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The most interesting and useful gifts for Valentine's Day at competitive prices from the Chinese online store.

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Gearbest suggests choosing gifts for February 14: get acquainted With all sorts of baubles or quite useful things better in advance, because the delivery from China will leave. You can get acquainted with the range of accessories, household appliances and various electronics on which discounts are subject to by a special page. Gearbest offers not to break her head over a gift, highlighting the most suitable products in separate categories.

If you look at the "Gift for Her" section, the purchase of smart scales yanmai mini 2 is suggested. The data from this device is entered on the smartphone, which allows you to monitor the schedule of a set or weight loss. If you are afraid that the girl does not understand you, then you can purchase an electrical toothbrush SOOCAS SOOCARE X3. Agree - this is exactly the thing for the purchase of which some kind of woman is unlikely to decide to spend their own money. At the same time, the usefulness of such a brush does not cause any doubt.

As for gifts for a guy, then Gearbest allows you to roast. During the promotion for small money, you can buy a very good fitness bracelet Lenovo HW01. This device displays the number of steps over the day, synchronizing information with the smartphone. If the young man already carries a clock on his hand, you can think about the acquisition Bluetooth headset Meizu EP51. Such an accessory will allow not to worry about the fact that the new phones have no 3.5-millimeter audio connector.

Gearbest offers and smartphones, without which no sale is required. Discount this time extends to just a few models. The most interesting device is Vernee x. This is a device with a huge amount of memory and a battery, the capacity of which reaches the impressive 6200 mAh. On the front panel of the device there is a 6-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. Everything is in order at the gadget and with cameras - both modules are double. During the sale, you can think about the purchase LEECO LE PRO 3 ELITE. It is already more a cheap smartphone, which has a screen with a standard side as a part of the Full HD. The device includes 4 GB of operational and 32 GB of permanent memory. The processor uses SNAPDRAGON 820, so there will be no problems with the launch of the games.

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The action passes from 22 to 29 January inclusive. However, Online store recommends hurrying, since a discount for some products is acting a little less.