Realme GT Master Edition (RMX3363) Smartphone Review – Compact Stylish Man

In early October, the company Realme issued a simplified version of its flagship called GT Master Edition. The novelty offers a serious hardware, an original design and at the same time has a rather low price tag.

Novelty Realme is a beautiful and compact device with a powerful gaming filling, by quick charging 65 W, high-quality display. The cost of the smartphone starts from 26,000 rubles, depending on the amount of memory. The following is an overview of the Realme GT Master Edition smartphone (RMX3363), where I will tell you about my impressions from the possession of this curious device.


  • Operating system: Android 11, Realme UI 2.0
  • Screen: Super AMOLED, 6.43 inches, 2400 * 1080, 120 Hz
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G, up to 2.4 GHz
  • Video accelerator: Adreno 642L
  • Memory: 6/128 GB, 8/256 GB
  • Ability Expansion : No
  • Basic Camera: 64 Mp + 8 Mp + 2 Mp, F / 1.8 + F / 2.3 + F / 2.4
  • Front Camera: 32 mp, f / 2.5
  • b Esvolutionary modules: 5G, Wi-Fi 6, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS / A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou
  • Battery: 4300 mAh, SuperDart Charge 65 W
  • Dimensions: 159.2 * 73, 5 * 8.7 mm
  • Weight: 174 grams

Design and kit

Realme GT Master Edition comes in a fairly weighty and large box. Traditionally, the packaging is yellow, but in this case it is made in new, black color. The model name is applied with silver font. Rearly lists the features of the device, as well as technical information.

The appearance of the box already hints at interesting content, and this feeling is completely justified after its opening.

The first thing that the user sees is an envelope with documentation. Under it, the hero of the review is waiting for us - smartphone. It is carefully packed in the transport film, an additional protective film is applied to the display with advertisinginformation. However, all this does not interfere with understanding that the device is unusual to me. Even before he falls into his hands, dimensions are thrown into the eyes - this smartphone is compact. But we will return to the dimensions later. In the box, we are also waiting for a huge power supply by 65 W, cable USB-C, clipping clip to remove the sim and cover.

Realme GT Master Edition exists in two versions - pearl and gray. The second is a designer device, an industrial designer from Japan Naoto Fukasava was worked on whose appearance. The master notes that during the development was inspired by travel, which was displayed in the appearance of new items.

My version of the smartphone is just gray, that is, the very designer option. I note that before receiving the device, I saw his images on the Internet and decided that he looked cool. When the phone got into his hands, I realized that I was very mistaken. Reality surpassed my expectations, and the novelty turned out to be even more interesting than I thought.

The rear back is made of vegan eco-skin, which should resemble a suitcase on the idea of ​​the author. I have such an association, but it looks very beautiful, and in the hands it is even better. The surface is tactile pleasant, completely non-slip, and the presence of convex horizontal elements improves grip. We add to this small dimensions (the pearl version is still thinner - 8 mm), and we obtain the perfect apparatus from the point of ergonomics.

On the back side there is a neat inscription with the name of the brand, the name of the model and the painting Naoto Fukasawa. Usually, I do not welcome such solutions, but here it looks at the place and completely naturally.

the camera block looks pleasant. It is convex, but insignificant, while the protruding elements on the back compensate the camera protrusion. Thanks to this, the smartphone smoothly lies on a flat surface. The chamber is decorated with a rectangular block, all three lens have one size and complement the overall concept of the device.

The facial panel has a very thin frame, almost the entire surface is occupied by the display. The front camera here is cut-in, located in the corner of the left. The screen, in addition to the transport film, has a protective transparent, so the basic safety of the device is provided from the box.

On the right side, a lonely power button is located, with the left - tray for SIM cards and volume control, divided into two separateButtons. SIM can be two, the connector for the memory card is not provided in the device, so it makes sense to consider the senior memory option for 256 GB to purchase.

On the upper end only the microphone hole is seen, on the lower connectors 3.5 and USB-C, speaker, as well as another microphone.

Separately, I would like to mention the case. It is quite dense, made in accordance with the design, has convex elements, like on the back of the smartphone. Its presence is a plus, but minus is that he hides all the beauty of the device, so you have to decide: beauty or additional safety. Personally, I chose the first.


Novelty Realme got a little on modern standards The 6.43-inch screen with a high resolution of FHD + and 120 Hz update frequency. The display here is amoled from the brand Samsung, the peak brightness of 1000 NIT is declared, which guarantees us excellent readability even with bright sunlight.

It should also be noted that the screen received the sampling rate 360 Hz, which will become a pleasant bonus for gamers, since the response is higher than that of models without this option.

Image quality The Realme GT Master Edition is excellent. The screen is characterized by natural color reproduction, large viewing angles. The brightness is enough in the sun, at a minimum, the screen does not blind at night. Automatic setup works correctly. Increased frequency makes animated effects very smooth and in general the impression of the display is extremely positive.

In the settings there is a large selection to individualize the device: a dark and light theme, eye protection mode, setting color temperature, font size, select the update frequency (there are options 60 and 120 Hz, but it is more convenient to entrust the smartphone solution And to stay at the Avtovyvyvyvyt).

AMOLED Matrix assumes the presence of "always enabled" mode, which allows you to display a beautiful animation, usefulInformation, any motivational inscription. An interesting option is the ability to set the display of the display perimeter in the settings when receiving notifications. Since the event indicator in the phone is not provided, such a partial function is solved and is very comfortable.

Another feature AMOLED displays is the effect of PWM. I note that the Realme GT Master Edition provides the DC Dimming option, which reduces the flicker, but it is located in the RealMe Lab section. It is worth considering, because without finding it in the screen settings, I thought that it was not provided in principle.

