Review of the smart speaker Capsule mini from Group

(Fig. We talked with representatives of Mail. Ru Group, experienced a novelty in business and ready to tell you more about everything.
  • The power of the speakers: 5 W
  • Speech recognition: 4 digital microphones
  • Wi-Fi : IEEE 802.11 A / B / G / N / AC (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE
  • Illumination: LED ring, display
  • Control: voice / application / control panel

Not so long ago on our portal, a detailed analysis of the capsule from Mail. Ru Group is not just a musical smart speaker, but home assistants, a partner in work, a friend on games and even nanny for the most young households. For capsules, hundreds of scripts are provided for everyday use - from the usual search on the network, to the voice control of the smart home systems.

And of course, all this would be impracticable without a distinguished, friendly and constantly developing Marusi, voiced actress of dubbing by Elena Solovyva. And before proceeding to the description of the capsule-mini and compare it with the older model, let's remember what is capable of voice assistant Mail. Ru Group.

to what can maruya

So, Marusya - your personal Assistant capable of simplifying a weekly routine and diversify the weekend. Constantly connected to the Internet, Marusya is able to search for any information that interests.

Find a recipe for making dishes or hold a tour of the story, translate an unfamiliar word for you or talk about what is now broadcast in the cinemas of your city - Marusya appeals to the search system atom, without burdened by the user with the need to enter a request manually.

Interested in currency rate - voice assistant orienses you in the current situation. Want to listen to the news report - Marusya will tell about the most significant events in the world, and at the same time will give the accurate weather forecast and will notify about the holidays that have fallen out on the current day of the calendar.

Gorazda capsule and more responsible tasks. For example, it can be asked to recall some important event, wake you up, put a timer or include the necessary radio station. Marusya can call a taxi and even order food, it is enough to put the appropriate goal in front of it.

The voice assistant has access to the archive audiobook and fairy tales to take children, and in a special mode augmented reality the narrator you will become, and a smart column Create a background for history, will put music and make sounds that match her mood.

The capsule works with boom and music VKontakte. Any playlist, any track from the library, willingly turn on your desire. And even more so - on request, it will be able to call VKontakte to any of your friends or write a voice message from your behalf.

Among other things, the capsule works with such services as Sportify or Wink. By providing Marus access, you can manage players using voice commands, switch tracks or channels in them, change the volume and so on.


In the Marusi algorithms, dozens of entertainment programs are laid, so it fits so well into families with children. Wonderful games, riddles, audio-quests and group intelligent quiz - II Mail. Ru Group can organize leisure for adults and the smallest users.

Well, of course, Marusya can become the keeper of a smart home. Today it works with more than thirty smart system providers, like Livicom, Ready for Sky, Rubetek or Xiaomi. The device knows how to control dozens of household devices - from smart luminaires, to televisions and robots vacuum cleaners.

To obtain more detailed information about the Mail. Ru columns, as well as about the experience of its use, we recommend that our review of the capsule is recommended. Well, here we finally go to the study of her younger sister - a new capsule-mini.

Packaging and design

Mini capsule comes in a small square box with very pleasant printing and a description of some device functions. Mail. Ru Group acquired by its user gives a three-month VK Combo subscription with discounts in popular services and free music.

Device is hidden in a white translucent bag. Immediately under it is instructions for storage and operation with detailed technical characteristics of the mini capsule, and in a separate cardboard pocket there is a network adapter.

In the capsule mini thin one and a half meter wire and a small black oval adapter, ending USB-C plug. The device is powered by DC 9V 1.5 A, the built-in battery is not provided.

Unlike a representative original capsule in a 22 centimeter, the height of the mini-version is only 45 mm, the width is 100 mm, and it weighs about 300 g. At the moment, the device is sold in two color solutions. - gray and black. We see, as you see, got a black sample.

Most of the housing of the mini capsule covers the fabric grid of Austrian production, protected from contaminants with a special impregnation. The bottom is made of peeled plastic, A with a stand serves a non-slip rubber disk. From the back there are interfaces for connection, and the LED scoreboard is hider in front of the fabric.

