Review of the compact speaker Sonos One SL - the house will sound in a new way

The compact Sonos One SL speaker delivers premium sound on its own, and when paired with other Sonos products, it transforms into a smart and powerful audio system for the modern home. We tell you more in the review.

Despite the extensive range of Sonos products, the main specialization of the brand is to create devices for multi-room ecosystems - a series of amplifiers and branded speakers that can be combined into stereo pairs, placed around the house for simultaneous playing music in several rooms at once or easily transfer the broadcast from one device to another.

The Sonos One SL I'm talking about today is designed as a modern alternative to massive audio systems. With a sleek design and small footprint, the Sonos One SL blends seamlessly into any interior, while its powerful speakers deliver impressive sound even in a very spacious living room. Especially if you combine two devices into a stereo pair.


  • Speakers: 2 (1 treble, 1 mid-bass)
  • Built-in microphone: no
  • Voice assistant : Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Internet: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac, 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz; port Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
  • AirPlay support: yes
  • Bluetooth: no
  • Type of power supply: network

Design and equipment

The Sonos One SL was housed in a tall cardboard box with full-length images of the speaker. The device is sold in black and white (like our sample) solutions. The latter is considered the most versatile, suitable for different interior styles and rooms. Dust and fingerprints on the white case are also much less noticeable than on the black one.

Inside the package is an envelope with a large information booklet and a quick start guide. The bottom block of the package, on which the device is hoisted, has a double bottom with a one and a half meter power cord hidden inside with a standard plug.


The Sonos One SL has a cuboid shape with rounded corners. The design is simple and practical: the body is three-quarters covered with a metal mesh, on the back wall there is a connector for connecting an Internet cable and a device reset button to factory settings.

The upper plastic part is equipped with a touch panel that allows you to increase or decrease the volume to one touch, stop or enable playback and switch between tracks using swipes. There is also a single LED that signals the state of the column.

On the bottom of the Sonos One SL, four rubberized legs providing a great adhesion with any surface, be it lacquered wood or glass shelf. The power wire is connected to the port at the bottom and arranged in such a way as to exit the back of the device.

The height of the Sonos One SL is 16.1 centimeters, width - 12 centimeters, and weighs the device about 1.85 kilograms. Such a column will look great in the kitchen or in a modern living room. Thanks to a careless appearance, it is easy to hide it among things on the shelving. The column can be used even in the bathroom, as Sonos One SL is capable of working in high humidity.

Connection and Software

Sonos One SL has no built-in battery and to work it A constant power source is required. To the network, the column can be connected in two ways: directly via the Internet wire or via Wi-Fi to any router with support for the standard 802.11b / g, 2.4 GHz. [61! 63] Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

After registering in the Sonos ecosystem and connecting the column to the smartphone, the user will be able to control playback, as on the usual player: add tracks to the library, transmit radio stations to the software library, Connect audiors to it, like Spotify.

There is a simple equalizer, several personalization elements, the ability to set alarm clocks and put special ringtones on them. The interface is not overloaded and intuitively understood, completely Russified and easy to handle.

Features and Impressions

Sonos One SL column is equipped with two pre-established D-Class amplifiers. One speaker is responsible for high frequencies, the second works with medium and low. The sound of the device is very powerful and intelligible, with a little outstanding middle. It begins to fake a little on the marginal volume that in general the monophony is expected.

When listening to music in high quality, a resistant feeling is created that the column broadcasts immediately in all sides around itself. Sonos One SL confidently cope with any genre of music and probably saves even with gaming acoustics.

One of the most interesting features of the SONOS ecosystem is the function of breaking devices by premises with the possibility of grouping them for synchronous playback and control the volume of each of them separately.

Another remarkable option is to transform the mono-column in two stereo, provided that you have another Supporting Sonos device. And the stereo pair can already be used as rear speakers, aligning them with Sonos Playbar, Sonos Beam or Sonos Playbase to create a surround sound.


ONE SL creates the impression of the SONOS designer - connecting together branded speakers and amplifiers, users are free to design a unique audit promature in their own smart home. But in the detachment from the rest of the devices Sonos One SL works excellent.

This is a very powerful and rather small device, which will have a place in any room, except for auxiliary outlet and stable Wi-Fi. The only drawback is a very high price of a column, which even if justifies the stunning quality of the speakers and the seriousness of the brand, but can scare buyers looking for a budget approach to creating a multi-man.

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