Realme C25 Smartphone Review - Autonomy at the limit

The company REALME continues to line of budget smartphones of the "C" series - this time in our edition turned out to be a new C25, which appeared In Russian stores in June 2021. I tell what this time it was possible to surprise the cheap segment (the spoiler is much more than).

K Realme I am very warm, although I have never had a phone of this brand before. When choosing your pocket assistant, I often looked through the company's models and marked excellent quality (camera, stylish design, powerful battery) for a fair price.

Interestingly, the Chinese manufacturer positions itself as a newcomer in this market (operating since 2018), and the news that in 2020 he became the most fast brand Smartphones with a number of 50 million products implemented, surprises and please. As you understand, I am positively configured to the brand, so with great joy felt Realme C25 and I hurry to share my impressions.


  • Case material: Plastic
  • Colors: Blue, black
  • Operating system: Android 11
  • Processor: MEDIATEK HELIO G70, 8 cores, clock frequency 2 GHz
  • Video examiner: MALI-G52 MC2
  • Operational / user Memory: 4 GB / 64 GB
  • Slot for Six Cart / Memory Cards : 2 (Nanosim) / 1 ( MicroSD )
  • Display: LCD MULTI-TOUCH, 6.5 ", 1600 × 720, 270 PPI
  • Main Camera: 48 MP (Main Module) + 2 MP (Macro Module) + 2 MP (Black and White Module)
  • Frontal Camera: 8 MP
  • Protection: Fingerprint Skanner
  • Wireless modules: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Bluetooth V 5.0, NFC
  • Additional features: Google Pay, support for Google Mobile Services, multiple camera filters, support fast charging Quick Charge (18 W), Security Certificate TUV RHEINLAND
  • Headphone jack: mini-jack 3.5 mm
  • Battery: 6000 mAh, USB Type-C
  • Dimensions: 164.5 x 75.9 x 9.6 mm
  • Weight: 209 g

Packaging and equipment

C25 comes in a pretty and bright yellow package that causing To my opinion. On the frontal and side parties, only the name of the model is indicated, and the main features of the device are modestly listed. Interestingly, this design of the REALME boxes uses for all its smartphones.

under a tightly adjacent lid hidden the smartphone itself, silicone case to it, documentation (user manual, warranty card) and Charger type USB Type-C. Completed setting me - everything is folded carefully, the presence of a cover can not but rejoice, and in the box there are recesses for charging.

C Power supply, cable and silicone "armor" no surprises, but I propose to look at They are closer.

The smartphone is protected by film, the same pretty, like the box itself, and from it you can learn the main features of the device, already in Russian.

First, I will consider the external features of the REALME C25, and then I'll go to its stuffing.


After removal of the film, another nice little trifle C25 was revealed - already blended tempered protective glass 2.5-D That discardes the need to climb on Aliexpress and order additional protection.

Glass does not allow scratch large screen 16.5 cm (6.5 inches) with with a drop-shaped neck, on the site of which the front camera is installed - the model inherited the model At your predecessors. Above it, there is a barely noticeable speaker, and the approximation and light sensor, which is not visible at all.

The reverse side will delight with a stylish geometric pattern, which the developers themselves are described as "the ocean shining in the sun." Epitts are strong, but also to argue with them is difficult - the lid-transfusing lid pleasantly pleased with the eye, and the engraved logo complements the summer picture.

Note: Realme C25 comfortably lies in the hand, and the ribbed surface provides reliable grip

A fingerprint scanner is located in the usual location, and in the upper left corner there is a block with three cameras and a flash.

The lower side has a 1.5 mm mini-jack connectors for headphones and Type-C for charging, as well as speakers. On the left is a recess for sim cards and a memory card. The slot is triple, and you can simultaneously install 2 SIM cards and one memory card on it, while other state employees have it double and combined (either two SIM cards, or one and a memory card).

The right side has volume, power and screen lock buttons. Above, nothing.

screenand the presence of a protective glass.


When turned on, the smartphone starts to play with colors, and its large screen (6.5 inches) instantly attracts attention.

Its area occupies 88.7% - this is a pretty good indicator, but still it is inferior to more expensive models. However, even with such a screen, you will be immersed in watching TV shows and videos on YouTube, surfing on social networks and other virtual activities.