"We wanted a new column to look fresh, modernly and at the same time was cozy and homely as a pillow. After examining the work of several hundred studios from around the world, we stopped at the team of the famous London designer of Benjamin Hubert. For its appearance, the mini capsule is owned by these surprisingly talented people, "said the founder of Mail. Ru Alexey Krivenkov.

On the top of the capsule mini slightly concave control panel with five buttons framed by a light ring. Unlike the older model, the miniature is not controlled by gestures, but point presses in the places marked on the panel.

Compact and very pretty, mini capsule perfectly fit out absolutely in any interior, will become a modern emphasis in a prominent place, or an invisible assistant in a secluded. Like the usual capsule, the mini-version is connected and configured using the Android or iOS application.

Distinctive features of the mini capsule

If the front side of the senior capsule is the light ring, then the mini capsule is synchronized with the Internet electronic Dial displaying real time in 24 hour format.

According to Alexey, many people tend to experience discomfort in the room without a clock, so Mail. Ru Group decided that their new smart column must necessarily Be able to show time. If you ask Marusi about the weather, it will not only voiced, but also show the temperature on the display.

"For all other skills, even for those who are engaged in our partners or third-party developers, we also implemented the ability to further visualize information on the indicator. It should be important in sight - such logic, "the founder of Mail. Ru said.

And one more related innovation is an animation. As we wrote in a review of the capsule, the older column is accepted purrab if it is stroked on the sensor. The capsule mines when you click on the secret button in the center of the control panel builds facets. Every time - different, but very cute.

"We believe that a smart column - a full home creature. And it should be animated and enjoyable, like adults and children. These eyes are created just for this, "Alexey Krivenkov told.

Mini capsule is equipped with an illumination sensor, with which it adjusts the brightness of the clock with the onset of darkness. Thus, the display of the smart speaker, if installed, for example, on the bedside table or in the field of, the hosts will not break the production of sleep hormone, and if you ask Marus to turn on white noise, it also contributes to falling asleep.

The light ring, however, not anywhere. Now it frams the panel with the buttons and everything also signals the current processes and lights up red if the column microphones are turned off manually. By the way, the mini capsule is only four of them, but they are still incredibly susceptible.

Next to the connector USB-C, manufacturers placed 3.5 mm Audio output to connect a mini capsule to external acoustics. Thus, a device with volumetric and rather powerful sound can be part of a home audio system.

Inside the smart column wideband 42 mm speaker with a capacity of 5 W, providing a capsule mini omnidirectional sound with a wide frequency range. The device really sounds incredibly slim and clean. Maybe not so loud, but no worse than the older model.

At the same time, Marusya herself becomes smarter every day. For example, recently she was taught to order food straight to McDonalds. Authorized via VK Connect, allowing the application of the Delivery Club to receive payments, you can ask Maulus to purchase for you any "macavaver".

"You do not need to take a smartphone or a laptop into your hands, do not even get up from the sofa and open your eyes. Here the whole magic begins. You simply talked with a voice assistant and after 20 minutes you call the courier door, " - brought an example Alexey.

In production there is a multi-humus support, it will be announced in the coming months, and the Mail. Ru Group programmers are trained to recognize the voices. Already, the AI ​​assistant is able to distinguish children's requests from adults to protect the child from unwanted content, and in the future a profile system can be created.


The tiny column that weighs like a fruit looks like a stylish electronic watch, and it sounds better than another acoustics from HARMAN / KARDON, not May not be impressed, but emotional faces in the appendage to the light ring are very animated with Marus.

A large and powerful capsule appeared a very worthy mini-alternative with unique features, and potential buyers - the ability to choose a device from Mail. Ru Group, which is suitable in size, needs and price.

The mini column is already available to purchase on the official website of Mail. Ru capsules, in online store MVIDEO and Ozon, and from July 13, the device will start to do At the shelves of household electronics stores at a price of 5,490 rubles.

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