Review of smart watches HUAWEI Watch GT 3 46mm – Fitness bracelet at maximum speed

Where is the line between smart watch and fitness bracelet? The question, in fact, is not trivial, especially considering the development of the functionality of the latter. The HUAWEI Watch GT series is a vivid example of such “borderline” gadgets that slightly outperform fitness bracelets in terms of capabilities, but do not chase all the gadgets of flagship smartwatches. The approach is quite reasonable, especially considering the relatively affordable price - it is not for nothing that the third numbered model is already entering the line. We tested it for a week and are in a hurry to share our impressions in this review.


  • Display: 1.43 inch, AMOLED, 466 × 466, 326 PPI
  • Dimensions: 45.9 mm × 45.9 mm × 11 mm
  • Weight (without strap): 42.6 grams
  • Wrist size: 140-210 mm
  • Case material: stainless steel, plastic
  • Strap material: rubber
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, optical heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, barometer, temperature sensor
  • Memory (RAM/ROM): 4/32 GB
  • Charging: wireless
  • System Requirement: Android 6.0 or later, iOS 9 or later
  • Waterproof: 5 ATM
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS
  • Bluetooth: 5.2, BLE / BR / EDR
  • Speaker: yes
  • Microphone: yes
  • ) OS: Harmony OS 2.1
  • Autonomy: up to 14 days

Equipment and design

available in two versions: Active in stainless steel with black finish and black silicone strap and the Classic in silver with a brown leather strap. I, as you can see in the photo, got the first option.

In addition, a model of a reduced size of 42 mm is produced. It also happens in the "active" and "classic" versions and is no different in functionality. True, due to the other form factor, it was necessary to sacrifice the capacity of the battery, so it was smoothly twice the stated battery life.

Included - the clock itself, Charger, warranty card and brief instruction. Materials in the form of high-quality and if not premium, then definitely not cheap, and this applies to both the hours themselves and the entire packaging. True, a little confuses the white color of the charger - if it would have looked quite appropriate for the Classic coloring, then with a completely black Active, it's great.

The design of the clock is classic, concise and without exaggeration is very beautiful. AMOLED Round-shaped screen is framed by a rim with divisions from 05 to 55, convenient for reference minutes or seconds, fastening for the strap is quite thin.

The controls on the right are the controls - a pressing mechanical wheel with engraving " Huawei Watch GT" and an additional function button.

Fixing presses clear and pleasant, except for the wheel a little more pronounced "click". But the rotation could be more informative - it is possible to configure vibrootkroklik for him, but an additional tactile feedback of the type "Pastouching" would obviously not interfere.

Under the wheel and the button, the dynamics holes are located, and on the bottom panel - the pulse measurement sensors, temperature and oxygen level in the blood. The speaker is quite loud and can be used to listen to music and even calls from the smartphone - the microphone in the clock is also there.

System and Control

The clock is running the operating system Harmony OS 2.1 of the Huawei's own development and the most convenient as possible, of course The same, in a bundle with smartphones of the same brand, and this becomes clear at the first inclusion.

For full-fledged work Synchronization with a smartphone with the help of Huawei's health, but there is one nuance with it. The version from the Google Play Market lags behind the option in your own store Huawei apps, and the clock simply does not see even after pairing via Bluetooth - it is necessary to download Huawei health software QR code, which appears on the hours themselves.

The system itself is quite convenient and intuitive. The main screen is a watch face and is activated by raising your hand or pressing the wheel in standby mode. A long touch allows you to select another watch face from those available.

It is possible to turn on the splash screen - permanent display of arrows on the screen. Most watch faces have their own splash screen to suit their style. If it is not present, a pre-configured default screensaver is installed.

Swipe to the right opens the screen with the weather and access to the music player, to the left - the so-called "custom cards" of applications that can be customized according to your preferences. By default, this is a measurement of heart rate, blood oxygen levels, activity, and again the weather.

Swipe down lowers the service “curtain” - like smartphones, but with a slightly different functionality: in addition to entering the settings and viewing the status of the battery and Bluetooth connection, here you can use the functions of finding a phone and removing water from the watch, setting an alarm and a long screen on, as well as activating the “not bother".

Finally, swipe up on the screen to open notifications sent to the watch from your smartphone. You can set them all in the same HUAWEI Health app on your smartphone. And if you press the wheel when the screen is on, a menu of all applications installed on the clock will open.

You can submit them as a list or grid. The first option seemed to me much more convenient - at a minimum due to the presence of signatures. The function of the bottom button is set in the settings - for example, you can set it to launch a music player or turning on the display as a flashlight.

Huawei Health

Return to the Huawei fitness application mentioned above, which is necessary for full work with the clock. Despite the name and main functionality, it allows not only to follow the workouts and health indicators with a more detailed analysis of the information from the clock, but also to customize the clock themselves, as well as download new content on them.