On the other hand, the resolution leaves much to be desired (1600x720 versus 2310x1080 for the BQ 6430L Aurora ), and LCD multi-touch technology is used as a filling. In this regard, realme C25 loses in saturation and brightness to the same Aurora, but this is hardly a drawback - I would say these are concessions against the background of other features of the device, which I will now begin to talk about.

Interface, system

C25 will definitely please those who follow the latest updates, because the smartphone has a brand new realme UI 2.0 system based on Android 11 Interestingly, version 11 of the OS was not available to all brands in the first place, but realme was among the "lucky ones".


realme UI 2.0 is the company's proprietary interface, which includes a number of different features, such as: a smart sidebar, three levels of dark mode, system cloner, folder merging, updated photo editor, the ability to set the duration of the do not disturb mode, an AI algorithm for extending battery life... In general, many small features that make the device more convenient for all indicators.

Leaving aside strict terms, the system shell just looks attractive - the icons are pretty nice, the top curtain looks concise, and moving between screens is nimble, and the eight-core Helio G70 processor played a significant role in this.


The fact that technology is developing at a rapid pace can be judged by cameras - while flagships receive their 108 Mp, state employees are increasingly acquiring several modules (the main one is 48 Mp and several auxiliary ones), which is already more than enough to get great photos.

realme C25 has an impressive triple AI camera that includes a 48MP main camera, a 2MP macro camera, and a 2MP black and white module. And here are the frames obtained with the basic settings in normal mode:

Interesting: the black and white module gives the frames an artistic look

The C25 also has many special modes - Portrait, 48MP, Ultra Macro ”, “ HDR ”, “Expert”, “Color enhanced”. Below you will see pictures at various settings.

Portrait mode applies a depth-of-field effect, making any object (people, natural objects) stand out clearly against a blurred background. The photo below shows that the camera considered the bush on the left to be the main one in the frame, and the rest of the objects are blurred.

Normal Mode

In the “48MP” mode, the difference is not very noticeable, but the weight of the photo has increased by 2 times (from 5 MB to 10 MB), and the resolution was 6000 × 8000 pixels, which may indicate a larger the amount of detail in the picture. Although, again, I did not notice a strong difference.

Interesting: The AI ​​camera recognizes what objects are in front of it (nature, sea, sky, etc.)

In Ultra Macro mode, it is recommended to take a picture at a distance of up to 4 cm, and the camera acts as a “microscope”. A pair of examples:

Normal mode
Ultra Macro
Normal mode

With an enlarged saturation of color, the frame plays bright colors, but provided that there are close shooting - if you shoot, for example, the panoramas of the city, then there is no difference.

A separate column should be given to macromodule (not to be confused with Ultra Macro shown above). In normal mode, at the near shooting, it is possible to consider the smallest details of the picture - for example, bugs on the flower plates:

during night survey The mode gives clarity and brightness to photos, with the result that even night landscapes will be captured with all the beauties.

Normal mode
Night mode
Normal mode
Night mode

As for video shooting, REALME C25 supports 4 modes: 720p / 30fps, 720p / 60fps, 1080p / 30fps, 1080p / 60fps. An example of a video in 1080p:

and this is not all - the device is equipped with ai-selfie chamber of 8 megapixels with portrait mode and "Both defense" that will make you the main star in the photo.

With a very low price tag (the smartphone is sold at the start for 12990 rubles, without a discount - for 14990 rubles.) The user gets quite good photo inhibition. Definitely, the camera is one of the main advantages of Realme C25.

performance, games

Next chip of our guest - good hardware stuffing, under which I mean an eight-cherished game processor MediaTek G70 middle class MALI-G52 MC2 and RAM 4 GB. With such characteristics, Realme C25 can be called gamers smartphone, but he does not hide it himself, what I learned when I played a couple of games. But first check Performance of the device in Geekbench5 and 3D MARK programs.

Geekbench 5 shows how fast the device works. C25 He appreciated in 389 points (when processing data by one nucleus) and 1329 with multi-core processing. For these indicators, the smartphone bypass Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and almost takes out to Xiaomi POCO F1 64 GB worth 18190 rubles. (at the time of writing a review).

3DMark tests the graphical performance of the device, that is, the phone's ability to cope with three-dimensional graphics. The results are as follows:

they may seem weak (C25 overtakes only 9% of devices), but if you look at the test (Video below), then change your opinion - the demo is rather "heavy", and its graphics are comparable to console projects.