Dactyloskop is also installed in the display of this smartphone. It is very fast and instantly recognizes touch. Additionally, you can set unlock in the face.

Claims to the screen I do not have any - the picture is beautiful, natural, bright. The device is enough options in order to set up effects and display styles for yourself.

Performance and interface

The novelty is based on the processor Snapdragon 778G. This is a powerful solution that demonstrates high performance in tests and perfectly behaves in life. The smartphone does not have problems with multitasking or games. For the latter, you can choose high graphics settings. At the same time, he does not warm at all, that I was very surprised. More chipset is quite energy efficient, that is, it does not "kill" the battery under loads.

Regarding cooling: on the official website of the company in the description to the device indicates the presence of a large evaporative chamber designed to eliminate overheating. A little higher, I mentioned that the housing is not heated and in this case it is not an exaggeration. Running games, charging, viewing video, tests did not cause any increasing body temperature. This is a pleasant moment, because the absence of heating means the absence of falling of performance, which is important for gamers.

For the latter there is a mode of high performance - "GT mode", which can be run through the icon in the curtain. And here there is a gaming mode, which allows to concentrate on the game and not be distracted by any extraneous moments.

RAM in the smartphone 6 or 8 GB is set to LPDD4X. Permanent memory - 128 or 256 GB, Type UFS 2.1. An interesting feature is the possibility of expanding RAM due to a constant if it is not filled. In the device settings in the section"About phone" you can activate the corresponding option.

(3 00)

Above you can see the test results, Watch a short gameplay video below. My smartphone version is 8/256 GB.

Realme GT Master Edition comes with Android 11 out of the box and has a proprietary UI 2.0 shell. It is distinguished by the presence of a small number of pre-installed applications, several proprietary utilities for optimizing work and synchronization with a PC, as well as the complete absence of any advertising.

Overall, the shell is stable, visually pleasing, and completely uncluttered. She has enough settings to individualize the operation of the smartphone. There is a setting for gestures, a tactile response (the phone has a very pleasant vibration motor), the ability to customize the screen, power saving modes and much more. In addition, here you can add a smart bar for quick access to tools or a smart button for similar purposes.

Communication capabilities

Realme GT Master Edition from the point of view of communications received "full minced". There is 5G here, which in our conditions can not be checked, but I do not have questions about the connection to the 4G network. Device with Wi-Fi 6, modern Bluetooth 6, NFC and a complete set of navigation modules.

It does not occur to the operation of communication modules of questions - everything works stably.

The quality of voice transmission here at a high level, walking next to the road did not prevent me comfortably talking on the phone. My interlocutors are heard to me no worse.

Multimedia speaker in a smartphone one. This, of course, grieves a little, but it provides a loud and high-quality sound, sufficient to view movies or videos on YouTube. Considering the excellent display, the consumption of content on this smartphone is a pleasure.

All is well with sound and through the headset. Choose high-quality headphones and immersion in your favorite music you are guaranteed.


Immediately note that Realme GT Master Edition got into my hands quite recently and fully appreciate the camera capabilities I did not have time. Therefore, this section should be perceived as a first look.

The novelty received a triple block of the chambers where the main sensor is 64 megapixel, wide-angle 8 megapixel and macromodule 2 megapixel, capable of focusing from a distance of 4 cm. Front car here is 32 megapixel. The video on the main chamber can be removed with the maximum resolution of 4K 30 K / s, the FHD 30 K / s is available for the self-camera. Still the phone has zoom 2x and 5x. The second allows you to consider the details of the remote objects, but the picture naturally loses the detail, but the 2x snapshots turn out very well. In some cases, it is impossible to understand that the picture is approximate.

I repeat, I have a superficial acquaintance with the camera. Its interface is quite standard, you can find the choice of modes at the bottom (additional opening through the "more"). Among the usual - "macro", "wide-angle shooting", etc. There are curious "street", "scanning text", "two-poon regime", "Astronomical". Present here and HDR, AI-shooting (scene definition), different improvements and filters, and manual mode.

Through the Advanced Settings, you can choose how to make a photo, install the grid and level, configure the shooting quality.

Examples of photos You can see below:

[45 4]


realme GT Master Edition received 4300 mAh battery, which, by modern standards, is more of a modest value and, at first glance, you should not expect high autonomy here. However, there are three "buts" here.

  1. The small capacity is due to the compact size and here you need to decide what you want - a huge battery or a device that is comfortable in terms of ergonomics.
  2. Battery lasts longer than expected. In tests with automatic brightness, with the display on from 88% to 20% of the charge, the smartphone was able to work for more than 14 hours. This is a good value. In real life, he survives a working day under stress, with an average intensity - about 1.5 days.
  3. Quick charge. With a complete power supply and cable, the device charges up to 100% in just over half an hour. If you have not come across such devices, then I will give an example: having put the phone on charge at 15%, I managed to wash my face and pour coffee, after which I found that it managed to reach 90% capacity.

Given the above, there are no claims to the autonomy of this model and cannot be. However, the phone has different settings for energy saving, and you can additionally use them.


The cost of realme GT Master Edition starts from 26 thousand rubles. By modern standards, this is the lower limit of the average price level. For this money, you get a beautiful and original device, an excellent display, gaming performance, support for all modern interfaces and very fast charging. Let's add here the compact size (which was requested by so many users) and ergonomics. For the sake of completeness, I would like to see stereo sound here (after all, this is not a wonder for cheaper devices), but in general, its absence does not cause discomfort.

In my opinion, realme GT Master Edition is a strong novelty, and it should be one of the first to buy in its segment.