Review DooGee X30.

Two-chamber smartphones go to the masses. An example of this serves doogee x30, accessible in just 4500 rubles.

The apparatus considered by us immediately attracts a look. And not because of the fact that his design is masterpiece (although the device really turned out to be pretty, about what we will talk about). Just here are at once two double cameras! That is, there are both the rear and front chambers. Are you ready to recall another smartphone with four lenses? But let's find out how it shows doogee x30 in business. And it will be not only about photography.


  • Processor: MediaTek MT6580, 4 kernels, 1300 MHz
  • Graphic accelerator: MALI-400 MP, 525 MHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Permanent memory: 16 GB
  • Memory card slot: There is
  • Display: 5.5 inches, IPS, 1280 × 720 pixels
  • rear chamber: double (8 mp + 8 megapixel, f / 2.2, 88 ° angle)
  • Front camera: double (5 MP + 5 MP, F / 2.4, angle of view 86 °)
  • connectors: 3.5 mm, Micro-USB
  • Sensors: Lights and approximations
  • Navigation chip: GPS
  • Wireless modules: Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery: 3360 mAh
  • Body Materials: Plastic, Metal Frame
  • Dimensions: 154.5 × 76.9 × 9.8 mm
  • Weight: 193 g
  • Operating system: Android 7.0

Equipment and appearance

The smartphone comes in the usual box, which describes the main technical characteristics. The also contains the following:

  • Smartphone;
  • Silicone Case Bumper;
  • Network Charger;
  • MICROUSB-USB cable;
  • Film on the screen;
  • Little Rag;
  • Paper documentation.

a good set, you are unlikely to want to purchase something additionally. As for the device itself, the first impressions of it are described by the exclamation of "shovel!". But then you understand that the caring Chinese have already packed the smartphone into the case. If the device is removed from it, then it immediately ceases to seem so huge. According to its size, he barely surpasses popular Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016). But weigh the device from doogee more - the capacious battery affects. However, 193 grams are quite an acceptable value that does not bother.

The device has a removable rear lid. It is made of plastic, and removed without much difficulty. The frame of the smartphone is metallic, making the appearance more elegant. On the lid there is an inscription that the design was allegedly developed in Spain. Under this inscription there is a large mesh dynamics. More on the rear panel there are two lens and a LED flash.

The front panel is a refuge for the LCD display. Under it there was a place for three touch buttons. They work in most cases adequately, only sometimes you get by and have to repeat. Over the screen there are two lens of the front quota, speaker and visible sensors only under the bright sun.

In the lower end, the Micro-USB port is located for connecting and synchronization With PC. Also here you can notice the microphone hole. On the right sidewall, the volume of the volume and the inclusion button is easily soldered. Finally, the upper end is not surprised - there is only a 3.5-millimeter audio jack here. By the way, in the upper and lower ends you can see plastic strips - under them, most likely, there are antennas.

Despite the plastic rear panel, DOOGEE smartphone x30 Nice to hold in hand. He almost does not slide, and it looks very good. In a word, this model has time to leave positive impressions even before its inclusion. But what will happen next?


To what we look after removed the protective strip located between the battery and the smartphone contacts? On the screen, which has a 5.5-inch diagonal and HD resolution. It's a Chinese company turned out to be very colorful. The display is made using the IPS technology, thanks to which the color rendition is not distorted, under no matter what angle you did not look at it.

The sensor here also works without Any complaints. Tosses are competently recognized both in the menu and in games. Someone may disappear only the absence of a oleophobic coating. Maybe that's why the manufacturer supplies a cloth with a cloth? However, fingerprints are noticeable only at the moment when the smartphone is inactive. The rest of the moments the picture is displayed very bright, because of which it is imperative to consider the contamination of the display.

On the street, the image on the display can be viewed without any problems. Even the bright midday sun practically does not interfere. However, DOOGEE smartphones, if anyone does not know, are famous for a large brightness margin - the model X30 is no exception. In a word, the display of this device leaves after itself only positive impressions.

