Overview of TWS headphones Edifier TWS330 NB: active noise reduction

Today on review EDIFIER TWS330 NB headphones. This is a vacuum TWS headset with active noise reduction and additional useful features.

The cost of EDIFIER TWS330 NB is about 5 thousand rubles. The company's official store on Aliexpress demonstrates the price tag less 3.5 thousand rubles. For this money, the model offers excellent sound, active noise reduction, low delay in games, IP54 moisture protection and decent autonomy. Read more about EDIFIER TWS330 NB I will tell below.


  • Headphone type: Vacuum
  • Connection type: Wireless
  • Connection interface: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Working distance: 10 meters
  • Speakers size: 8 mm
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • Impedance: 24 ohms
  • Waterproof: IP54
  • Control: NORS
  • Supported codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Interface for charging: USB-C
  • Battery capacity of headphones / cover: 35 mAh / 350 mAh
  • Opening hours (with ANC / without ANC): 4/5 hours + 12/15 hours from Cover
  • Headphone Charging Time / Cover: 1 hour / 1.5 hours
  • Features: Fast charging, active noise reduction, game mode, transparency mode

Packaging, kit, design

EDIFIER TWS330 NB headphones are packed in a small white cardboard box. On the front side the device is depicted, technical information is on the rear. On the left side is located QR code to download branded apps for setting the headset, and on the right are listed the main features of the model.

inside the package, in addition to the case with headphones, there are 4 additional pairs of replaceable ambuchur, cable USB-C and instruction. For security of the case wrap protective film.

Acquaintance with the headset EDIFIER begins with Case. It has an oval shape, made of high-quality plastic. The color is white, the surface is glossy, but, contrary to expectations, it is a non-commercial one.

On the back of the button to turn on the pairing mode and the brand name is applied. The status LED is placed in the front. It flashes blue during the pairing and red when the battery is discharged and in the process of charging. USB-C connector for power supply is located below.

The cover is sufficiently dense, easily opens, but does not slam it, for example, if the open case is shaking. Headphones inside are held by magnets, the fixation is quite dense, so that they accidentally fall out of the seats. I also note that it is not very convenient to get the headphones - a small upper part sticks out of the landing socket, so sometimes your fingers sculp. However, you need to simply adapt to this procedure.

EDIFIER TWS330 NB headset is available in two colors - black and white. I got a model in a white version. Looks pretty and quite neutral. In my opinion, separation by colors on the version for guys and girls is not provided here.

Headphones are quite compact, the quality of execution is excellent, the material is plastic. The surface of the device is glossy, but the fingerprints do not remain, at least in the white version, I did not observe it.

Visually, the device resembles Apple Airpods Pro, but so can be said about most of the headphones of this type. Therefore, complain that the design is not new, it does not make sense. In general, the model looks strictly and concisely, I like this option. The appearance itself hints that this is a quality product.

The leg is rather short, a platform with contacts for charging is hidden in its base. The brand name is applied on the side surface. The whole side area is a custom-based sensory zone. I will tell about her features later.

The capsule with a speaker is quite large. From above, two holes for microphones, on the inside of the letter "L" (Left - left) and "R" (Right - right), denoting the orientation of the headphones.

In general, everything is made beautiful, neatly and efficiently. Visually, the headset and case leave a pleasant impression, the only thing that delivers a slight inconvenience - extracting headphones from the case.


Case, as I mentioned above, rather small. I wear it in the pocket of jeans and some discomfort at the same time I do not feel.

EDIFIER TWS330 NB is vacuum headphones, so no questions arise for landing. Given that there are a total of 5 pairs of Ambushur, everyone can choose the best option for themselves. I approached the default set.

Headphones sit tightly, do not deliver some inconvenience, do not fall out with active actions. They can be played in sports, the moisture protection contributes to this. With long use (I listened to music throughout the battery charge, and this is about 5 hours), there was no unpleasant sensation. Moreover, I fell asleep in them, and they did not interfere at all.

Connection and control

of difficulties with the connection of EDIFIER TWS330 NB does not occur to the smartphone. The manual states that to set the connection you need to hold the button on the case, and then through Bluetooth to find headphones and provide permits for pairing, access to the microphone, etc.

I have such a need. The headset at first turned on immediately moved to the connection mode, it remains only to issue the necessary permissions. EDIFIER TWS330 NB is connected via Bluetooth 5.0, supported codecs - AAC, SBC.

For re-conjugation, nothing to do is needed: if Bluetooth is on the phone, it is enough to open the cover to the headphones and smartphone friend friend saw. If you remove the headset in the case, the automatic shutdown is triggered.

