Overview of the budget washing robot-vacuum cleaner K650 (K651G)

If you have not yet purchased a household robot, then probably repeatedly thought about how it would be wonderful to have it. The K650 arrived directly to us - affordable and extremely intended home assistant, with whom you will very quickly find a common language. We tell more in the review.

  • Size: 337 * 339 * 79 (mm)
  • Capacity of the dust collector: <0.5 l
  • Battery service: 2 hours
  • Purpose: sweeping, washes, vacuuming
  • Power: 25 W

We are all different. Someone cleaning the house really gives pleasure, but for most of us it is a routine, the duty that takes our time and strength. It is not surprising that in the age of robotization and high technologies in modern homes, more and more smart gadgets and instruments created to take part of our household worries.

Robots-vacuum cleaners - the same common phenomenon in today's world, such as washing or dishwashers, but they are not too popular on the expanses of the post-Soviet space. Consumers are still looking at the brands, doubt the choice of price category, and most importantly - are often not sure that this smart car is generally capable of benefit.

Chinese brand Yeedi Shenzhen Recooo Electronic Company, about which I will tell today, is engaged in the production of intellectual household cars. Their philosophy is built around the creation of easy lights in circulation and accessible to each smart devices that will be able to provide high-quality and fast daily cleaning at home.

We will explore the K650 - of the robot vacuum cleaner, which the creators dubbed simply "robot". Notable to the device for several reasons: he is cheaper than most budgetary analogues, it is easy to set up, he knows how to produce wet room cleaning and requires a minimum of care. Let's proceed.

Design and equipment

K650 is in a massive cardboard box, inside which one more is exactly the same externally, but with a folding lid and a plastic handle for transportation. Some of the components are removed into the layer immediately under the lid, there is also a translated instruction manual and safety instructions (with them it costs to carefully read).

Included with K650, five disposable cleaning wipes are supplied and one reusable napkin from painted in the blue microfiber color. It is immediately attached to the liphort side to a special plate. For the reliability of the microfiber is additionally fixed along the edges of rubber bands.

The filter is followed, similar to the fact that the motors of modern vacuum cleaners from the smallest fraction usually protect the motors, and with it in the kit - a protective screen of spongy material. The tray contains two removable side brushes and docking station with a native power adapter.

Judging by the instructions, initially included the presence of only one universal brush with rubber inserts - the main working tool K650 for dry and wet cleaning, but another one was found in the box - with a rigid bristle shaft, intended Obviously to work with carpets.

Robot standard round design. The upper part of the case is made of white matte plastic, a glass disk is placed on the roof with an automatic cleaning button and a white diode that signals the robot connection to the network. If you try to charge the disconnected vacuum cleaner, the indicators will turn into an unhappy red - the device is powered only in the included state and in general it is extremely undesirable to deactivate it.

In front of K650 perception authorities - a movable head and a wide infrared sensor under which a rubber bumper is applied, depricted collisions of a robot robot. Rear transparent Tray, I will tell you about it in more detail through a couple of sections. Over the sides are speakers, the power buttons and network search are located above the right.

I can not say that the view of him is exquisite. The device somewhat remotely resembles children's robotic dogs - white with a solid black sensor instead of eyes. Probably, thanks to the transparent glass lid (by the way, absolutely not a brand) and a bright white backlight design K650 can be called futuristic.

The lower part of the housing is made of black plastic. Front and sides - four sensors that must protect the device from falling. The robot vacuum cleaner, however, is still not insured, so the stairs and any dangerous places are better to immediately protect some obstacle or magnetic ribbon.

Two large wheels are driven, and the front wheel-sphere is responsible for the direction. On both sides of him are charged contacts. The holders for the side brushes are marked in red and green, the same markings are on the brushes themselves. They are removed by default, but planting them will not be difficult.

For the K650, it's like hands. While the robot is in motion, it uses them to brush debris to the main brush shaft, where the thrust is concentrated. Soft and flexible, they deftly penetrate into the gaps where the device cannot get due to their size, and easily bypass obstacles.

Robot Cleaner Setup

Users need to connect to the network first. K650 clings to home Wi-Fi exclusively at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, and in order to configure it, the smartphone will also have to be temporarily connected through this range. The Yeedi app can be downloaded from the official Google or Apple stores using the search or the QR code on the lid of the vacuum cleaner.

Next, Yeedi will ask you to register, and then activate the robot and connect it to the access point. Once the setup is initiated, the K650 will speak loudly in English with a confident female voice. The notification system will warn the owners about the actions of the household assistant. For example, about the intention of the robot to do the cleaning.

Everything is very accessible at Yeedi. It provides three possible cleaning scenarios for the robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Automatic - will give the robot complete freedom of action;
  • Edge - the robot will go to vacuum along the corners and edges of walls and other static objects;
  • Local - the robot will first clean up under itself, and then slowly, spirally increase the radius.

The central button with the Yeedi logo in the application initiates a favorite cleaning scenario. The button to the left of it turns the vacuum cleaner's response to magnetic borders, a thin tape that can be purchased separately and stuck in certain places to protect them from the K650's encroachments, on and off. The right button will interrupt the robot and immediately send it to the docking station.

The application settings also have some extremely useful features. For example, the user can change the thrust power. By default, it works in normal mode, quiet is recommended for wet cleaning, and if you have a lot of fine sand on the floor, then on the contrary, it is worth increasing the power to maximum or maximum +.

Here you can turn off the voice report, set the cleaning schedule for the robot for each day and turn on the “do not disturb” mode, so that, for example, as an exception, it will let you sleep on Saturday. In the settings there is also a cleaning log (when it was removed, how many square meters cleared and how long it worked) and the approximate counting of accessories wear speed.