An interesting point: The protective filmwas already pasted on our instance. It is possible that all smartphones are supplied in such a state. It turns out that the film being included is the role of spare. This is a certain plus, since it is not all right to glue it.

Internal components

The work of the smartphone provides the MEDIATEK MT6580 processor. This is a typical budget solution consisting of four cores. The Games are activated by the MALI-400 MP graphics accelerator. Two GB of operational and 16 GB permanent memory are hidden under the case. Is it enough with the HD-resolution of the display? You can answer this question.

In the lack of memory, the DOOGEE X30 smartphone will definitely not reproach. And the power of the processor is quite enough for most points. The operating system works without hanging, like many applications. But in the games the device still shows itself worse than the more expensive devices whose components are noticeably more powerful. For example, in Rayman Adventures begins to be brazed, if more than five moving enemies appeared on the screen. 3D games for greater smoothness have to reduce graphics settings.

Result DooGee X30 in Antutu Benchmark

What, this is not the game smartphone. It is understandable - for 4,000 rubles, nothing else was expected. By the way, the simplest two-dimensional games without a large number of moving elements here are started perfectly. That is, the device can be given to a child of preschool age - it will definitely find something to do.

Result Doogee X30 in Epic Citadel

It should be noted that there are light sensors and approximation. To their work, it is impossible to find fault with all the desire. But there is no gyroscope, barometer and digital compass. But there is a FM radio operating when connecting headphones.

By the way, the smartphone is heated under load - not the most energy efficient processor and plastic back cover affect. But before the critical values, the case does not reach - there are no discomfort even speech.

Interface and Functionality

The device works using Android 7.0. On top of it set a certain brand envelope. It has several features. First, when making a swatch to the right on the main screen, a section section opens with numerous news divided into several categories. It can not be configured to configure it, it is allowed only to disable the loading of the pictures. Secondly, when closed in the background of applications, the system will show the volume of freed RAM. Thirdly, the creators did not exclude Google Now from here - access to it is provided after a long pressing of the "Home" button. Works here and Voice Assistant, activating after the usual phrase "OK, Google" - however, it is necessary to pronounce it only when the screen is running. Fourth, DooGee X30 received a separated display mode - this is when two applications can operate at once on one screen. But it should be noted that this mode is not supported by all programs.

The DIY function is introduced into the shell. This means that you can slightly upgrade the interface. Setup is amenable to font size and icons, colors and animation. You can also have a couple of finger movements to access the store with themes. To install them, you will have to activate the "Installation of External Sources" option. Interestingly, you can switch between installed topics by shaking a smartphone - you only need to be able to activate the corresponding switch in the shell settings.

It is easy to guess that the Dogee launcher was created in China. Absolutely all items of its settings were translated into English. But Russification was not fully implemented. Some items in the settings remained English-speaking. For example, such is a section with an explanation of the principle of operation of the split screen. Or item relating to quick lantern launch.

It remains to be rejected that in such a section of the "Settings" partition, the user will be extremely rare, so incomplete Russification is unlikely will strain. But we could not mention this fact.


Gradually, the 4G module is beginning to be introduced even into ultra-budgetary smartphones. But in the case of the DooGee X30, the manufacturer decided to bet on a high-quality screen, saving on some other components. However, the 3G bonds such a device is enough. Maps in the navigation application are loaded quickly enough, the browser confidently opens heavy Internet pages - what else is needed? Well, watch streaming video in better quality can be through Wi-Fi.

Measurement results with SpeedTest you see above. They are quite acceptable for a 3G smartphone. This can be said about the operation of the navigation module - as you can make sure the device on the street recognized 14 GPS satellites, processing signals from 11 of them. With GLONASS, the established chip cannot interact. But without a Russian navigation system, accuracy is obtained quite high. DooGee X30 - a good choice for taxi drivers. Here and the operation of the GPS chip does not cause complaints, and the viewing angles are wide, and the cost of the device is extremely small.

