At the end of November 2019, TECNO introduced a new Camon 12 Air smartphone in Russia. The device received a triple camera, a “dot display” and a capacious battery. What else he can read in our review.

Picking up a new smartphone from TECNO for the first time, a thought arises in my head - what is its cost. According to all the sensations, this device cannot be cheaper than 12-15 thousand rubles. As you use it, the feeling intensifies and what a surprise it was when it turned out that it was for sale for 8,999 rubles. It should be noted right away that the phone is not without flaws, but all of them are so insignificant, and the cost is so “delicious” that they are forgotten in an instant.

Technical parameters

  • Materials: plastic, glass
  • Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Processor: 4-core MediaTek MT6761, clock frequency up to 2.0 GHz
  • Video accelerator: IMG GE8300 660MHz
  • RAM / user memory: 3/32 GB (about 23.29 GB free)
  • Slot for memory card : department 256 GB maximum
  • Display: 6.55 inch, IPS, 1600×720 resolution, 20:9
  • Main camera: 16+5+2 MP, f/1.8, f/2.4, f/2.8
  • Front camera: 8 MP, f/2.0
  • Security: fingerprint sensor, face scan
  • Navigation: GPS/Glonass
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 76.1 x 164.2 x 8.1 mm
  • Weight: 181 grams

Packaging and contents

Camon 12 Air supplied in a rectangular box with a picture of a smartphone, an engraved name and a description of technical characteristics. Inside, a neatly packed telephone with factory films on the display and back, an envelope with documentation, glass, paper clip for SIM card tray, transparent Case. Under the envelope in the substrate , the power supply unit, cable microUSB, headset. The kit is pleasant - after purchase separately do not have to buy anything.

It costs to immediately note that the case, although it is a conventional silicone bumper, but still not so ordinary. Firstly, it has a textured surface, which prevents sliding and increases ergonomics, and secondly, the name of the brand and model and thirdly, it has a plug for microUSB connectors and headphones. It will keep the smartphone from dust, garbage and moisture.


Seeing diagonal in specifications seems That this is a huge "shovel", which does not fall into a small palm. Reality turned out to be pleasant - Camon 12 AIR is neat and enough small device. 90% of the front panel takes the display, the frame is thin, therefore it was possible to accommodate such a diagonal to a compact case. Visually the phone is very beautiful. The color "Blue Bay" plays beautifully in light, has unobtrusive engraving, which is not striking, but leaves some "mysteriousness". Expected body turned out to be marked, but there is nothing surprising in this. Any glossy plastic or glass is covered with prints. The display showed itself in the opposite way - for the week of active use, I did not have to erase the prints.

The location of the elements is standard. On the front panel no extra elements - the camera is neatly embedded into the corner, the conversational speaker in the transition from the display to the top face. If you do not look after, it may seem that it is not. Lower face - speaker, microUSB connector, microphone, connector 3.5. Right face - separate power and volume buttons. They have a pleasant move and are accompanied by a slight click when pressing. They are successfully located - the finger without difficulty find even in the dark. Left face - slot for two sim cards and memory cards. An interesting point - there is a rubber gasket on the tray, which hints to protect against moisture. It is not claimed by the manufacturer, so it is not worth conducting experiments. The upper face is empty.

Upper end
Lower end
Left face
Right facet

The back turned out to be laconic - the triple camera module with Quad flash is made vertically, located on the left. He protrudes over the surface, when wearing in a case, the protrusion is leveled, so it is afraid that lying on the back of the glass chamber scratched at all. Traditionally, the center is a finger scanner. On the left below the brand name is vertically applied. The smartphone is perfectly in hand, does not slip even without a cover, it does not rest anywhere, buttons with a pleasant move, are located exactly where you need.


The tendency of the elongated displays did not leave indifferent one manufacturer. TECNO has released a device with an IPS matrix, a diagonal of 6.55 inches and the aspect ratio of 20: 9. In this case, the permission at first glance is not impressive - 1600 × 720. This seemed at first glance on the technical parameters, but after the start of use, it became clear - this is more than enough. No pixels have not been noticeable in everyday use or in games, nor when watching rollers and movies in maximum resolution. Maximum review angles, natural color reproduction.

The bright screen - with the solar light on the maximum brightness, it is not necessary to look. In the total dark level of the backlight 20% enough for a comfortable game, surfing or reading news. Pleases an adequate light sensor. The smartphone independently changes the brightness at the entrance from the street to the house, the store and vice versa. It happens unobtrusively and naturally, it is not necessary to adjust anything manually.

There are several useful modes in the settings - reading, eye protection (with the ability to configure the automatic switching time), which is mentioned above the brightness repulsion, protection against random clicks.

Important point - the screen is made using the "Dot Display" technology. So in Techo company called the corner-embedded chamber. It may seem that it is inconvenient, but after a short use, the module stops rushing into the eye. In the settings you can hide it - the upper part is darkened. The black background shows notifications, the indication of the battery and other information.

