Overview of the office headset JPL-502S-USB: noise reduction microphone and excellent landing

The last year changed the lives of people, forcing many to work out of the house. For this reason, the headset with high-quality noise reduction became more in demand. It is the same device that the JPL-502S-USB headset that fell to me on the review.

JPL-502S-USB is a professional headset, created for employees of the call centers and those people who work a lot of negotiations and are in a noisy environment. The main requirements for such devices are a comfortable landing for a long time and a high-quality microphone. I will tell you whether the JPL-502S-USB headphones correspond to these criteria.



  • Frequency range: 150 - 20000 Hz
  • Impedance: 24 ohm
  • Sound Pressure : 132 dB


  • Frequency range: 100 - 10000 Hz
  • Impedance: 2.2 kΩ
  • Sensitivity: -43 dB
  • Focus: bidirectional
  • Noise reduction: yes 38]


JPL -502S-USB is an overhead headset with a weight of 106 grams and 55 mm empty. The device is very compact and easy, which is designed to provide comfortable use throughout the day.

The hull is made of a pleasant tactile plastic black. Feels like it reminds Soft-Touch. He is not profitable, so no prints remain. Plastic is quite elastic, so fear that such a lightweight design will break from the careless movement, it is not worth it.

Guides are also plastic, their stock is quite large, so the headset is suitable for most users.

The headband here is soft, 55 mm incinerations are made of leatherette, they neatly stitched and hold well in their places. Rotary cups themselves - angle of 180 degrees. This allows you to conveniently arrange them in relation to the ears, and will also facilitate their transfer in the bag or on the neck.

Rotary microphone, adjustment angle is 270 degrees. Given the fact that the designations of the right and left side is not provided, it allows you to have it from any convenient side. I tried both options - sit the same, although it seems visually that the cups are a bit asymmetrical.

The cable here is long, it is enough not just to connect to the PC, but also walk around if the conversation is complex or so easier to concentrate on a conversation. Cable connection with headphones, plug and remote control reinforced. He himself is pretty tough.

There is a clothespin for fastening to clothing, as well as a convenient remote with three large keys. To deal with them simply - they adjust the volume and turn off / turn on the microphone. LED is also provided: It burns green with the microphone turned on, red when off.

For connecting to a PC, a USB plug is used.

The overall impression of the assembly is positive - it is felt that this is a quality product. Everything is collected very carefully, reliably, the buttons are not luftyat, they are easy to find on the touch, pressing is felt tactile. Please add materials.


from the point of view ergonomics, JPL-502S-USB is a standard postal headset of a small size. It will have to get used to it. Especially if there is a habit of using full-size headphones.

I twist it for a long time to understand where the right, and where the left side is. Then it became clear that there was no separation here and I tried both options. As a result, landing is the same for even the leftmost location of the microphone, even for the right.

At first, the headset categorically did not want to reliably hold on to the head, but after manipulations with the guides, I managed to adjust the appropriate size, so Even if you actively tweer your head, the headphones do not fly.

What personally was uncomfortable for me - a hard cable. If you fix it with a clothespin to clothing, then at the slightest movement, it strives to move the headset from my head. Even if there is a sufficient stock of the wire length between the device and the clothespin. As a result, I refused from the clothespin, in general she did not need me.

In general, I can note that it is necessary to adapt to the device, adjust the size correctly. Then you can use the clock. It does not prescribe, it is almost not felt, naturally, that the ears can be hot, there is no speech.

For ergonomics solid five.

Headset in

To work JPL-502S-USB, you do not need to install any driver or software. It is enough to insert a headset into a USB connector and in a couple of minutes it is ready to work.

First of all, it is designed to negotiate. I made several calls through different programs. In each case, I received a confirmation that the voice is heard perfectly, my interlocutors did not hear any extraneous noises, and one person asked at all - why I have such a silence and where I am.

In turn, I note that the interlocutors are also heard perfectly - echo, noise, I did not notice any other sound defects.

Of course, during our work, all of us is not alien to listen to the background with music or distracting some roller on YouTube. From the point of view of sound design clearly focuses on high frequencies. On the maximum volume, listen not very pleasant, but if you make quieter, then quite a good sound. Naturally, the headset is not intended for such use, so these comments do not belong to the minuses.

summand the above. With calls (and this is the main task) JPL-502S-USB copes excellent. You can listen to music and watch video too, but the sound is just normal and nothing more.


As a result, the JPL-502S-USB is a quality product that will accurately like those who are looking for a headset for negotiations with effective Noise cancellation that will not put or interfere with other ways. Plus, it is very qualitatively assembled to this, easily connects and has a convenient control panel. A two-year manufacturer's warranty will be a pleasant bonus.


  • Qualitative materials of execution.
  • Excellent voice transmission.
  • Good assembly.
  • Comfortable ergonomics.
  • Simple connection.
  • Convenient console.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • Uncomfortable hard cable.

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