We now turn to the games. The first in line is a role-playing game with the open world of Genshin Impact. When you start it, the window surfaced - a game assistant that helps track the number of frames per second and load processor, disable notifications, adjust the brightness... In general, make gaming comfortable. What, by the way, speaks in favor of the fact that Realme C25 is a game apparatus.

When playing in GENSHIN IMPACT, the smartphone showed a stable 28-30 FPS with rare drawdowns to 20-22. Smartphone warmed up, but not critical. He played in his pleasure - short drawers did not interfere with the adventures in the huge open world and spectacular battles.

In the online shooter REALME C25 showed a stable 60 FPS, and the load on the processor and the video scorer was within 50%.

As a result, the device is suitable for games, but still such powerful projects as Genshin Impact will be hooked. It can be said that this is a "Gamer smartphone on minimal."


Another feature of the REALME C25 is a capacious battery for 6000 mAh. In the theory of such charge, enough for the whole day of active use, and in standby mode, the phone will be able to hold out a week, if not more.

But from the theory, we turn to practice - the smartphone lasted without recharging 3 more than a day with periodic use, and then because I actively played, watched the video on YouTube and did photos. And all this - on the maximum brightness. I am confident that with the daily use with the brightness of 50% -70%, it will be awakened for a week.

It is interesting to reduce the load on the battery helps the Quick Freeze algorithm, which reduces the background activity of applications and regulates the effects of the image effects. Also, the "energy saving" and "super-energy saving" regimes are also provided, thanks to which the phone is cheerfully lasted for several hours in the last percent (so, by 5%, according to the description on the site, the smartphone will be able to be up to 56 (!) Hours in standby mode).

Even if the device is discharged, it will come to the rescue fast charge 18 W. And indeed, the smartphone has been charged from 4% to 100% in just 3 hours 10 minutes. In my opinion the result is impressive, because the battery container is rather big.

As a result with Realme C25, you will not have the need to install the device for charging every night or every few hours - thanks to the impressive The battery in everyday affairs it will last for quite a long time, and on a long trip will help pass the time for games and watching movies without recharging.

Sound, Communication

Smartphone is equipped with three wireless modules - it is Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Bluetooth V 5.0 and NFC. The connection with Wi-Fatch is stable and never interrupted, considering that in the place where I live, quite unpredictable the Internet. The games were downloaded at a pleasant speed of 2-3 MB / s, while with a laptop I am pleased with a maximum of 1-2 MB / s.

Test Bluetooth V 5.0, I managed with smart clock and a wireless headset. With the clock, the connection holds perfectly, and the delays from the transmission of sound are minimized. The presence of NFC pleases, because it's not all of the state employees it is. The smartphone holds communication according to GSM, 3G, 4G standards. 5G will be delivered to state employees, apparently not soon.

As for telephone conversations, the interlocutor hears me better than C Moto E7 Plus. The approximation sensor is triggered once, as a result of which I pressed the cheek to various buttons and I myself did not send a person to hold. This problem is solved by locking the screen, but in general an unpleasant detail.

The speakers look small, but the sound is good - no distortion, clear.

Among the already familiar navigation modules (A-GPS, GPS, GLONASS), BeiDou, a Chinese satellite navigation system, whose developers plan to replace GPS by increasing the number of satellites from 31 to 35 and providing more accurate data on location.

Other features in one line

A couple more realme C25 features: fingerprint scanner technology. Unlocking is fast and secure.

  • High reliability certified by TUV Rheinland (23 tests passed in total). It confirms the life cycle of a smartphone at least 3 years.
  • Optimized overnight charging. The phone analyzes the time and duration of daily charging and, based on this data, adjusts the charging rate at night, which in turn prolongs battery life.
  • Conclusion

    At the start of sales in Russia, realme C25 will cost you 12,990 rubles. (without a discount - for 14,990 rubles), and this is a very low price for the advantages that the device has. He is smart, stylish, performed well in games, has an excellent camera and many of his chips, for which you will surely fall in love with him. Definitely recommend if you are on a small budget.


    • High autonomy due to a 6000 mAh battery and various energy-saving modes
    • Large screen
    • Attractive and practical design
    • AI camera with 48 MP main module. Many shooting modes
    • Good middle-class hardware stuffing
    • Realme UI 2.0 proprietary interface with various features
    • Good performance in games
    • High security, German TUV Rheinland certified
    • NFC available
    • Improved fingerprint technology
    • Pleasant price
    • Protective glass and case included


    • Screen resolution could be higher
    • No status indicator

    Our score: 9 out of 10