Between themselves, the headphones are also unable to combine, although the instructions also have a manual for their synchronization, if it has not occurred in automatic mode.

I note that the headset can be connected to several devices (three smartphones are simultaneously seen). However, you can switch from one gadget to another, just turning off from it on the device from which the sound is reproduced at the moment.

The headset supports the monorable - you can remove one earphone and use the remaining. However, there is no particular point in this, since the device has a transparency mode and plus this is an intellectual gain of the voice.

Control is carried out by touch panels on the side of the legs. Earlier, I told about the headset Edifier TWS200 Plus : It was not the best control in it, because The sensory zones responded in times (this problem, by the way, self-sustained). There are no complaints about sensors in this model. They work unmistakably.

By default, the double tap on the right earpiece receives and terminates the call, and also puts the music by pause or continues to play. Triple tap on the headphone switches the song.

Double tap on the left earpiece allows you to switch the mode: Turning the noise suppression / transparency mode / shutdown noise. Triple TAP activates the game mode, which, according to the manufacturer, minimizes the delay, providing perfect synchronization between the picture and sound.

If you want to configure the touch zones, you can change the application.


for EDIFIER TWS330 NB provides a proprietary application - EDIFIER CONNECT, available for download in the store. For the simplicity of installation on the package it is placed QR code.

The application has a concise design. Its interface is made on English, but there are no special problems in working with it even without translation.

Important moment: In order for the application to see the headphones, the GPS is required.

The application has four tabs:

  • EarBuds - here is the setting and control of the headset.
  • Mail - allows you to send an email to the manufacturer.
  • Discover is the official website of the company.
  • Mine - Help, setting the application widget, product support.

The first tab represents the first tab, where we see headphones charge, buttons to turn on noise cancellation (Noise Cancellation) and transparency mode (AMBIENT SOUND), built-in audio player.

You can go to deeper settings where there is a manual to headphones, turning off the power, setting the default volume, setting the control and sensitivity sensitivity, shutting down Bluetooth, re-conjugate and reset to factory settings.

In the sensor settings, instead of the default settings, you can select the volume control, activate the voice assistant or reassign the specified functions to more convenient for the user.

The application provides a widget. It provides quick access to the inclusion of noise cancellation and transparency mode, and also displays the remaining headphone charge.

sound, microphone, autonomy

Earlier I had to EDIFIER products and experience turned out to be positive, so from the headset TWS330 NB I was hoping to get a good sound. My expectations were not in vain.

The model demonstrates the pronounced high and medium frequencies, the voice sounds perfectly. He has a headset and bass, but it is not very bright and for lovers of heavy genres of electronic music, it is probably not enough. The volume of the volume is good: I, as an amateur listen to music loudly, was enough.

Noise cancellation works perfectly - on the street, most of the surrounding sounds turn into a light peaceful rustle. Sharp sounds headset does not eliminate, however, the active noise for it is not designed. Transparency mode enhances the voice, cutting off everything too much. Useful option that will allow to chat with someone without turning the playback of music.

Separately, it is worth noting the presence in the device of the intelligent voice selection system during calls. In general, it is the same noise, which in this case makes a clearer and the voice of the interlocutor, and mine. I communicated through this headset on the street, going next to the roadway - the interlocutor heard only my voice and nothing but.

In EDIFIER TWS330 NB, a separate gaming mode is provided, which makes the sound of the minimum sound. Frankly, I did not notice a special difference between the usual and game regime, but also no problems with the synchronization of the picture and the audio were also not observed. At the same time, the level of immersion in the game with this headset is much better - all sounds have become brighter, the positioning of opponents is observed. Gaming becomes much more interesting and more convenient.

The autonomy of the headset, according to my observations, corresponds to the declared one. At maximum volume and with the noise disconnected, the accumulator is enough for approximately 5 hours. With sound adjustment, the battery was discharged in 4 hours. The total time of working with Case also corresponds to reality. At the same time, I noticed that charging lasts longer than 30 minutes than the stated 1 and 1.5 hours (for headphones / case).

The headset has fast charging : in 10 minutes the container is recruited for 1 hour of audio playback.


In my opinion, EDIFIER TWS330 NB is a decent headset that is worth considering buying. The model can be described as universal.

The headset is all in order with the playback of music and audio in films, it shows itself in Gaming and has decent autonomy. This device is wonderful for negotiations, especially if the user is often in noisy conditions. Active noise will remove everything too much.

complements the picture a pleasant design, convenient control with the ability to set up, the presence of moisture protection. Given not the highest price tag (especially for AliacPress), the EDIFIER TWS330 NB becomes a very interesting proposal.