First, it is here that you can download (and even buy for money!) For hours, new dials. The choice is simply huge - from modest analog and loaded display of all imaginable indicators of digital clocks to the imitations of Swiss premium brands and dials in the form of a grapefruit or depicting the cats.


Second, Huawei health allows additional applications to hours. Unfortunately, their choice is frankly scarce, and the functionality does not always correspond to the expectations and potential of the clock. For example, navigation applications are only displayed on the screen clock clocks from the smartphone - and this is with your own GPS module and visual display of the track in the workout mode.

Third, in the program, you can configure which applications Will send notifications to hours, set a list of quick responses to SMS messages, select up to ten synchronized with your favorite contacts and download music to local playback from the clock.

In my opinion, this part of the functional is the most problematic and frankly raw. For example, quick replies are available only for regular SMS (does anyone else use them at all?), but not for instant messengers. Limiting the number of contacts also raises questions - would 32 gigabytes of memory really not be enough to fully synchronize the entire notebook? In general, there is something to work on here.

Impressions and Opportunities

As mentioned at the very beginning of this article (and even in its title), HUAWEI Watch GT 3 is a gadget of obviously limited functionality, so you should not expect any miracles from it. If we evaluate the watch from this point of view , then everything is fine with it - it perfectly copes with the functions of a fitness bracelet and the watch itself, and the design quite allows us to talk about them as an element of style.

Literally from the first moment, the watch pleases with a comfortable fit on the wrist. Both the case and the strap are pleasant to the skin. The watch does not hang out and does not pinch your hand, and their weight is light enough that you don’t have to get used to it - you literally put it on and forget it.

Gorgeous AMOLED-display pleases with rich colors, remains readable and does not reflect even in bright sunlight. Autonomy fully corresponds to the declared parameters - for a week of testing, the watch was discharged exactly by half, and this is with all the sensors turned on.

Notifications are very convenient, although not without flaws. For example, icons are not supported for all applications, and notifications also do not understand emoji, replacing them with asterisks. The latter is especially strange, given that in quick replies to SMS there are emoji and they are quite displayed. The watch can announce the arrival of a notification with a sound signal and vibration. For vibration, you can select two levels, but even in strong mode, although it is tangible, it is rather weak.

In addition to notifications, the watch supports incoming and outgoing calls, as well as music playback, through the built-in speaker or a connected Bluetooth headset. Moreover, you can both control any music application on your smartphone, and play tracks downloaded locally to your watch and not take your smartphone at all, which is convenient, for example, during training.

Once it is still a clock, then it is worth mentioning the stopwatch, Timer and alarm clock, including the "smart", choosing the optimal time of awakening at a 5-minute interval before the specified time in accordance with the character of sleep. Another interesting feature is a flashlight. The screen lights up with white light, lighting a small space around him. Not for dark streets, but a keyhole, for example, you can highlight. The barometer and altimeter will be suitable in the mountains, and the compass - in long hiking.

The most diverse functional of the gadget is expected to be associated with fitness and health indicators. The clock is pretty stimulated to wear them constantly to better follow their condition and activity.

There is a steps counter with tracking of achievements by quantity, measurement of the pulse, oxygen level in the blood and skin temperature, physical activity tracker, reporting the need to get up and move, if you dressed, sleep analyzer with its assessment Quality and analysis in the application and even the stress level meter!

In addition to tracking everyday physical activity, you can choose programs for 18 different types Training (including running, walking, swimming, bike, snowboard and much more), ask courses and plans, keep records. To complete all the variants of one article, it is not enough - but even a small test for ordinary walking showed excellent clock opportunities. They tracked the route and height difference, time and of calories, the number and frequency of steps, the nature of the load - in general, the thing is useful, especially for those who are seriously engaged in sports.

I mentioned swimming - the clock is really protected from pressure of water to 5 atmospheres and according to the stated manufacturers characteristics allow you to swim in the pool and open water without deep dives. Also do not deal with high-speed water sports, for example, wakeboarding, as they are insufficient for strong falls. And after contact with water, it is desirable to use the function of removing it from the clock.


Huawei Watch GT 3 is a stylish and high-quality gadget, which is perfect for those who fitness bracelets It seems not enough bright, and the functional of the flagship smart watches is redundant. They do not seek to completely replace the smartphone, but clearly allow him to climb him, will become an excellent assistant in any workout and just look at the hand, performing the functions of ordinary hours in everyday life.

Unfortunately, the program part definitely has, where to grow. The applications are still not enough, and their functionality does not always fully reveals the potential of hours and sometimes leaves the impression of some unfinishedness. Let's hope that all small (and from it even more offensive) flaws will be corrected in new firmware - especially since they have already updated the watches testing for a week.