RAM and VRAM: What is the difference between them?

Assembling a gaming computer involves many questions, such as how much RAM to put in and how much VRAM to choose. Wait, isn't it the same thing?

Everyone who built a computer for games with their own hands came across two similar-sounding terms - RAM and VRAM. Let's see what value each of them has.

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory (aka Random Access Memory, or RAM) is RAM. It serves as a kind of working area for the system, where active processes and running software are temporarily located. The task of RAM is to provide the fastest access to running programs, and in games - to load locations and objects at an acceptable speed.

Each game has different RAM requirements. For Sims 4 and GTA V, this is 4 GB. An old Worms 3D is enough for 0.5 GB. Most modern games require 8 GB RAM. The same number is considered a critical minimum for gaming computers in 2021.

More RAM won't hurt. The excess will simply not be used.

On ready-made system units, the amount of RAM is indicated without fail. Usually they have 2-16 GB, although gaming machines with 32 and even 64 GB of RAM are also on sale.

When do you need a lot of RAM?

Since RAM is the working area of ​​the system, its deficiency negatively affects the performance of the PC. The following happens.

When there is not enough RAM, the system uses another type of memory - virtual. This is a dedicated part of the disk space, which is used as RAM, that is, for temporary storage of running processes. At the same time, open programs that you have not looked into for some time, when accessed, work much more slowly. Being idle, they are moved to virtual memory, and the system needs time to return them back to operational, and before freeing up space for them.

Do not think that adding RAM will instantly solve all the problems with the performance of the computer. If the processor is old and slow, a lot of RAM will not help overclock it. A large amount of RAM is required in order to keep many programs running and quickly switch between them.

What is VRAM?

Video Random Access Memory, VRAM works as well as RAM, but required for Operations related to drawing Graphs and display images on display.

VRAM is present in all hardware transmitting the image on the screen. If the computer has a discrete video card, temporary storage of graphic data is engaged in the VRAM video card. If there is no discrete video card, graphic tasks lie on the graphics adapter built into the processor, which uses part of the RAM for its needs.

The video memory is measured in GB, as well as the operational. Its volume is indicated in the characteristics of the video adapter.

When you need a lot of VRAM?

If the RAM to some extent improves the speed of the computer, then the video memory is responsible for the speed of information output to the display. Therefore, when drawing problems with drawing graphs, it is recommended to increase the volume of VRAM.

An increase in VRAM can help in cases where video games are inhibited at high settings, but go smoothly on low.

The requirements for video memory are determined by the resolution of the game: 2-6 GB VRAM are required for the games 1080r.

Like RAM, VRAM is not the only factor affecting PC performance. Type of processor in GPU, its speed, as well as the cooling system is also important.

What is the difference between the RAM and video memory?

The main difference is to be destined. If the computer is not able to hold in memory working processes, this is the problem of RAM. If the system does not cope with high display settings and graphics, this is a consequence of the lack of VRAM.

Operative and video memory are only two components of the game computer. Sometimes performance problems are associated with something else, for example, with the speed of the central processor, the GPU processor, etc.

should not expect that when adding RAM or VRAM, the computer will start "fly". But if you notice that he stopped cope with the assigned tasks, an increase in memory (and that, and the other) will most likely help.

Is it possible to replace the operational memory video memory and vice versa?

The problem of lack of VRAM cannot be solved due to RAM. And on the contrary, too. The fact is that these types of memory have individual tasks in the system, and you cannot force one of them to perform the other.

For example, if you purchased a powerful video card with 8 GB VRAM, you will not be able to use it as an addition to RAM.

There are examples of systems where VRAM is used as a normal RAM, for example, PlayStation 4, but the usual PC on the GPU only will not fully work.

Similarly, it will not be possible to play 4K on a computer with 32 GB of RAM without GPU. RAM is required for multitasking and loading programs, but it is not intended for rendering graphs.

However... above it was said that integrated graphic processors are used to work part of the RAM. Is it possible to put a lot of RAM to the computer and allocate, say, 8 GB as a VRAM?

It is impossible. The reason is as follows. VRAM is located in close proximity to the GPU processor, so the movement of data from one area to another occurs lightning. RAM requires much longer time for the same operation, so it is impractical to use RAM as video memory. Such a gaming experience will not bring anything other than disappointment.

If you collect a PC to work with 3D graphics or games, you will need a decent amount of RAM and GPU with a high volume of video memory. It is impossible to save either on any other, since both types of memory are performed by individual tasks.

Accessories such as the processor, motherboard and Power supply should also be chosen carefully, as saving on something one, you risk creating in The system is a bottle of neck, which will slow down other components. The cooling system should be thought out. Fortunately, on the Internet is full of recommendations for the assembly of PC on their own, which will tell how to get around all the pitfalls. Some questions we will help us. Leaf below.