Push-button day: remember how it all began

On this day in 1963, Bell Systems introduced electronic push-button phones with a tone set.

The event occurred in two small suburbs of Pittsburgh State of Pennsylvania - Carnegie and Greensburg. On new devices, the set of phone numbers was carried out using the buttons. Subsequently, these devices have become a popular alternative phones with a disk set.

The keyboard set in telephony existed before, but it looked differently, and then the devices with a disk set were popular. We owe the modern version of the button dial to John Elissa - Bell Telephone Laboratories inventor.

But the devices with a push-button set received a mass distribution of only 20 years later - 1983. The fact is that a patent for phones with a disk set belonged to Western Electric. She and Bell Systems had some owners who were beneficial to lease apparatus with a disk set and receive payment also for calls. Competition evolved only after the antitrust division of the telephone company.

It is noteworthy that in the same year the first mobile phone appeared on sale - Motorola Dynatac 8000x. The model had dimensions of 22.5 × 12.5 × 3.75 cm and weighed 1.15 kg, and the conversation time was 30 minutes.

Subsequently, mobile phones have become less, received color displays, cameras and many additional features. In 2002, the world's first smartphone was announced - Nokia 9210, operating on the operating system SERIES S80.

Since then, smartphones are constantly being improved. Now it is devices with a large display, minimum buttons and multiple cameras. It seems that push-button phones remained in the past, and they enjoy in exceptional cases. In fact, push-button phones are in demand, and over the past two years it has just increased.

Today, the most popular brand of push-button phones in the world is Itel. Push-button phones successfully perform tasks that smartphones are not suitable, so ordinary phones will continue their existence and will adapt to modern requirements.