The device includes a Bluetooth module that is used mainly to connect wireless columns and headsets. NFC, infrared port and other delights of high-budget smartphones are absent. There is no support OTG.

As before the quality of communication, there are no complaints about it. The interlocutor hears you very well, like you. The device has two slots for SIM cards of different formats: Micro-SIM and NANO-SIM. Be careful, in our case for unknown reasons, the SIM card went too deep, because of what I had to pull it out with a needle. Slot for memory cards ​​Here it is absolutely separate - this is a certain plus.


For sure, many visitors reroiled from joining this paragraph. Indeed, the cameras of this device are the greatest interest. Tests showed that they are not bad. Although sometimes snapshots are dark - you have to use the HDR mode or manually adjust the exposure. But talking about cameras, as a double, do not have to. Of course, we did not risk a fully disassemble the device to find out if the second lens is not fake. But when you close your finger right optics - the quality of the pictures remains the same, and the system does not complain about anything. Zoom here is exceptionally digital, and the blur of the rear background is actually an ordinary circle blur.

Are you disappointed? We are not. Double cameras began to embed into smartphones relatively recently. And it would be strange if the DooGee company built a real double module in such a cheap machine. No, she could do it. But then I would have to reduce the amount of memory and use less than a high-quality display. You are unlikely to agree to such a exchange.

Settings of the "Camera" application are made in the form of icons, so that the change in the desired parameter does not take much time. The list of these most settings you see below.

and then we suggest you familiarize yourself with the test video obtained by rear 8, 3 megapixel camera.

All of the above applies to the front chamber. Its permission is 5 megapixel. The quality of the pictures is quite worthy, especially on the street.

These are the possibilities of DooGee X30 in terms of photo and video filming. Professional Quad Camera, as indicated on the box, this is an explicit exaggeration. But for the domestic needs of the possibilities of embedded cameras, in principle enough.


The device has a very loud monodymaker. Someone may even seem uncomfortable. The fact is that even the minimum volume level here cannot be called very quiet. But on the subway and other noisy places you will definitely hear the call. The sound quality does not cause serious complaints - listening to music for several hours does not cause headache.

To the DooGee X30 you can connect the headset. In it, the sound quality is even more interesting. Although it is felt that the devation is deprived. But who will connect to a budget smartphone Meloman headphones, which are more expensive for himself?

Autonomous work

Like many other inexpensive smartphones, Doogee X30 is enough for one day intensive use. And it is with a removable battery capacity of 3360 mAh! Apparently, the large size and HD-resolution of the screen affect. But if you forget about GPS navigation and games, then the smartphone can stretch one and almost two days. Charging from 0% to 100% complete network adapter is carried out in about 3 hours 27 minutes.

There is a bug in the firmware that has not been corrected during the update testing. In the "Battery" section, the system does not write which applications spent charge.

Summing up

This turned out to be a smartphone from DooGee. If we consider what approximately 4500 rubles are asked for him, then you want to close your eyes to all available flaws. The device is ideal for everyday use. The absence of the 4G module is not completely noticed. And this is one of the few budget phones with a practically perfect IPS display (brighter and juicy colors provide only the screens that are more expensive than this smartphone). Only fans of games will not pay attention to DooGee X30 - they will need some other device, who has an eight-core processor in its disposal. All others should remain from buying delight.


  • Not bad appearance;
  • Complete includes a cover and a protective film;
  • Excellent IPS-screen with sensitive sensor;
  • optimal memory for such a device;
  • There are two slots for SIM-cards and one for a memory card;
  • High-quality musical speaker with a large volume of volume;
  • Fresh version of the operating system;
  • A good navigation module, even without the support of GLONASS;
  • You can work with two applications on one screen.


  • Double cameras are misleading a buyer;
  • Some Games are observed FPS;
  • No OTG support.