Overview of the TWS headset EDIFIER X6 - and stylish, and inexpensive

Speaker manufacturer Edifier has been on the market since 1996, and to this day the Chinese company pleases sound connoisseurs with high-quality audio systems and accessories. She also pleases the editors of the SetPhone portal - in my hands was a stylish Edifier X6 wireless headset, which promises to give quality for a low price. I tell in the review whether it is so.



  • Frequency range: 20 - 20.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 28 ohms
  • Speaker size: 13 mm
  • Type of ear pads: earbuds
  • Working distance: up to 10m;
  • Voltage (Headphones): 5V=100mA
  • Voltage ( Dock ): 5V=500mA
  • Connection interface: Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
  • Headphone battery capacity: 35 mAh
  • Dock/Case Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
  • Average Runtime: 5 hours
  • Charging case power connector: USB Type-C
  • Features: waterproof and dustproof according to IP54 standard, smart control, fast charging technology, dual noise-cancelling microphone, supportaptxHD16 bit / 44.1 kHz.


  • Gain: 94+-3dB
  • Microphone mount: built-in

What's in the box

The headset comes in a contrasting white box with black headphones on it. The packaging is minimalist - the device itself is drawn on the front side, and the main features of the device are listed on the side and on the back in various languages ​​​​except Russian. Among the chips, it is worth noting separately the support for the codecaptxHD16 bit / 44.1 kHz, which is rare for inexpensive gadgets.

I note that The box reliably protects the case from unforeseen physical influences. The upper cover fit quite tightly, and it is covered with a foam insert. Worry about the fact that with headphones something will happen as a result of delivery, it is definitely not worth it.

The equipment includes a case of an unusual shape, instruction manual, alert brochure and a USB type-C charging cable. The instruction, by the way, it turned out to be useful because it describes a non-obvious way to connect the headset, but I will tell you a little later.

design of case and headphones

Charging case made From the brand plastic, has an unusual "ovoid" form, which prevents him from standing vertically. The design, however, causes positive impressions - it can be said, he is really "ultramodern", as described on the company's website.

On its reverse side, a small-spanning mechanical button is located, intended for pairing headphones with a device. Case slammed on the magnetic lid reliably, and at the same time, efforts are not required for its opening. The bottom is harmoniously located in the type of USB Type-C for charging.

The headphones themselves, and after opening the case, you can make sure that there are no other elements except the mechanical button from the back, It does not contain. I note that the headset is located so that the user does not experience problems with its extraction.

We turn to the headphones themselves. Structurally, they look like an alternative to airpods, but with shortened legs, the type of incubuser - inserts. A modern "square" design and a matte ending, on which the letters "R" or "L" and the "XEMAI" logo, which you see a little below are distinguished. To the left of the dynamics there is a small built-in microphone, and at the bottom of the legs, in a small recess - low-rise contacts for pairing with the charging case.

It is noteworthy that microphones here two are one of the features of EDIFIER X6. They work in antiphase and equipped with noise reduction system.

On the back there is an indicator that blinks red when charging and blue when readiness for operation, and here is another interesting feature - it is also a session to control the operation of the device (pause / reproduction, Voice Assistant, receiving / terminating calls).

The solution with the "bare" liners are controversial - they cause discomfort. There, I would clearly prevented any soft nozzle.

Summing up the mini-result, it can be said that the headset really has a modern design, which is pleasantly pleased with the eye, and imperceptible indicators They do not look cumbersome and do not spoil appearance. Comparisons with Airpods are not random, and those who are looking for their cheap analogue on beauty will definitely be satisfied.

Connection and management

EDIFIER X6 connects to a computer, tablet and telephone (the manufacturer recommends using devices with the processor Snapdragon 855 And it is better) quite simple - just put the headphones in the case and clamp the mechanical button, after which the indicators will play in red and blue alternately, and the device will become available for connecting. For this, by the way, the Bluetooth 5 interface is responsible, which provides minimal audio delay and stable connection. In fact, this is not quite so, but about it is slightly lower.

It is interesting that each headphone can be connected separately, so the headset can be placed on different devices. If there is no need for this, the second earphone will automatically connect to the first.

As mentioned above, a luminous indicator simultaneously plays the role of a sensor for control. The movement of the finger can be stopped track, accept the call or activate voice assistant. In fact, it is slightly inconvenient - first, it is not obvious that the indicator is "button" to control. Secondly, this case works in times - so if the track is turned off easily, it is not reproduced from the first time.

The software for the detailed setting, unfortunately, is absent, however, you can always use the built-in equalizer PC / smartphone or third-party programs.


Sound: bass are almost absent - except for a rather high volume. High frequencies copes with a bang, with low worse. I will note vocals - with him Edifier X6 coped perfectly, and I became clear to hear words in the songs.

Testing has shown that headphones are quite well coped with surround sound, and the speakers used are high quality. In general, the sound is good and highlights the volume, and an ordinary user who is unsuccessful to music will satisfy.

Calls: With calls, everything is good - the interlocutor heard me, but worse than with wired headphones. However, on my part, everything remains unchanged. Headphones are sitting firmly, and even if you are very shaking your head, they will not fall out of the ear.

Applications and games: Headphones have no gaming mode, therefore as applies to applications and games, then almost without surprises. Noise cancellation is, but not so serious, and voices are still heard against the background, but they do not distract. The interlocutor in the game does not hear outsiders.

However, testing in applications and games revealed another problem - delays. Despite statements on the manufacturer's website, they are still present and noticeable - the sound comes later than the action in the game or vote from the video.

Autonomy: Edifier X6 Pleased - Headphones keep the charge 4-5 hours without recharging, and the caisis capacity allows them to return them to work 10 times, judging by the characteristics, and only then Charge cover. This will happen quite quickly, since one of the features of the headset - the technology of rapid charging. Let such autonomy indicators are not the most impressive, but the headset can be quickly returned to operation, and this result is quite satisfied with me.


EDIFIER X6 is a good budget wireless headset, which boasts a stylish design of the case and headphones themselves, moisture and dust protection, high autonomy and Double microphone. For disadvantages, I would include delay, not the most convenient management and no pumps for liners. As part of its price category, this is a completely decent option, and if you are limited in means, pay attention to this model.