The device name, tips for configuration and answers to frequently arising questions are also in the settings section. And here you can upgrade the firmware of the device and there is a function "Find Robot" if you suddenly managed to miss it out of sight.

In general, Yeedi is very affordable and easy to master the application, but there are several complaints: it does not always bind to the robot, and the font, albeit Russified, but very small. I am afraid that the owners of K650 with a weak vision will have to be tight.

How it works

On each side of the K650 docking station should be approximately half a meter of free space. It needs a robot for aiming when it returns to recharging. Fully filling the battery, the device stops flashing the LED and goes into sleep mode.

When automatic cleaning is activated, the K650 breaks off, turns on the thrust and front brushes, after which it proceeds to methodically examine and purify each area of ​​the room. He moves the snake, carefully studying every counter obstacle.

The wall, for example, the K650 will remember, and later, when the sector detects the sector, it will be separated separately along it. Put in a low side of the chair, the robot will try to fit the dust as much as possible as possible, and faced with the feet of the table, the masterfully will turn them.

Smart device climbs into any hole corresponding to its dimensions even in principle. It will maneuver between furniture, look at every corner, and when it finishes in the entire room, will delete the doorway, captures it, and then rushes for the following.

Despite the fact that the robot deftly comes out of difficult situations, unauthorized items from the floor it is better to remove. Slippers or stretched on the passage cat will not be missed absolutely, but in the wires the massive wheels of the device can be stuck. The robot constantly stops, having seen a master's leg in front of him, but for some reason his own docking station does not spare - everything should be stronger to the brilliance.

Dry cleaning from wet is distinguished by the presence in the water reservoir. With dry cleaning, K650 works on the principle of a conventional vacuum cleaner - collects dust, sand, easily controlled with animal wool and even with large granules, like scattered catfish.

If you draw liquid into a special compartment (it is recommended to use purified water) and attach a napkin to the plate on the bottom side of the robot, K650 will also wipe the floor from dirt, leaving a slightly damp trail behind. The movable design at the base of the wheels allows the device to sort of crouch so that the napkin touches the surface.

A robotic assistant completed a demonstration exit in a one-room apartment in 25 minutes. At the same time, he completely swept and washed the kitchen, the corridor and the large room. Before using the device, the owner of the premises cleaned thoroughly. What was his surprise when the robot's garbage tray was almost full.

After the K650 considers cleaning complete, it will search for the docking station based on the infrared signal emitter. The robot dampens the thrust and speed of the brushes, and then timidly wanders around the apartment until it finds the charger and, having reported on the end of cleaning, goes into sleep mode.

I have no complaints about the quality of the K650. He is an incredibly stubborn and meticulous perfectionist, except that you should not interfere with him in the process - he can lose his mind and forget where he has already wiped it. The only thing that raised questions is the length of the charger wire. The docking station needs a special location and should always be connected to the network, and the power adapter cord is rather short, which, however, is easily solved by replacing it.

Also note that even in "normal" mode, the K650 is quite noisy. Not as loud as most basic vacuum cleaners, but it won't let you sleep. Thanks to massive wheels, it easily jumps over thresholds and drives onto carpets, but because of the body, which rises about eight centimeters from the floor, it will not be able to crawl under low sofas or armchairs.

Use and care

Another important point to consider before purchasing the K650 - rules for handling the robot. The design of its body provides a removable trash container, combined with a reservoir for liquid. When you press the wide button, they are easily removed from the assistant's body, even if he is in motion or charging at the station.

The container has its own handle, pulling which separates it from the tank. A hand-held cleaning tool is attached to its lower part - a small plate, which has a brush at one end and a blade at the other, for gently removing wool and hair wrapped around the moving parts of the robot.

For daily care after dry cleaning, it suffices from the container accumulated garbage, clean it with a brush and check the bottom of the robot. After a wet cleaning, you will have to pour the remaining liquid from the tank, rinse with waste water with a reusable microfiber and to dry it before re-use - five minutes and you can forget about the robot, and about dirty floors.

Nevertheless, most materials are indicated by their own wear. Brushes-umbrellas, gross brush, napkin and filters after a long time will come into disrepair. And if an additional filter, as well as a set of one-hour napkins is immediately provided in the kit, then other components will have to be purchased on the company's website.

However, there is nothing unusual here - any technique needs to be regularly maintained and replacing wear parts. Moreover, Yeedi clients work through Aliexpress, well acquainted to our consumer.


The K650 vacuum cleaner will not replace you with a full-fledged wet cleaning at home. It will not wash off the stains from the carpet or clean the stripes left on the bike bus linoleum. The household assistant will not cope with wet dirty footprints from shoes, which usually remain after the winter walk, and of course it does not wash the floors with a fragrant cleaner, after which the room fills the smell of freshness.

However, this kid easily collects all small dirt, which is concentrated daily even on well-grained surfaces. It will clean out the corners all the garbage and will collect all the wool, accumulating in secluded places under furniture, and will be methodically wetted with a damp cloth, after which it will be safe to disseminate with barefoot legs, sit on it or roll.

The main function of intelligent and pedantic K650 is to maintain purity daily in the house, having lost you from the need to grab the Mop. It easily flies into a large family with young children and pets, and will be the best friend for the lazy owner.

At the time of writing a review, the cost of this model ranges from $ 160 - the average price for a conventional vacuum cleaner and extremely low for robotic. If you have not yet purchased a household robot, but reflecting from time to time about a similar gadget - this is another reason to seriously think about buying.

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