Review Yota Yotaphone 2

YotaPhone 2 is a multifunctional smartphone from the Russian manufacturer "Yota Device", which is going to China. The reason for the assembly of this smartphone in China is cheap labor in this country. YotaPhone 2 is very different from its predecessor. The developers have a lot of original and interesting ideas, but in the first model they could not intend them to realize them. And in Yotaphone 2 everything is completely different. All ideas are improved and cross in a fundamentally new smartphone. What is the different second model from the first? Let us consider in more detail in this article.

The most important feature of Yotaphone 2 is the presence of two screens: the main one is colored, and the extra is black and white. Main screen color AMOLED with a resolution of 441 PPI, which will ensure a clear display of the picture with bright colors. It has a diagonal of 5 inches. With this size it is quite convenient to read information from Internet pages, use applications and play games. The secondary screen is executed with E-INC technology. Simple language is electronic ink. Most often, such screens are used in electronic books. The second screen is a diagonal of 4.7 inches. Of course, you will not quite conveniently read large texts on it, but if you get used to it, it is much more convenient than wearing an e-book with you all the time. Still as well as the predecessor, except that the additional screen has now become sensory.

The YotaPhone 2 smartphone was equipped with two screens in order to create the main chip - a large duration of the smartphone without additional recharge. You use a smartphone, and if you have a low charging percentage, then you go to a black and white screen, and your mobile phone can work for a long time. After charging the battery to the maximum level when using the main screen of the smartphone on the full brightness, you will be enough for 10 hours, and when using a secondary screen, your smartphone will stretch two or four days! Agree that this is a worthy indicator.

Operating system

Works Yotaphone 2 on the latest Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system. Also, this smartphone has a powerful technical stuffing. Of course, she is unlikely to inspire the gameman, but a person acquiring a smartphone to communicate and work, she will please. Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor provides uninterrupted operation. The frequency of the processor is 2200 megahertz. They have 4 kernels and video chip Anreno 330. All this in the aggregate gives smartphone excellent speed. The developers gave a smartphone excellent design. Rounded angles look very careful. And in general, the smartphone looks solid.


Yotaphone 2 has excellent multimedia capabilities. Smartphone supports many popular audio and video formats. The camera of this smartphone has a resolution of 8 million megapixels. There is also a front camera with a resolution of 2.1 million megapixels. Used the most common headphone connector with a diameter of 3.5 millimeters.

For the compactness of mobile phones, many manufacturers gradually go to Nano SIM cards. This model is very interesting that the module for the SIM card is hidden under the rocker to adjust the volume of the music played. Of course, this is an original solution that cannot but attract the attention of the buyer.

So, the smartphone YotaPhone is an excellent smartphone from the Russian company "Yotadevice". The main goal of the developer was the right and reasonable introduction to the smartphone of unusual ideas and creating a smartphone with an Android operating system that could work without difficulty without recharging for a long time. Fortunately, the developers did everything, and now we can purchase the latest smartphone YotaPhone 2, which breaks all the usual views.

Price in stores 40000 rubles.