, its resolution is 13 megapixels. It is noteworthy that the front camera can be controlled by voice.


The battery in this model has a capacity of 2600 mAh. SAMSUNG engineers assure that due to the optimized chipset architecture, the battery will work longer than a similar container battery installed on other Android smartphones.


Only the time will show how much Samsung Galaxy A7 is a review of which Many brand fans will be relevant and in demand. Now you can assume that one From the decisive factors on which its further fate depends will be a market competitive value.