Productivity and Memory

TECNO CAMON 12 AIR received at its disposal MediaTek MT6761 C 4 cores 2 GHz, memory is presented with a set 3 / 32 GB. In the Antutu test, the device dials almost 73,000 points, which is quite good for the declared price tag. To verify in real conditions, Asphalt 9, Mortal Kombat and Subway Surfers were installed. All games during the first launch were not loaded too fast, but the gameplay was completely comfortable without lags. The Asphalt picture was not too detailed, which "cured" decrease in graphic settings. With the remaining games, no additional manipulations had to spend. Heating the housing during the games was not observed. For gamers, the "Game Mode" is provided in it, the device goes to the maximum performance.

in the daily life of the device shows no less worthy - simultaneous use of vk, whatsapp, navigation and listening to music via mobile The Internet did not lead to some kind of braking. Everything smoothly switches and immediately continues to work.

Operating system and interface

The novelty received Android 9.0 OS and the HIOS 5.5 branded shell. The interface is pleasant, smooth navigation, several desktops. Swipe Up Opens a complete list of applications, sorted by alphabetically - it is very convenient, you don't need to search for a long time. Soft "From the box" pleases - there is nothing superfluous, but several proprietary utilities are provided - Hi Translate, XShare, the Fritzer (temporarily "freezes" unnecessary applications.

Main screen
Application menu
Quick settings
Smart Control

There are additional menus here - the tab opens with swipe left. It is located Applications and tools for quick access. For those who do not like to straighten the desktop with shortcuts and for a long time looking for the desired application in the overall list, the optional menu is very useful. WhatsApp is already installed on the phone out of the box, which is surprising, but after studying the functionality, there is an explanation. The gadget has a special WhatsApp mode that disables all traffic for any applications and leaves only messenger running. This helps save traffic and reduces battery consumption. If you run some program with Internet access in this mode, it will work, but it will turn off again if you minimize it.

An interesting feature is support for gestures - on the locked screen, you can draw the letter “C” with your finger to launch the camera, take a screenshot with three fingers, activate the screen with a double tap.

Finger and face scanner is used to protect the device. There are no questions about their work - they react quickly and do not make mistakes. It should be noted that the face scanner works in the dark and from a distance of 1 meter. Unlocking does not interfere with a headdress or glasses.

The overall impression of the interface is extremely positive - everything is clear, logical, there are many interesting features that you should look for in the settings. It is highly recommended not to be lazy and study the device.


One of the features of a smartphone is the camera. The front module received a resolution of 8 megapixels with an angle of 81 degrees and f / 2.0 aperture. Among its features, the “Beauty” and “Wide Selfie ” modes are interesting. In the latter case, the optics capture more detail behind the user. "Beauty" is a beautifier with several sensitivity modes, it is most convenient to use Ai mode. In it, the photo is gently processed - the “flaws” of the face disappear, but at the same time everything looks natural. Ai improvement works even in video calls.

The rear camera consists of three modules. The main one is 16 MP with phase detection autofocus. Secondary 5MP - 114.4MP super wide angle + 2cm macro. The last 2MP module is needed for depth estimation when creating bokeh effect and shooting at 2x zoom. The triple module itself is not something unique, but given the low cost of the device, there are still few competitors with a similar camera.

The overall impression of the photo capabilities of the model is positive. It copes well with shooting in cloudy weather and in the evening, in the absence of light, color reproduction is reduced. In Bokeh mode, the central object remains in the frame, there is no blur along the contour, which is sometimes observed in smartphones from other brands even in a higher price category. "Macro" mode allows you to take photos from a minimum distance of 2 cm, details are clearly visible. Wide-angle shooting is not the best way - a noticeable decrease in quality, but the effect is still interesting, so you should not refuse to use this mode.

Main camera
Approximation 2x
Shooting in low light conditions
Night view Ai
Night view without Ai
Artificial lighting
Minimum distance to focus when shooting with the main camera
Macro s 2 cm

The functionality of the camera is convenient - switching between lenses and shooting modes is carried out in the main menu. Features include HDR, HDRa (smart mode), panorama, AR stickers, and built-in filters that can be applied when taking a photo or on a finished shot. Bokeh mode can also be applied in post-processing.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the strengths of the Camon 12 Air. The 4000 mAh battery can withstand loads for about 2 days. At the same time, the smartphone was used for navigation, communication in social networks, listening to online music, playing games (about 2 hours in total), watching YouTube videos at maximum display brightness.

Battery lab submenu can be found in settings. It has the ability to activate the "Smart Power Saving Mode". It not only improves autonomy, but also extends battery life by distributing the load between frequently and rarely used applications. Forcibly, you can set restrictions for individual programs - prohibit them from working in the background. There is also a professional mode for fine-tuning - suitable for those who understand exactly what uses the most battery power.

Fast charging in Camon 12 AIR is not provided - a complete set of capacity with a complete power supply unit of just over two hours.


TECNO CAMON 12 AIR is a device that defines its money uniquely. Among the advantages are a high-quality and large display, excellent autonomy, adequate performance with the ability to play, pleasant appearance and ergonomics, a separate memory card slot, fast and accurate unlocking in the face and finger. The model is perfectly holding a connection, has a loud speaker with a pleasant sound. The camera in most cases shows a worthy result. You can find face to the MicroUSB connector, the absence of the notification sensor and NFC. But given all the advantages, the package and the cost of the shortcomings are excreted, and the smartphone itself is unambiguously recommended for purchase. The cost of the device is 8,9999 rubles.